How to Sell Cryptocurrency into US Dollar TUTORIAL Bittrex Tether USDT

and welcome back Franco Gonzalez simple freedom calm simple freedom dot-com for more stuff like this that makes you money so I want to talk about tether today a cryptocurrency called tether as it relates to crypto currency trading on bit tricks exchange a very very helpful nugget that's going to make you a lot of money conserved for you a lot of your profits so let's get let's get right into it let's get right into it so what I want to do first is start with a we're going to talk about bit tricks trading cryptocurrencies using the bit tricks exchange here and how and why to use tether in your trading very helpful tip okay but first let's say give a quick scan here of the marketplace so we are looking today is the date the date today is Tuesday August 15 2017 and Bitcoin is at four thousand 150 198 last 24-hour momentum down 2.9% sits a noun down day so far 2.9 percent down aetherium is at 289 eighty four we've got litecoin at forty three dollars and twenty I set so it's down four point nine five percent if their aim is down three point zero seven percent if you're buying on the dips if you're buying on the dips there's some discount sales going on right now neo covering the stuff that we own right now neo is down seven point four eight percent at forty four dollars and twenty eight cents 44.0 twenty eight cents so if you bought it at 35 you're still happy but you're watching it then we've got a bit connect is having about a-flat d-flat de point zero seven percent on the day point zero seven to the positive so flat day one hundred eleven dollars and fifty six cents we've got 10 X here is Penix token or pay is their symbol four dollars and seventeen cents so that is a negative 6.92 in the past 24 hours and here is Heather oh and look at this Heather once again every single day it's priced at $1 one u.s. dollar tether 0.46% on the de $1 tether every day you'll see that $1 or 99 cents or $1 to $1 every day that's a big hint so let's talk about trading a little bit so trading sometimes when you're trading especially if you're holding neo or if you're holding 10x or some other cryptocurrency and altcoin and you want to take profits what are you going to sell into are you going to sell most of the time people are fine selling into Bitcoin right I want to sell take some profits off of neo or whatever what am I going to sell into most of the time I would sell into Bitcoin and be perfectly happy but what if it's a day like today what if it's a day with extreme volatility even in Bitcoin and what if bitcoin is moving around like crazy what are you going to sell into from your account in bit tricks enter tether enter tether bottom line tether is a crypto currency that is pegged to the u.s. dollar it's always one tether is always valued at our around one dollar so it would be like selling your altcoin and maybe you don't want to go into the volatility of Bitcoin just yet maybe you want to let it fall into a place where you do want to buy on a dip or something like that right for whatever reason if you want to sell on bit tracks you cannot sell straight to a cash US dollar cash account you can't right but you can sell into Bitcoin and then immediately sell Bitcoin into tether okay and then you hold tether it's like holding cash it's like holding cash selling into cash and that way you're not out of the exchange you're not out of the market eating click to do a withdrawal wait for three four five days or whatever to get your money in your bank account you know none of that stuff right so you sell into tether and that's how you would do it you would sell your neo right into Bitcoin and then immediately sell your Bitcoin and buy tethered okay now I'm going to show you some times for certain market pairings they've got tether paired up with deal okay I'm going to show you that right now so the symbol the trading symbol for tether is USD T US dollar tether USD T so a little bit about tethers so here it is right here you can come to their website at Ted 3000 tethered t o let me show you an easy way to get there if you start at coin market cap I know that tether is like on this list number 20 or 22 or something like that so let's go on down to tether add number 21 all right number 21 you click on the word tether right from coin market cap and it brings you to their to their information here on coin market cap and there you can see it's point 99 cents it's always about a dollar right but right here see where it says oh there's where you can see their symbol USD t tether token right tether and also a link to their web site very helpful when you click on this it's going to bring you over to their website and that's where you can review tether to your heart's desire and find out what it is maybe you want to use tether maybe you want to download their app and verify and confirm your account and do the US ID verifications and all that stuff and have it on your phone and start using it tether person person it's $1.00 right it's cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar but for our purposes on this tutorial I want to show you how to use it in your trading when you want to sell and sell in $2 and kind of wait out the market wait for dips wait for good buy points and then BAM from tether your right back into the game right back into Bitcoin right back into Neal right back into litecoin right back into in theory my your trading whatever you want to buy but so it's a nice place to hold out right it's a nice place so when people say how would I sell this and get to u.s. dollar if I don't like the volatility a Bitcoin all the time can I sell into the dollar you can you would have to sell and end up buying some tether okay and hold tether you're holding the dollar so new a digital money for a digital age global fast and secure we've