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what's up son spying on lists I'm the tech once again and today we're going to go over exchanging your alt coins that you've been mining over into Bitcoin and then extracting it to your bank account this is a follow up to the biggest misconception about nice hash that we posted earlier this week and so you can check that out up there in the corner without further ado let's get into it welcome back so I have tried to record this video maybe three times now and screwed up so unfortunately my accounts don't really have a lot of coins in them to be able to go ahead and go through the full process but will be able to give you guys an example at least and kind of show you how it works we're going to be taking a look at three exchanges we're gonna be taking a look at bit tricks trade Satoshi and crypto Pia the reason you're gonna have to mess around with multiple exchanges is because not all coins are going to be on every exchange unfortunately that's just the nature of the business right now and we'll kind of go over some of the positives and negatives of each of these exchanges so let's get into it starting things off we have bit tricks and before you do anything make sure you go to your settings and click two-factor authentication download the Google Authenticator which I'll put a link in the description to below for either iPhone or Android and go ahead and enable two-factor authentication once you've done that we'll go back to wallets and here's two things if you're gonna be mining and holding for an extended period of time always use a local wallet if possible and if you're going to be getting the revenue out right away which I know some of you like daily revenue then you might want to consider just mining to the exchange and then pulling it out once a day to do that though all you really have to do is click the plus button next to the coin and then copy the hex address in most cases it will say generate a new address of course I already have one generated for music coin but let's see we can probably do it with doge yeah so you see here we would just click the new address and then it generates it we copy that and then place that into our mining script to mine directly to the exchange now once we've done that the other thing we can do is pull the music point out to another music coin wallet like a local wallet by clicking the little negative button here we just put our address to our local wallet that we want to send to and then the amount of music that we want to send which we could just say all by clicking the up button and then clicking withdrawal now that that's taken care of what we really need to do is transfer it into Bitcoin so that we can send it to our coin based wallet and get our money out of it so to do that we would just need to go to the exchange by clicking the music it'll take us directly there and we'll have our buy and sell music coin when you're buying and selling always scroll down and look at the bids and the asks this will determine if you want to do the last bid or ask last we'll do the last sell that happened so I usually stick with that and then I review down here to make sure I'm not selling it a bad time for example right now it was earlier selling at like 1 4 3 1 4 5 so on and now we're able to sell at 1 5 5 so I'm pretty comfortable with that will click max to add all of our coin music coins there and then we will just go ahead and click sell music coin there is an option here to put a limit or a conditional based on greater than or equal to BTC value and then the exchange will hold it until that BTC value pops up and like and ask and then it'll sell it to the person that's bidding that much for it so that's a way you can protect yourself if you need to set it and forget it for a little bit you can do it that way for now we're just going to go the basic sell music coin path and we are not going to be able to show you guys fully because the minimum order is larger than what we currently have in here once you've done that though you'll just head back to your wallets and you will open up your Bitcoin wallet by typing BTC in the search or by clicking hide zero balances and then you will come and withdraw your Bitcoin by clicking the negative button and you'll see that we can put our address here we're going to grab our address from our coin base account you can hopefully already have a coin base account I recommend GDX if you have a possibility of using it it's owned by coin based but if you're able to connect your bank account directly to GDX you only have a point to 5% fee here we'll go over that maybe in another video but you would just click withdraw and then click bank account since it is tied the coin base you can withdrawal through coin base but keep in mind the coin base fees will then apply but for today we're just looking at coin base you'll click the receive button on your Bitcoin wallet click show address copy the wallet address and then come back and paste it into the address slot and then click up on the BTC and click withdrawal next we're going to talk about crypto fiha it also supplies a multi-factor authentication but a weaker one it's just a pin so you enter a pin code and then you are able to have that as a secondary to your password this is not near as effective as bit tricks or even trade Satoshi which uses a Google which uses a Google authentication with your Android or iOS device and that's much safer so be be cognizant of that and don't keep a lot of coins in crypto PIA at this point at all get them in get them out and that's how I feel about it but there are some coins that are only here and it has a really nice UI so we're gonna want to go into our balances and take a look at our balances that we currently have we have some sumo coin if we want to get the mining address for our sumo coin we will click the deposit sumo and then copy this payment ID and paste that into our miner to