How to setup a masternode ( no coding skills required)

What’s up my XRP rainmakers it’s XRP Rainmaker and we are going to learn how to make it rain with masternodes
today so as you know or as you can tell is that I am recording this just with my
voice the reason is because I’ve gone through a couple of microphones in the
past couple of months and I have another one that’s on its way and but you know I
just want to get you guys out the information so without further ado let’s
just get right into it so there’s a lot of different platforms that you can use
to get started invested in masternodes one of them is snowed there’s Sojin
terraeum and a couple of others but what I really wanted to do was to provide you
guys with a very very very simple walkthrough of how you can get started
and with a master node right away like legit within the first 5 10 minutes you
don’t have to have barely any technical skills or whatsoever I’m going to break
this down for you easy peasy light and easy and really you only need
three platforms so the three platforms that you need is you need number one
master nodes dot online this is the best resource I have ever found online and
I’m gonna get into it why it’s so amazing because basically it breaks down
how much you can earn like how much is required to buy a master node how much
the ROI which is return on investment and breaks it down by the daily so you
know what I’m just gonna actually go right into it and show you right away
what I mean so say for instance if you were to buy let’s just go with dash dash
is one of the most popular ones just to give you an idea so with master nodes
dot online is it breaks it down on the daily the weekly the monthly and yearly
of what you will earn with this so if you were to in
best in the masternode a – masternode right now is it requires a thousand –
coins and the price of one – coin is a hundred and sixty-two dollars okay so
one hundred and sixty two dollars times a thousand so one master note is worth a
hundred and sixty two thousand so the possibility to make income from this is
amazing now if you are on a tight budget or on a medium budget or just want to
test the waters and don’t want to fully commit to a masternode is that the other
option that you can do and I’ll show you how to do it is instead of buying a
master note outright and you own the full percentage of it is that you can
own portion of it and that would be a masternode pool which is it can be just
as profitable and so yeah so it really depends on what your budget is how much
your investment priority is how serious you are about investing in your future
and the most important point for anything that has to do with crypto is
do your own research what may be a good coin for me it may not be a good coin
for you you know because it all depends with
risk management with time management you know if you are looking it’s just like
with anything when you’re investing you know there’s some things that can have a
very very huge return but the price of that return is you have to either wait
for a long time or or you know you have to kind of like go on faith whereas if
you want to invest in in nodes that you already kind of know that our tried
tested and true and not take any risk then you know this is probably one that
you would go for but it’s not it’s not the one that I’m like I am NOT a
financial advisor this is not financial advice I am just merely documenting and
showing you my journey in crypto lonely that is to show you how if you do
want to invest how to do it so I’m moving along so the three the three
platforms that you are going to need to set up a master node and the master node
whether it’s a master node full or just a master pool the platform I’m using
today to show you I’ve added some funds just to give you an idea of how it can
work is with tritium tritium CC and so sorry I just had to turn my phone off
I’m pretty sure it’s off now okay send no more interruptions so yeah so
basically is that this is the platform that I liked still not okay so this is
the platform that I enjoy using it’s very as quick and easy it’s not the
only platform I use but as a beginners master node example this is the one that
I think is the best to show so how does it work so as you can see right now I
basically have two four I have five master nodes up and running so I have
one it’s called a bet which is actually all bet I have block node and I have THC
yes I’m investing in the hemp in the hemp industry I fully believe that it
has so much potential both for medicinal purposes and for all
kinds of other different facets is that just like we’re going to see a boom in
crypto we’re gonna see a boom engine hemp and THC usage for very I mean
they’ve legalized it in Canada which is where I live so if it’s not something
that’s legal in your area I’m pretty sure that it will be in the future
I actually don’t smoke anything I I don’t have anything against anybody who
does I have known people who have had cancer
throughout their life and I needed to smoke hemp weed whatever you want to
call it and it helped them drastically so my my perception on this may be
different from somebody else but again do your own research and investing coins
that you believe are going to do you like what like what you think will be
best for you so the one two three the fourth coin is Betty coin and I’m going
