How To Setup Crypto Price Alerts For Beginners!

What is going on snipers 90-mile baby here, hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let’s go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content for today I pretty much get this question every single day at least once a day and Nayeem How do you set up your alerts for your Bitcoin pricing? What is your strategy with that and I want to talk about that and cover that today? If you guys aren’t using alerts? I highly encourage you to do so as a trader of course legally can’t give you guys financial advice But if I was trading in the cryptocurrency market I
Would highly highly encourage you guys to set up alerts for your trades because alerts allow you to be proactive and aware and if you’re not setting up alerts it typically means you’re not using strategy and Going into the market and not utilizing a strategy is a really good way to lose a lot of money So I’m gonna start this series. Hope you guys enjoy this talking about trading tips and stuff I know you guys enjoy that content for me, but before we start Let’s go ahead and just quickly give away $100 every single day We give away $100 on our channel all you have to do is be subscribed have your post notifications on Like this video and then lastly answer the thought-provoking question at the end of this video I’m gonna choose our $100 giveaway from yesterday’s video and by the way I’m gonna be posting this on Instagram if you’re not following us on Instagram go to the link in the description follow us on Instagram and You can go ahead and see if you want our giveaway If that’s you go ahead and send me a message on Instagram you can claim your $100 So let’s go ahead and just kind of talk about price alerts, and why you want to utilize that in the Bitcoin trading market So pretty much with this market. It’s extremely volatile so what you’re looking to do here is set up a strategy so for example I’m on a 5-minute chart here. Let’s say I was day trading Bitcoin right now, and I was working off the support level That’s built here You see two supports here around 14 eight nine and then fourteen seven fifty seven So let’s say this was a support level right now that I was actually trading on what I would want to do at this point is set up an alert a percentage down just in case Prices decrease and then percentage up just in case prices increase to indicate when I can sell so for example Let’s say we see that we see some resistance up here around what? 15501 we could say we can assume here, let’s say I was swing trading this for the short-term five-minute chart We could say we can say here. I can put in a position Right here at the support level. This is very big. You know don’t criticize. This is a very basic strategy I probably wouldn’t use this typically in the real world, but I just want to show you guys alert strategies here So let’s say I was to trade here a 14-8 and then sell around 15 for 20 right before Previous resistance levels what I would want to do is set up an alert right? over here where I want to trade so I would set up an alert at 15 4 5 3 and then I’ll set up an alert here at 15 4 8 7 and this is just in case The price hits either point I know when to buy and sell and for my sell order I would more than likely Set this price right above the actual support level so that I’m aware of Exactly when that’s approaching especially if I just put in a position of course I would only put in position if RSI and MACD levels were correct and obviously utilizing my strategy here But what I would not show you guys here if you guys use trading view the free version allows you to set up one free Alert, so you go here. It’s trading view calm. I’ll put the link in the description below You can click Add alert here, and you only have one With the paid version you have multiple alerts, I think 10 for the first premium upgrade But what you guys can do is use this website called coin wing and I’ve actually used this website before And it allows you to send email and SMS alerts I wouldn’t recommend SMS alerts because the SMS alerts are a little bit harder to utilize you have to actually have a phone API system set up But for the email alert so what I would recommend See the biggest thing with email alerts most of us don’t get our emails notified on our phones at least me I don’t I because I get so many emails, but what you’ll want to do is create a new email So I would go on Gmail or any one of those email platforms create an email Specifically for price alerts and you can set up as many of these as alerts as you want for free And then use that email, let’s say my email was trading alerts snipers at So if this was my email that I’m using specifically for alerts That all of these alerts will come straight to that email and what I would do on my phone is set up a specific Notification with push notification so that it instantly goes on my phone as soon as that alert happens And I would set up like a really crazy ringtone based upon that one So that as soon as that happens I can go ahead and see that I got a price indicator here and then I can make my trade whatever that whether that’s me selling or buy or Maybe you want to just set up price alerts for different reasons or maybe when you want to get into your position however you want To utilize this so then go ahead and put alert when prices above let’s say In this case if we were going to trade this then we could say alert when price is gonna be above Let’s say fifteen four three nine so fifteen four three nine, and then when price is below Let’s say fourteen eight seven four I would like to know that As well and then this utilizes a specific price points an average of most exchanges as price points And that’s typically what its utilizing and it’s based on coin market cap so this is using coin market caps Price indicators, so um that’s pretty much what I do with these alerts typically I also set up stop-loss orders as well if you guys aren’t utilizing that I would highly recommend that but start with alerts That’s pretty much the most basic way to set up a stop-loss I guess but if you guys don’t have that ability on your exchange I know a lot of exchanges don’t have that like Gemini for example So this is a good way to still utilize an alert to make sure that you’re not losing out on profits So hopefully this tutorial helped out a little bit. I’m gonna be doing more advanced tutorials as time progresses I just want to start slow with you guys make sure you guys have a complete understanding of the basics but that’s it for today guys through our thought-provoking question for today’s gonna be pretty simple and that’s What do you see the benefit of using stop-loss orders or even using price alerts in Bitcoin trading? Where’s the benefit for you? Do you even see that as a benefit, or do you see that as more of a hindrance? Just let us know in the comments below most likely gonna be a benefit There’s not really a hindrance to it at all if you’re a knowledgeable trader, but with that being said guys Thank you so much for watching this video Hopefully this helped out for some of you guys that wanted to get this question answered and until next time guys snipers out

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  2. Love your videos, watching daily.  BTW, the winner announced in this video is covered by "Check Instagram" graphic 😉    19au9BYjWm4FY2ZTuhq94bWPBgVJfawzeC

  3. Stop losses can be a good way reduce your losses obviously.. But with bitcoin and crypto in general you'd need to leave them a bit lower that you normally would with stocks or forex because of the volatility of the market. You might lose out if it quickly dips down 5-10% and back up again as we have seen over the last few days.

