How to read Vietnamese Van coin of the later Le, 1428-1527.

I’d like to just show you some of my
vietmanese coins these are cash coins and a pretty simple one inch stacked in
description tong tong bao this means currency this is just a reign of the
emperor or king whichever you want to call it usually one van or whatever for
tom well generally what they’re called there’s issued in the late early period
which you can see up the top here the actually quality is very good and these
are pretty pretty much in style to Chinese coins which they copied and
before their name is she throwing coins i will just use chinese coinage which
was also used extensively in areas around malaysia indonesia Korea Vietnam but they were not actually popular in t
bear to into Indian continent maybe Assam they would have you some type of
cash coin Afghanistan definitely not in Central Asia depends some towns
invitations with something not I hope this helps explain on how to read a coin
also this explanation how the reader can apply to Chinese Korean the event knees
and Japanese coins although Japanese coins generally with generic else are
generally issued by cleanse and not the Emperor also different periods had different
descriptions like summer tong bao zhong huan bow and also some had inscriptions
on the reverse to indicate you grow mint or a value like a value of 10 for
heavier coins but i’ll do another video on a slider okay thank you Venu
questions please just let me know in the comments and also please subscribe i
like to make new videos every week and i hope you enjoy thank you bye

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