How to register at Bitlish and buy a cryptocurrency

Bitlish is a service to buy and sell
cryptocurrency. Registration won’t take long. You only
need your mobile to register. Enter your phone number in international format starting with plus. Enter the confirmation code from the text message. Congratulations! You are now registered and can operate cryptocurrency. To operate regular currencies such as dollars or euros you need to pass the verification process. It is mandatory of British legislation. You
need only two documents to verificate your personality – an ID card and utility bill.
Take photos of it, open your profile then go to verification tab and upload your
photos, then choose answers from the list. There are only three questions there.
Ready? Then send it. Checking process takes time from several minutes up to a couple of hours. We will let you know once finished.
Verification passed successfully. Now you can use all of the Bitlish features. To start buying cryptocurrency you need to add funds to your account with bank card,
bank transfer or digital money. Touch the Balance in your profile then choose an account and touch Deposit. Enter a sum and payment method. Follow the instructions on screen. If you deposit with a bank card, the funds arrive in your account instantly. For bank transfers it may take a day.
You can buy cryptocurrency now. Choose a cryptocurrency and account to pay from.
Please, pay attention now. There are two ways of cost
calculation. You can either enter a sum you want to spend – it will automatically
calculate an amount of cryptocurrency you will get. Or enter how many
cryptocurrency you want to buy, it will calculate a cost in fiat currency.
Confirm the purchase. Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a
cryptocurrency. All this you can also do with our mobile app.
Bitlish – simple, safe and secure.

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