How to set up a Bittrex auto trading bot in Crypto World Evolution

okay let's see if you guys can hear me when you log into the crypto world evolution back-office you want to go to your new trading center that will open a new window from here you want to click on API keys on the left I already have my bits in here but I'll show you you can click add API key on the right here that will bring up this screen now you want to flip over to your bit ryx account go to settings you side of your API keys you they want to click add new key I already have this one is active but just what you would do to do a new one you want to turn on these three so read info trade limit trademark you want to leave withdraw turned off and then get an Authenticator code click update keys we'll see if it works here okay then you would copy this copy this key go back to your trading platform so you can call this bit tricks or whatever you want to call it and then you click select your exchange your bit tricks API key copy and paste go back over to your matrix take your secret key copy that come your taste that and then you just click add API key I'm not going to do it cuz I already have mine in here then you just click refresh now and then your your API should show up here next step would be going to my robots so I have seven robots running right in this upper green should show you how much Bitcoin you have sitting in your account ready to trade I'm I believe I'm over the limit here Oh actually doing somebody to trade here but I yes I can I have a new robot so then you do a pro bot named your bot whatever you want I've already got a bunch of shots go bot nine the tricks grab your API and the robots win win is like a Bitcoin lower risk less reward traitor I had one running today and it did 59 cents compared to some of the other traders that have done like ten dollars or more on a down day in the market anyway so you want to pick the HESI trader which is the alt coins trader that's higher risk higher reward and then you would pick the amount that you want to invest so they did state that multiple BOTS is not a bad idea so I had 10,000 in here I did point one Bitcoin over seven different BOTS than each bottle by its own different coins so you can just put in here point 1 click add robot I'm not gonna do it and then you'll have your robot I'll show up here then you can hit refresh and then just give it some time within the first few minutes they'll start buying coins and then probably ten twenty minutes later it'll have bot probably ten fifteen coins you come in here you can stop buying with anything at any time you can click on orders and here is every coin that you've seen so today was kind of a bad day on the market so everything's down so I'm stuck in a lot of it won't sell it out some profit but you can manually come in here and sell these if you wanted to clear up the spot otherwise it'll just sit here and wait until they get back into the positive but it still did get some positives throughout the day it shows here's my profit on each bot throughout the day today you can also go on hybrid new hybrid and here you can trade coin by coin and so you go bit tricks select your API and then you can pick a coin so let's say we want to do a lifetime just to LTC it actually pulls in it actually pulls in the graphs here in a second you can see where it's ahead and then you can set up here you can actually pick how much so it's like I want to buy in point one that's five point eight for litecoin you pick your stop-loss and add hybrid and the little auto by himself for you on that one coin I haven't tested this out yet but I'm gonna work on that and I believe that's about it

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