to go into all these different coins these are not the only coins that I’m
invested in but these are just the ones that I tested out for this site for you
guys today so all right going into it so basically the first thing that you need
to do you need to create an account with tritium if this is the platform that
you’re gonna go with and now as you can see like I go to coins and say sort by
no you can have the option you can sort them by if you’re really just interested
on getting a return and the highest ROI possible then obviously you would go
here you’re more interested in sorting them by how much the node actually cost
you know from either most expensive to least expensive or least expensive to
most expensive than you would do this and if you were looking for coins by
name then you would go do this one so for instance the way that I like to look
at these different things let’s just see if I go to dashboard if it gives a
different perspective portfolio No okay so I’ll go back to coins so what I
really love about this platform is it’s so easy I mean you can the way that I do
it I literally went one by one I went one by one what I did was I did coin ROI
because that’ll that’ll basically organize them from the highest ROI for
your investment to the lowest and then basically what I would do from there is
I look at the different names first and then I would go to the website and then
I would check out how much they’re making per day and then I would put it
to the side and then when I was ready to buy and start I go to crypto bridge so
basically I mean nobody has a crystal ball in this nobody’s going to be able
to tell you 100 percent what’s a scam what’s not but as somebody who has and
is a web designer programmer marketer and really just been in the programming
and kind of computer world for a very long time there’s just different things
that jump out to me that may not jump out to other people and I use this from
my own personal kind of true north and I just go with my instincts and my guts
and so I also highly encourage you to do that for yourself like I said I’m not a
financial advisor this is not financial advice this is just me letting you know
how I choose my masternodes and what I look for what I don’t look for what I
like what I don’t like and yeah so basically right off the bat right as I’m
looking at this one interactive decisions chain so okay obviously this
is a very very attractive ROI however what I don’t like is that this image is
broken so is that just in the is that just a simple mistake on the program
like on the web designers fault but even so is that if I’m the company I
would want to make sure that my image and that my links and everything are
working every single day so this gives me a a little red flag that they’re
either not checking their their stuff daily which isn’t a good sign because I
want to be investing in a company who is working on their
every single day and if it is a slight mistake then you know there shouldn’t be
really any more and so continue so basically I don’t like this
so that I’m not going to be investing in right now I may come back to it after I
go through the whole list so this coin this coin I mean they’ve got their logo
and stuff intact so that’s good it has a very high ROI so this is still good
cold notes they already have 36 people who are invested in this note and don’t
forget folks like these master notes they are like we are so so early in the
masternode game it’s flooding ridiculous like people who are invested in like XRP
in crypto we are in the Wild West still you know even if people think mass
adoption is gonna happen tomorrow I very strongly doubt it’s gonna happen
tomorrow I believe that we still have is some huge arcs and some things to go
through which could be about two to five years and masternodes mike is just we’re
still so so new but the beauty of being in so early is that the returns and the
possibility of returns is just going to be phenomenal so that’s why I am going
balls to the wall sorry for the expression but that’s how it rolls with
this so okay so so far this is kind of looking attractive Mero not really sure
what they do so let’s just check out their website see what they do okay so
you see this is another thing like another red flag their website is like
going to a 404 error page so I wouldn’t invest in this one because of that I
wouldn’t invest in this one because their website is messed up so like these
are just little key points to help you judge to do right okay
what do we got now we got future echoes okay so you only have like one shot to
make an impression in this life so again this image is broken
nobody’s invested in these notes right now I wouldn’t say that I like I invest
in nodes sometimes if there’s nobody else who’s invested in them yet but but
they have to have a budding hell a good website and they have to have their
social networks and and groups and communities in place because if there’s
zero investments in the notes plus there’s like no good website plus
there’s no community I’m sorry but like that’s really too too early for me to
invest in but the amount of people invested in the notes to me that’s not
as important what’s important is you know what they what they offer on their
website what they’re doing with their website what they’re doing with their
community and how active they are so again I’m not checking this one because