mine directly to the exchange party so to sell our sumo coin we're just going to go ahead and click into the exchange and then search for sumo and open it up this looks very similar to bit tricks of course and you'll see that we have 0.1 sumo now the only thing that sucks about this is it the auto population is not currently working so we do have to run the old-school copy and paste and then once we have done that we have the price that we can just click and that will do the last price make sure you scroll down and take a look at these sales that have been happening and their pricing you see that we are 649 and it's dropped quite a bit today so it's not a very good time to sell necessarily but that's just something to take a look at maybe wait for to complete the transaction there's two steps you're gonna click total and then you're gonna click sell now once again our minimum trade is too high so we're gonna have to wait on that once you've completed it you'll go back to your balances and look for your Bitcoin now you see that I'm still waiting on a chance for a big coin like I said I've done this video too many times at this point but to extract it you'll click the withdraw BTC and then you will go back to your coin base account click copy on the wallet address come back to crypto Pia and it'll go here in the Bitcoin address type in your ping and type in the amount you can just click the the amount in the balance area and it'll populate it with the full amount and then click Next so for all of these what's going to happen after you click Next is you're going to get an email to the email you signed up to be exchanged with to confirm the transaction so once that happens you'll just pretty much open up your email and click the confirm button and then it will process the transaction to the very end next we have trade Satoshi and this works similar to both of the other exchanges the two-factor authentication is quite a bit better than either matrix or crypto Pia if you go to your account settings and click security you'll see that you have a login to factor a withdrawal to factor in a transfer to factor and to create the two-factor you click create two factor and then you would click Google Authenticator is what I use personally because if you're using an email you it's probably going a hot pin of course is what we saw in crypto Pia it's much weaker as well and the Google Authenticator will go to your phone so the potential hacker would have to have access to your phone as well as access to your password so it's the best way to go you'll open the Google Authenticator and scan this QR code you know add it in and you click in the six digit code and click verify code and then add two-factor and you are off to the races once we've done that we're gonna go back over to our balances I'm gonna hide zero balances here and see that we have seven seven seven seven seven seven seven nine Bitcoin Z's here and we are going to want to trade it out for a Bitcoin so we will just search for bitcoins e in our balances alright so once you're on here to sell BTC Z just click the total and you will see that we have this amount now automatically populated and then we want to figure out the rate of course if we come down here we'll see the rates that it's currently selling at here's some buy orders and sell orders and it looks like we're just gonna go with like the three five go ahead and review it like I said before scroll down see if it's going up or down and kind of what the trend is there so now we can go ahead and we got a re click the total to correct our amount that we're selling and then we have the everything added in and here's the fee so we will talk about fees all of these exchanges have a fee both on the exchange itself and then when you withdraw so you need to calculate all of those into your your bottom end before your kind of calculating your total profit we'll click sell and then the order will go through at this point we can go back to our balances click hide zero balances and we can see that we have some Bitcoin available to withdraw the Bitcoin we're just going to click the withdraw button and then once again we will go over to our coinbase account copy the code and our well address come back to traits atashi paste it into the address and then we will click the balance and click create the minimum here is 0.03 like I said third time on this video I've done this so many times that I've pretty much run myself out of possibilities to show you guys that fully all the way through and I apologize for that so here's a Bitcoin Z I did want to mention you would just click create address and it pops up with an address similar to crypto PIA and bit tricks do for you to mind me too so now once you've done all that you're gonna need to withdraw it to your bank account or in this case the example I'm using is gonna just be PayPal so you go to by cell essentially tab you select your wallet the Bitcoin wallet a I've created that you just moved everything to and then you click the cell max and sell Bitcoin instantly and it will deposit it into your PayPal address keep in mind that the PayPal address has an additional fee of 2.5% so that's going to add on as well to that bottom end so these are all things you want to keep in the mind and keep in mind and yes like I said coming over the GDX is gonna drastically drop that you're just gonna have to do some verification with your bank accounts and so on and so forth and make sure that you have a bank that allows you to do crypto currencies so I hope that was helpful be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe down below let me know if you have any other tips there are a lot of nuances here and we're not going into full-on analyzation of fees etc and I realize that right now there's just only so much time and I wanted to get you guys a basic idea and understanding of how all this works if I was successful leave a like and I will see you next Tuesday

