How To Read Crypto Charts for Beginners ( Technical Analysis )

what is up guys I hope this is recording
and if it’s not that’s going to be a real pain in the butt but welcome to
masternode shark I am your master node shark and y’all are my shark and shark
gets it’s been a crazy ride in crypto we’re only at the beginning stages so if
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nothing just to hit the button to help get the word out so with that said I
want to jump right in dive deep into the crypto seas and talk about one thing
that I think is on everybody’s mind but not everybody is willing to talk about
and so who better than myself to just let y’all know what I think so what do I
think I think that all technical analysis in the crypto realm and not
only in the crypt around just in real life in general are full of shit I said
it you can quote me put air quotes put regular quotes I really don’t care
basically is that we’re going to get into it today with a major focus on
crypto why ta is bullshit and why ta analysis are bullshitter is kind of like
the modern-day Houdini’s or magicians or whatever you want to call it is because
basically I mean this is not rocket science people I’m gonna tell you how
the magic trick is done and then you guys can feel free to become magicians
yourself oh let’s just look at the charts right now with BTC okay when
you’re looking at them from afar like let’s just zoom out like people you look
at this and whew so much action so much action and you’re like oh is it gonna go
up is it gonna go down no it’s a crazy thing and this is how they get you folks
this is this is all the waving of the hand
and this is all of whatever but if you actually scroll and you zoom in and you
zoom in and you zoom in and you look at it within a 24 hour time frame you will
notice one thing is that these are very like very easy to notice what is going
on this is not crazy green means that the price is going up folks red means
the price is going down so I wrote a book it’s on Amazon and basically the
book is called by red cell green you can save yourself about $100,000 by just
following this very simple principle by red cell green so if you wake up in the
morning and you see that the chart is green and you feel like taking some
gains then you would be selling on that day if you wake up and the charts are
red that means that you will be buying on that day so it really doesn’t matter
whether the check whether the the chart is going up or whether it’s going down
is that you’re really only doing actually three things folks you’re
either by and you’re either selling green or buying red or if the charts are
going sideways then you are whole hotlink or holding however you want to
pronounce it if you’re hyped up on hope IAM then you call it han ling a holding
and if you are an uptight whatever blue white color whatever green candle up
your butt because you are so uptight about the world then you will call it
holding but irregardless you are going to be doing one of three things
buying red selling green or holding sideways this
is so basic you had so many people you know just exclude it so that’s my first
major lesson for today folks and I have not charged you $99 a month to give you
that information I have not hooked you up put you on some sort of plan where
you know there’s credit-card information being taken or arbitrage BOTS being
bought I mean literally a two-year-old with a cell phone could grasp of this
concept I actually think that you know there was the TV show one time I was
like are you smarter than a 6th grader I’m starting to wonder if their general
population is even smarter than a second grader because yeah so that’s the basic
principles because the other thing is if you zoom out right the other reason why
people get overwhelmed is because look at this kind of like the Great Wall of
China you know if you say to somebody oh let’s build the Great Wall of China
again they’re gonna look at you and they’re gonna be like well that’s
impossible or bla bla bla bla bla and when you look at the whole thing from
afar it does look impossible and it does look whatever but basically folks just
like how the the Great Wall of China was built one brick at a time
is that crypto is being built one candle at a time look hello green what are we
doing folks when it’s green we are selling oh it’s red what are we doing
we’re buying so let’s just make like a little rap video out of this so we are
selling buying selling selling buying buying selling selling selling selling
buying buying selling buying selling selling selling buying buying buying
selling selling selling buying you know you can’t lose your mortgage if you just
chip to this simple simple principle and if you’re really really scared just
huddle or hold don’t buy don’t sell just huddle just go sideways just hold onto
your assets you know if if you can’t understand what this is just buy your
crypto put it on your ledger or whatever thing that you have and just don’t touch
it don’t look at it don’t even don’t even worry yourself with the charts just
hold on for it for two years and you know set it forget it and then in two
years from now come back and check on it you know so yeah so as you can see I am
a pretty much ball of sunshine of positivity I really don’t have time for
bullshit in the crypt averse I wrote a tweet today and if you guys want to
follow me that would be awesome I’ve changed my name and yes for people who
have been following me for a little bit I am now master node shark because I’m
so tired of the fucking bullshit of crypto altogether and what do I mean by
the bullshit I mean that there’s so much bullshit in the crypto verse that it’s
just ridiculous so first of all you have people who are in the Bitcoin community