of this all right so we got so I’m just gonna I’m not gonna go through every
single one because I just I’ve studied names and the meaning of
names and logos for a long time and some people may think that that’s just like
hocus pocus like it has no no actual meaning but there is a huge meaning
behind what people call their company’s little known fact
the reason why night is called naik is because naik was a greek goddess of
victory you know some people wonder and you know like just another example the
company hermes that makes these very expensive scarfs and bags and stuff like
this this was a Greek god of what retail like a selling so you know there is
there is a lot behind a name and there’s even more behind color choice you know
like you look at this the color choice that they chose for their logo and their
company is yellow yellow is kind of very energetic and all these different
things so it really depends on what type of energy also and what type of company
you want to invest in do you want to invest in a company or with a masternode
who is like young up-and-coming full of energy or do you want to invest in the
masternode of a company like that’s blue that’s more subdued that’s more serious
and more you know kind of just smooth in the sense that they won’t be making a
lot of kind of or taking a lot of different risks or different things like
this so you know it really plays into people’s personality and what they want
and what they’re looking for so continuing on I’m just going to I’m just
really going to just do a quick overload of the different things so I’m looking
at this and so for instance one of the ones that I invested in was this one all
bet I am in love with their platform I think that they’ve done such a
phenomenal job they are truly leaders and I mean the
name is so good because altcoins and bedding all bet this I have lik is
literally zero doubt in my mind that this will be a huge huge home run slam
mark out of the park whatever you want to call it in the future just the way
they’ve set up the website you know it’s very clean it’s very professional you
have the live charts up you know they do eSport betting market betting custom
gambling games below above Aloha another thing that’s very important when
you’re doing anything with masternodes is that you go on their website and that
the links to the wallets actually work if they don’t actually work that is a
huge red flag that they’re probably going to scam you I mean there’s always
the exception to the rule where you know say for instance a company is
run by one person and there’s like a lots of different things that have to
get done and like kind of little time to do it and then maybe whatever but for
the majority for the majority if they they do have a team or if they are doing
something but they’re not following through on it then you know it’s to be
hesitant you know not to say that they’re going to scam you but the one
huge thing that I can tell you is I wouldn’t personally invest in anything
where if they didn’t have the actual wallet live and download like to me this
is the biggest biggest positive kind of buy signal that you could hope for you
know and if they don’t well then I would not invest so moving along so yeah so
this is one that I invested in and just to show you the other thing so when I
get to the point right when I get to the point where I have gone to the website I
checked it out I go to the discord I check their community it doesn’t know
you know they don’t necessarily have to have a discord they could have a
telegram group they could just be live on Twitter but they have to be doing
something like you see these like you see all bet they’re on discord telegram
Twitter medium reddit YouTube Bitcoin talk github like this is just my opinion
but people who are out to scam you they don’t invest that much time into going
and doing and setting up all these different accounts to make it seem legit
like what they’ll do maybe is just put the the name the link but if you hover
over it like as you can see in the bottom left corner like these they
actually have links to and if you click on them they’ll actually take you
somewhere but a huge red flag whenever you’re you when you’re doing
your research for different websites or coins or master notes to invest in if
you go and hover over their links and then in the bottom left hand corner you
don’t see a link like you just see a hashtag then to me that’s just like
they’re scamming like they don’t give a shit they just want to
make it seem like they’re having a community when they’re not so yeah so
basically I am totally head over heels for this platform you know I have no
issue with investing in a online kind of betting gambling thing I think that with
anything I mean I am of age legal vaccinated and you know you make up your
own decision there are some people who would be like oh I’m not investing in a
gambling platform just like there’s people who would be like oh I’m not
investing in a Bitcoin platform or not that what Bitcoin has mining so that
doesn’t really make sense but you know to each your own invest in whatever coin
invest in whatever masternode you think speaks you that you think has potential
and yeah and just run into your own beat that’s what I’m doing
so once I once I choose once I choose one that I like that I’ve done research