combined the best of both worlds right they claim here they're pegged to a stable currency hundred percent backed by the dollar which is 100 percent backed by nothing no that's wrong the United States dollar fiat currency might the Fed hating friend just like me I don't like the banksters either but the US dollar is fiat and it's not backed by nothing okay hear me out it is backed by the guns of the United States government it's backed by the government with guns okay that's what it's backed by blockchain technology widespread integration money built for the internet blockchain companies exchanges individual traders learn all about it they're the tether mobile app gråvik play with it you know there you go and so anyway that's tether so now let's go to see what it looks like inside of bid tracks okay inside of bit tracks there's a little section I liked inside a bit tracks that has the tether pairings the market so let's login to bid Trex Trex comm vid treks calm the tracks has been good to me matrix has been good to me I'm not I'm not casting any shade on bid tracks matrix has been good to me okay so from the main page on bit tricks you see all the Bitcoin markets scroll down a bit and then you're going to see that aetherium markets the pairings right here at their iam do neo a theorem to oMG aetherium the 10x pay in all the popular markets aetherium right keep on going down look at this USD T markets US dollar tether pairings markets so right here as you can see that USD T is pegged up with Bitcoin right there that's where you would click on that to go and sell some Bitcoin and buy some tether and vice-versa okay but for specific markets that are popular they also pair them directly up with some alt coins perfect example in my case I own some Neal if I wanted to sell Neal but not sell into Bitcoin for whatever reason maybe bit going having a day right or it's crazy or whatever and I'm looking to sell me oh but hold US dollar for a while so I can get back into Neal maybe you know but maybe I'm waiting for a dip I wait for a dip I wait it out at by the dip but I want a whole dollar because I don't want it to be too volatile my balance so anyway in that kind of situation you can click right here USD T to neo and that's a u.s. dollar tether directly buying and selling paired up with the neo market here it is paired up with etherium here it is pegged up with paired up with Bitcoin cash litecoin ripple a theory I'm classically cash – Manero and a Bitcoin down there or whatever so so let's say that you wanted to exchange you want to sell Bitcoin to buy some tethered right most of you have Bitcoin in your in your trading accounts right now so you would click on here and this is what you're going to see right you're going to see the Bitcoin information right there and then down in the trading spot you're going to be able to buy Bitcoin or sell bitcoins and it tells you what kind of Bitcoin you have available in your wallet so like like this if you keep very light Bitcoin because you're invested in other altcoins in the exchange then you would obviously have to either deposit more Bitcoin into your trading account and/or sell so maybe you're we're selling an altcoin like neo right you're going to take some profits you bought a 35 it's sitting at 45 you're going to take some profits so you're going to sell Neil but you haven't you haven't bought teather before you didn't buy neo using from from tether okay so you didn't have them pair it up before so what you're going to have to do in bit tricks is you're going to have to sell Neil into Bitcoin and then immediately going to the tether Bitcoin market and you're going to want to sell your Bitcoin and buy tether now that you hold tether now later on if they still have it you can go to the USD T they're paired with meal market and you can buy and sell neo or whatever old coin you want usually you're going to be doing it back and forth from Bitcoin to tether tether to Bitcoin this is where you do that so it has your balance here of how much Bitcoin you have available so again if you want to do this and you don't have enough that you want in Bitcoin the deposit Bitcoin into your bid Trax account or self some other altcoin into Bitcoin and then you have it then over here buy Bitcoin sell Bitcoin and you make your transaction just like any other transaction you could see the order book the order book here any open orders are going to be down here and your market history market history is going to be there your order history is going to be down below pretty cool on bit tricks I like it but that's that's the way you do it guys so I just wanted to give you a light little tutorial on how to do that so again and go over to the markets Bitcoin markets aetherium markets Bitcoin markets up top a theory of markets in the middle and then you have your USB T tether market US dollar crypto currency tether is back to the US dollar so you can hold you can sell into the dollar hold the dollar do that in your trading and that might help you a lot there my friend so again that is information on tether the tether token symbol USD T and specifically why you can use it as a really powerful tool in your trading and in this trading we were working inside of bit wrecks the next generation digital currency exchange so we talked about bit tracks trading into the dollar out of the dollar from your out points using tether as a tool because it is a crypto currency backed by USD T backed by the US dollar rather and that's how to do it for more information and daily updates you can follow the youtube channel at simple freedom info we'll go straight to the blog at simple freedom calm I'll be back with another tutorial a little bit later on but there it is guys bit tricks tether in your training I'll see you next time bye for now

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