How to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to GDAX

hello everyone my name is Matt Taylor in today's basic cryptocurrency video I'm going to show you how to send Bitcoin and other coins from coinbase over 2g Dax really easy to do let's get started alright so here we are we are in coinbase now what I like to do is I like to buy my Bitcoin on coin base and then I like to send it to GD x GD x is an exchange it's also owned by coin base and now the fees seem to be cheaper from sending coins from G Dax over to other exchanges to buying other altcoins so what I like to do is I like to send I like to buy Bitcoin or a theory and we like coin and whatnot on coin base and then send it to G bet G Dax so how do you do that here we are on the dashboard here or you can see that you see I have a little bit of Bitcoin here and I want to send this over to GD X so what you do is you just type in GX opens up your exchange now if you don't have a GX account I'll have a link down below where you can get one and just sign up now what you can do you see up here that it's owned by coin base which is really cool and now all we have to do you see here is like BTC bounce come here to deposit now here you can deposit from your bank account but remember if you do that you're gonna have to wait three to five days or sometimes up to ten calendar days and imagine what can happen in the market during that time time you get your coins they could be worth a lot less or they could be worth more also so I don't like to do that I made the mistake of doing that when the Bitcoin was high and I lost a lot of money doing that bank wire is a lot faster so I gave a large sum do a bank wire it usually takes a couple hours on the same business day or since I just have since gee tax is linked to my coin base account and it's owned by coin base I just come here from the coin base account and I'm gonna type in the amount that I want to sin from coinbase 2g tax point zero to the closet funds boom there we go and then we come over here and my BTC amount has gone up simple as that and now you can send BTC from G Dax to other exchanges and the fees won't be as high thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for another basic crypto video all right there you go really easy that's how you sing cleans and coinbase over 2g bags really simple also I have a cooking channel on YouTube here on YouTube there's a link down below check it out I have a decent following over 150 videos on how to cook a lot of different cool recipes check it out I'm Matt Taylor thanks for watching happy investing

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