on what I usually do like I just showed you as I click on the website I go to
the website and if the website and everything is checking out the links are
checking out the community is checking out then I go here to masternodes online
and then what I will do is I’ll check out how much the earning potential is
for that coin so this is all bet so here we go I click on this so you see as of
right now the daily income is four dollars and 51 cents weekly is $31 59
cents monthly is 135 dollars and 42 cents yearly with this masternode you’re
making sixteen hundred dollars and forty seven cents as of today okay so you can
either choose to have those payouts in cash and Bitcoin or you just keep them
in alt bets like whichever masternode coin that you want and you get paid out
in that so you know right now one all-out bet token is point zero six
okay so you can either you can either accumulate your all bet because this is
the way that I look at it a coin going to one dollar and especially one like
all bet which is to me going to be one of the most powerful ways to actually
earn income online because everybody is into gaming a huge portion of the online
community is into gaming and so it’s not unrealistic to think that their coin can
go to at least at least one dollar and when and if it hits one dollar as a very
very bare minimum idea is that one dollar per token is no longer four
dollars and 51 cents per day it’s one dollar times 68 so it’s making
sixty-eight dollars a day for you four hundred and eighty dollars a week two
thousand $59 a month and twenty five thousand dollars
roughly a year and that’s if all bet goes to one dollar if that goes to ten
dollars then just add a zero folks so you’re making six hundred and eighty
dollars a day you’re making four thousand eighty dollars a week you’re
making twenty thousand five hundred and ninety dollars a month and you’re making
two hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year just with one masternode okay and
again this is going with the idea that it hits anywhere from between one to ten
dollars now as anybody can tell you crypto is risky I mean this thing could
very well 404 the day after this is why you don’t ever ever ever ever ever
invest more money in crypto than you are able or wanting or needing to lose we
are all in the beginning stages of anything nobody has a you know directly
to the future to tell you exactly how it’s going to go the only thing that we
can do is just use the information at hand to make the best choices at hand to
you know prepare and invest for our future and to me after all the research
that I’ve done all bet is is in my humble opinion going to be one aid the
hugest players especially in the online gaming industry so going forward so say
now I check out all the earning potential I’m still on board still
seeing all these green checks seeing all these green lights okay continue so now
where can i buy this coin so you see it here it says markets crypto bridge now
this is another thing that I want to let you guys know crypto bridge is for real
one of my favorite platforms to trade and buy and if a token is not supported
like when I’m looking for to invest in a master note and if that master note
doesn’t is not connected with crypto bridge i just straight-up will not
invest because to me all the other ones they are like stem I like to be able to
get my money in in the market and take my money out of the market like easy
breezy beautiful covergirl I do not want to mess around I just want to get those
gains and get it get out all right so now this is what I would be doing if I
was to be setting up a master note okay so now I go here right now this platform
is crypto bridge I go here and I type in all bet but the but the Badu
oops sorry just one second and typing it in it won’t be too long
won’t be too long alrighty well right now it’s just loading it’s slow but
so just as a thing so okay so got 500 where is all the information yeah so
basically if I want you go currently I have 534 all bitcoins if I want to add
it to my master node then all I would do is I would go to trade and if I needed
to buy more I would go and buy more and I would do it here I would pick the coin
wonder if it’s working now my computer I think is a little bit slow chica chica
chica all right well while I’m messing around with that I think it’s because
they just finished changing their platform a little bit send withdraw yeah
they going to withdraw an asset login sorry guys it’s like they’ve just
changed up the platform a little bit which is a good sign it means that
they’re constantly updating which is a very good sign
so asset to withdraw search for an asset so okay so you see now these are the
assets that I hold on this account for now so say for instance I was going to
all bit and/or do another one just say Betty whatever so this is another one I
think it’s with I don’t know withdraw okay so just for instance if I was going
to do another one I would put in the address here I think it’s because I
don’t have enough offense to transfer for that masternode so anyways back to
the point is say for instance I was setting up this node then I would put in
the address for my trinitarian wallet so that I send the amount of coins needed
directly there so less and just good go – what do we got now I want to see cuz I
