How to Read Sheet Music : Understanding Ledger Lines in the Treble Clef

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Eric Williams
and I’m here to tell you about reading music. Okay so you may say, this isn’t so bad. Well
it gets worse and there are ledger lines that go above the staff and below the staff so
not only do you have to memorize e, g, d, b, f, f, a, c, e. But let’s say that we make
it all the way to the f here at the very top of the staff. If we placed a note sitting
on top of the staff on the very top line sitting there, that would be the note g. Then following
up around the alphabet you have to draw what you call a ledger line and then draw a note
right on the middle of that ledger line and that would be a. Then you could do ledger
line with note sitting on top of the ledger and that would be b and it would keep can go e, f,
g, a, b, c, d, e, f that way you are seeing that
ladder like motion from the alphabet going from low to high.

5 thoughts on “How to Read Sheet Music : Understanding Ledger Lines in the Treble Clef”

  1. how do you play when same clef is written in the grand staff ? I mean two bass or two treble clef in the grand staff sometime s small clef in the middle of another clef

  2. I memorize the notes by remembering the word phrase and the F starting location. For example, the four treble clef space is FACE, up one line than you can see the word phrase again, it keeps on repeating, see it yourself cuz I use this technique to remember my notes.

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