36 thoughts on “How to Sell All Crypto and Get Cash | Bittrex | Cryptopia | Tradesatoshi | Coinbase”

  1. Hello Son of a tech, i think you are wrong on the Bittrex Bid and Ask, you just said when "review if i sell at the bad time" the you looked to Bids, to see before if it's a good time or not, and i think it's not good. Look at the curve just above.
    The curve is nearly at the lowest point of the curve. Ok it had grow up a little since the last bar.

    But i will not sell at that time. You sell at 0.00000 153.
    2 hours before the average was between .000000 157 and 0.00000 160.
    In that case, i will wait the price go up at least to 0.00000 159, that will surely will go next hours.
    Btw, i just look at, and you sold at the bad time, curve go up, just after.

    To be clear, BEFORE Bids are not on Bids. Bids, are the price the buyers WANT to pay for the MUSICCOIN here.
    It's not directly related to before bids.

    For exemple, you want to buy Musiccoin. You look to the curve, and see it go to about 0.00000 151/150.
    So you can ask a buy price around .00000 150. or even 140 if you think price will go down.

    So Bids, are WHAT Buyers WANT to pay for their coin, it's not the previous bids.

    Thanks for your work.
    Best regards

  2. Wankers tradesatoshi are liers and thieves,who ban you form chat for asking where btcp is and zcl,after getting you to move your bit coin,then they block you out of site,wankers.usury.worse than jews.!!!

  3. How to cancel withdrew on cryptopia… I send bitgem coin on bitcoin gold address.. By mistake..
    So it's still shows processing…

    I want to cancel that withdrew….

  4. Reviews show that some of those exchanges have problems and they have even been called scams. Could you review them in that regards? I don't want to lose my coins, or have them stolen. Thanks

  5. forget about cryptopia , lost 1000 dollars with they deposit address , never get on that address, no customers service response. avoid CRYPTOPIA

  6. I know this is a older vid, but for anyone wondering today…you can enable 2 factor authentication on cryptopia.

  7. Cryptopia steals !!!!! They trade and whitdraws in your account without your permission, then say it's your fault, they say you were not careful. It's no use complaining, you will never see your funds again after the robbery.

  8. @Son of a Tech, whats your take on Garlicoin (GRLC)? There is a lot of hype on the market i.t.o. mining and profitability? Also Listed on Tradesatosh recently.

  9. Hi Son of a Tech, you are the only you tuber who has made videos about Tradesatoshi in english. Would you please make a video on how to place a limit order on this exchange. Thank you.

  10. This may be a silly question, but everytime you generate a deposit code on GDAX, it's new. Does this mean the old (previous) deposit codes will no longer work? It's for this reason that I deposit to Coinbase (the addresses are static there), then port the funds into GDAX from CB, which is very low-fee since Coinbase owns GDAX.

  11. how do i mine just one coin with a bit miner like ltc etc? and coin base doesn't work for me in Taiwan is there any other options to withdraw to paypal?

  12. As slow and costly as bitcoin is, would it not be better to send your coin to coinbase in the form of etherium or litecoin, faster and cheaper, then convert it to bitcoin once it is in your wallet

  13. LOL so funny to see crypto newbies entering into the financial sector with out even taking the time to actually learn how to trade & learn about Candle Stick Charts, moving averages, Supply & Demand levels in order to maximize profit & reduce risk .. i see the mistake over & over, people selling when price enters into levels of Demand & buyers buying when price enters levels of Supply..

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