just finished setting them I wonder Rock node so you see Betty also is one that
has been paying very very well I really love it it really kind of exploded when
Bitcoin just finished going to what was it ten twelve K they just went they just
went croak rake ray so basically what is Betty so Betty is I’m Betty
guys Who am I I like bets and crypto so I decided to create a crypto betting
platform from masternodes and crypto guys and fYI I’m so digging
this I think it’s freaking amazing I love the attitude of this website and
the company and that’s why I invested in it not just the only reason but they’re
just so cool okay so again when I’m looking for coins to invest in I start
off on the website I check here make sure everything is working so for 61%
that’s still very very good ROI I go to the website check the website I just did
that and then if I want I’ll check all the communities discord all this stuff
and then I’ll go to master nodes online check it out so say for instance Betty
coin and you can see pretty much all the information right now so in order to
have this master nodes node you need to purchase a thousand Betty coins each
coin right now is worth thirty one dollars so that makes the worth of one
master node thirty one thousand dollars and your ROI is four hundred fifty six
dollars and when you click on it you see the breakdown daily with this master
node I’m making can make three hundred and eighty nine dollars a day which is
twelve Betty coins or weekly income is
mm $727 87 Betty coin monthly income is eleven thousand six hundred ninety one
dollars or three hundred and seventy six Betty coins and yearly income is one
hundred forty two thousand two hundred and forty-five or four thousand five
hundred and thirty-five Betty coins so this folks is like legit because I’ve
been getting paid with it and you are in full control of it especially on this
website because you either have two options you either keep your coins on
the actual website and then reinvest them and then that way it’ll give you
kind of like I forget what the word is called but when you’re kind of
reinvesting your collateral or you create a you or you go to the website
like I’d go to all bet download their their wallet off of their website like
here and then once I’ve once them the masternodes are making and releasing the
coins is that those coins get sent to your offline wallet with the specific
wallet of that coin that you’re mining so that’s the other option alright guys
so now we’re getting back into the Edie greedy so I’m not going to go through
this whole list of everything just off the top I really just like all bet I
like Betty and there’s a couple of others and like I said there’s other
websites that can invest in this is just my opinion the the quickest fastest
simplest way to get started you know I’m going to do other tutorials in the
future where it’s using other platforms but like I said this is really just the
beginner’s guide of how to set up a master note so say I wanted to invest in
in all bet so I go to invest and please note that the minimum amount
for investments is 10 euro so oh and that’s the other thing you also have to
add money onto the website so that your account is fully funded I think it’s
good to like add 10 to 15 dollars per month in Euro because that’s what’s
going to handle all of your hosting so that way you don’t have to do any or
worry about updates or something like this so it’s a trade-off I mean there’s
other websites where they don’t charge you but you have to do the hosting
yourself and pay for the hosting yourself and do everything I like to
delegate and put things on autopilot and cruise control as much as possible so
that I can continue doing other stuff like to me masternodes is not a
full-time job it’s crypto and money working for me not
the other way around so again whichever platform you choose
you like whatever right so in order to invest say anyone out bet tokens this
would be the bare minimum this would be the bare minimum if you if you don’t
want to buy a master no doubtful right but you do want to invest in the master
node pool of this then that would be cool too so let me just see something
say something oh yeah so I go to crypto bridge now I’m
font I fall to change this I want to take it out withdraw I found to withdraw
I found to withdraw why is this one walking okay it’s being it’s being a
doing a bit of a pain pain in the butt but this platform does work I think it’s
just something with my account but basically is that you would click on
here you would go to withdraw and then you know you would just withdraw and
send it to your your other account so let me just see something let me just
see me some things say hey something’s okay may I try this
one okay so see block node invest and forty six thousand you got okay
blocked out okay so say a withdraw 50 thousand 50 thousand will go to withdraw
block node which no okay quantity available let’s just do 50 thousand who
is that fifty thousand 310 okay yeah and then we want to withdraw to the address
the address that’s here so your deposit address copy this address copied and my
trick is just I don’t go through every single thing I just check the last three
and the first three that’s the only thing that you really need to do all
this mumbo-jumbo in the middle is just a waste of time so just a little heads-up
trick for you and even when you get really really whatever is that sometimes