  4. I use coinbase app on my phone, I set up my alerts from day one. It does offer this function in app on phones. The benefit is , i can set alerts for lower and higher than I Purchased at. n turn leaves me the ability to profit from knowing when i should buy or get rid of.

  5. Theres a ton of benefit for both long term and day trading.. Main benefit is knowing you've hit certain buy low or sell high levels without watching the charts all day.

  6. Stop loss/alerts would only hinder you if you were a long term holder… with bitcoin in the past what ever price you bought in at you would still have made money. So being alerted that it dipped could make you potentially make an panic/emotional trade/sell. On the other side of life is the trader/holder that is checking their phone constantly and panicky. Alerts are great for those people who cant afford to lose or can’t afford to miss a big dip to reinvest. It really helps the busy investor too.. so they don’t have to check their phone/prices all the time. Weak hands have weak stop losses.

  7. AWESOME VIDEO, you seem to be one of the only ones out of all the crypto ppl to make a video today… its such a red downward day and seemed to have shut most up. i feel bad for those who are first timers just buying in and seeing this dip happen to them… it will be back up, now is a good buying opportunity for them, but last week was a very bad week to be a first time investor

  8. New to all this and learning before diving in too deep. Appreciate these videos, theyre helpful! I actually just setup alerts before watching this video on a few alts just to get a feeling for how often they trigger at different percentages. Which currency do y'all use for giveaways?

  9. The benefit of using stop loss orders is so you know when to buy or sell depending on price alerts. However, if your in for the long term it shouldn't matter as much as prices will increase with time if you get in at the right time.

  10. Benefit of price alert is to swing to profit. Cant you do this by placing correct trade orders? Stop loss benefit is to minimize loss.

  11. Alerts = Strategy! Nice saying! It is definitely a benefit for me because I want to be able to set myself up to buy the dips ? Great vid bud! Keep droppin the knowledge!

  12. I use alerts to help notify when the coins im holding long term dip so I can buy more, most of the trading I do is scalp trading so thats really my only usecase for it.

  13. Some people put up pictures of hot girls as thumbnails and this guy puts out thumbnails of funny photos of himself. I love your content.

  14. i personally don't stop loss so much but i just put orders when i have to sell and when to buy . i think its near about the same thing. so it is very useful

  15. The benefit of a stop/loss order is i don't have to monitor on a daily basis how a stock is performing. This is especially handy when i am bussy in vacations or in a situation that prevents me from watching my stocks for an extended period of time.

  16. I just got into crypto recently but now I'm getting very interested in it! Your videos have been a great help getting up to speed on the terms and how to predict the market. If you could give one tip for deciding to sell your position, what would it be?

  17. If you are setting a stop loss or price alert it ensures you are following some type of plan. This is critical to make some profits and help take emotions out of the trading 🙂

  18. i think stop loss order allows decision making to be free from any emotional influences. People tend to fall in love with stocks, believing that if they give a stock another chance, it will come around. This causes procrastination and delay, giving the stock yet another chance. In the meantime, the losses mount….

  19. If you want to trade in crypto and also have a life the stop loss / price alert is an essential tool for the trader or otherwise you'll be sitting in front of your screen all day. Learn how it works, you'll be glad you took the time to earn more money and get back your life again. Thanks SnipersTube, cheers.

  20. A stop-loss order is a simple tool, yet so many investors fail to use it. Whether to prevent excessive losses or to lock in profits, nearly all investing styles can benefit from this trade.

  21. Love ur vids! Really helped me start investing
    ETH: 0xd8f0f556d35B04281979B0d5Bf3eDFc4E00D81Cd

  22. It's a benefit. I'm currently on Cryptopia, and just been for two weeks. Maybe I'll move to another Exchange platform because of this. Thanks man!


  23. By using these stop-loss order orders, you are basically employing an insurance product that can help you proactively manage risk.

  24. Hey man, I am a new sub, thanks for these videos, they are truly worth as much as a bitcoin with all the knowledge we get for free!
    Also thanks for the giveaway! 1CHBBhLYT46d5ozeBRmNFCfir8X8yuvKzb

  25. Benefit of A stop-loss which moves with the market in favourable condition ( to catch more profit) and remains stable when the market moves adversely

  26. Benefit of A stop-loss which moves with the market in favourable condition ( to catch more profit) and remains stable when the market moves adversely and this is so handy for new traders in crypto

  27. Of course, there are only benefits, as far as I understand the market. I can't say that I'm using alerts because currently, I'm using a trading bot which once configured follow the market for you.

  28. The biggest advantage is you don't have to seat on chairs 24 hours to looking if prices goes up or down it will be done automatically so this is main benefit

  29. Benefits is you don't have to be at your computer the whole day. If the stock drops below your set price, the broker will automatically sell the stock to prevent further losses

  30. I also think that it makes a difference in opportunities in making the most amount of money and losing the least amount of money.

  31. I am trying to find an app that will let me know when an indicator crosses a certain threshold, not the actual price. For example, i want to know when MFI/RSI exceeds 30/70 and then to receive the notification regardless of the price of the coin. I want this for BTC/GBP. Is this possible?

  32. I’ve been using this Enhancedinvestor for a few months now and they are sick. Their trade alerts have made me a ton of money trading stocks and crypto (I’ve had a few sick plays with SPY options too :D) Anyway, these guys are pretty dope and I think you’d be interested in checkin them out. Especially in this Bear market its kinda hard to find good trades but they are still alerting pretty solid trades everyday.

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