I just check the last three so let’s just go v xw copy go to crypto bridge
withdraw address to there so it’s and I use control the V for paste whoops let’s
do that again there we go I already had it saved so yeah so just
check the last one v xw fees I pay the fees in BTC and withdraw and confirm
alrighty so now I’ve sent the things from here to here and now we just
gonna wait for it to propagate so let’s just let’s just go here for seconds I
want to see if it’s saved okay so let’s just get rid of all this unnecessary
nests so now I go to block node where is the
block node coins run up dashboard – ten ten doopa doopa doopa – where’s my block
node my investments yeah looking for oh and this is the great thing on their
page they have hot offers things that are you know some of them they have free
hosting as an incentive so that’s also a very cool thing to do to do should you
please send okay done so let’s just see I just had a doodle doodle do set up
node I’m doing the worst no okay so basically it’s just it’s just waiting
for them to pop up but as you can see I’ve already set up a block node so you
just have to wait for it to propagate and for it to go for the moolah to go
into your wallet okay you see so it’s already been deposited into the wallet
here block node so you see what did I do it’s not for Jabba Jabba Jabba Jabba
available obesity oh yeah ok so go in the best change going done ok so it’s
already done it’s already running it’s already up and running so yeah so that’s
basically all you got to do folks hopefully that wasn’t too crazy all over
the port all over the place leave me a like comment or share or hit me up on
Twitter at XRP rain maker if you have any other questions if you’ve got any questions about anything I’m here to
help you guys make it bring cuz we’re making it rain hope you guys enjoyed
this tutorial and yeah just let you know that you can be part of the future it’s
not too late and masternodes are not a scam this is my own personal opinion
they are going to replace the model of mining that Bitcoin has started because
it is ridiculous how much energy that that takes and masternodes do the very
same thing provide a passive income for those who are open and ready to and
willing to receive so yeah so just to summarize this whole shebang is that the
three websites that you need in order to do this is you need tritium because it’s
kind of like your one-click all-inclusive platform to pick your
coins to invest in them get your masternodes started up masternodes dot
online is the website to research all of your coins their earning potential to
check out their their digital footprint and in regards to their website what
they are offering what they’re providing their community and so on and so forth
and crypto bridge is really the place where you can
i crypto trade it and you know it’s like if you find a coin that you like and you
want to buy a masternode for it you go here you search for it in the title like
say for instance i want to get doge you see it pops up doge cash also i think is
going to be really huge mmm so yeah so then you buy the coin and the way that
you would buy it the best way that i suggest buying is you come here where it
says buy sell orders and say for instance it takes 10,000 doge cash coins
to start a masternode and so i would click on here because the let changes it
here to doge cash BTC and go here and find the quantity that i need okay so
say for instance i needed this is just an example not real figures but say for
instance this is exactly i needed 4900 doge cash coins in order to start a
masternode so i would purchase them from here from people who are already selling
it don’t just type in whatever because then your order is going to be
processing forever so yeah so hope this helps and then
basically you buy and then once you have bought it then you go here you go to
withdraw and then you give the wallet address for here and then that sets up
your master no so yeah so hope you guys have a phenomenal day hope this makes
you a lot of money cheerio from canada with love XRP rain
maker out

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  1. ?Hope everyone has a great sunday & a great start or continuation in masternode investing – @Xrprainmaker

  2. I hear you, but thing is just that I like to hold my own crypto.. Feel like I´m done with trust in platforms. I bought a Mac pro, upgrade it with a 6 core i7, 32GB RAM, Spahire Radeon RX 580 and installed Mojave. I will use it to setup and hold all my Masternode´s. Will start with   HempCoin (THC) $223, LightPayCoin (LPC) $9, GoByte (GBX) $74, Giant (GIC) $39,  Deviant (DEV) $96 and Polis (POLIS) $463. Those are some good once I have looked into 🙂

  3. I appreciate you making this for us since I'm interested in setting up a masternode or staking. Is that the same thing more or less? My question for the coins you have and ones that are listed on cryptobridge is, are they subject to regulation like cryptos are? I'm in the US & more specifically in NY so we get the shortest end of the stick right now when it comes to crypto regulations.

  4. OMG… so it's an investment platform… of sorts. I had no idea WHAT they were. I will need to watch this a couple of times…Thank you sooo much Rainmaker. You are an Angel

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