who are Bitcoin maximalist who don’t think that there’s going to be any other
project token altcoin daffy whatever you want to call it masternode there’s going
to be successful because bitcoin is the only one and all be all that’s like
saying you know somebody who won some sort of championship or whatever that’s
that’s just like saying okay we are going to send the next hundred years of
financial global economic revolution on like somebody who is in their 80s or 90s
because that’s how slow bitcoin is on the network to do a transaction it’s
very very slow and yet this is going to be the thing that
runs everything no folks it’s just the standard it’s just something that
started it sparked the way for everything but you know just like a
parent gives birth to their child it’s not the parent that is going to lead the
future it is going to be the child that that passes on the torch and continues
the journey you know where we’re in a marathon people were not in a sprint and
people who are acting like it’s a sprint well you know whatever and so when I was
in the Bitcoin community I was Bitcoin test then I stumbled found
my way into the XRP community and then I was known as XRP Rainmaker and again
there’s like another whole tribal thing in the XRP community it’s like you know
not the whole community but a portion of it it’s like not cool to think or
question or ask questions and again it’s maximalism and not everyone not everyone
but again I don’t like to be restricted I don’t like to be in a cage I don’t
like it I like my brain to be able to question ask questions and as a little
bit ask and receive answers and so where did I find myself I stumbled on to
master nose and that’s where we are today folks so we’ve gone through the
whole 360 the Trinity if you will a crypto Bitcoin XRP and masternodes these
are the top three things that I think that will run the world in the future
and yeah so why did I go on here oh yeah I wrote a tweet where was it oh yeah so
I wrote I’m not here to make friends in crypto I’m here to make profits and it’s
true because I came into the space trying to look for friends and build a
community and all this different stuff and the more than you get deep into
crypto the more that you see that there’s like all kinds of different
stuff so to to step away from that I rather just swim by my own by my own
our key self and you know just help as many people as I can but at the same
time most of y’all I would not trust as far as I can throw you because everybody
there’s lots of different things at play there’s egos there’s all this different
stuff so basically instead of just getting into all that I’m just trying to
go on with the future trying to help some people as much as I can try not to
be an asshole myself even though that’s very hard because I kind of have the
feeling that it’s like there’s some there’s some women that are like super
feminine and there’s some women that are super masculine and I feel like I’m I’m
in I’m like both masculine and feminine so I think that kind of energy like is a
friction to some people really in the wrong way like you know men who are used
to seeing or hearing women be very feminine and me coming in with a very
masculine voice sometimes an attitude and thought process it rubs them the
wrong way and the same thing with like women who are used to dealing with other
women who are very you know subdued and and this that and the other thing also
rubs them the wrong way so I’m like just doing my own thing at this point and
it’s like if you want to come on this magical carpet ride with me you’re more
than welcome I would love for everybody in crypto to
get along I hope one day that we’ll be able to achieve that however I’m not
holding my breath for that even if I’m a crypto shark
I got fins and I got what are those things on the side so I’ll be breathing
and keeping moving forward because that’s really what it’s all about so
yeah so back to ta analysis like I could just go on and on but you know like I’m
saying folks there’s too types of people who are going to be
investing in these markets or three actually you have the major whales okay
which when they’re investing they have no perception of costs so it doesn’t
matter if the price is high the price is low the prices is whatever is that they
will invest low and they will sell high because wealth generates more wealth and
wealthy people this is part of the Bible and then you have people who are low
income to medium medium income families who they’ll look at this and they’ll
think it’s Chinese or they’ll think it’s hieroglyphics and they won’t they won’t
invest in all invest at all and they’ll give their money to somebody else to
invest for them you know because people have lost the art of just fucking going
on to Google like look it could go into Google now how to read technical
analysis charts boom I could read this and no fucking joke within a couple of
hours would be able to tell you all the fancy names and all the fancy tricks but
at the end of the day it doesn’t matter you know where you’re getting your
information whether it’s free off of Google or you’re paying $99 for some
technical analysis person to overcharge you for the information
because you’re too lazy to go type in and watch a couple of videos on your own
is that you’re still getting the information just like if you were to go
to a restaurant whether it’s a you know a very fast food cheap and restaurant or
you go to a few go to I was listening to crypto area today and she said something
about like where you get your information whether you get it from like
but like a free-for-all buffet very cheap or you go to a Michelin five-star
restaurant but the end of the day folks and this is no hate on crypto very but
at the end of the day folks is that the food that they use like there’s no
magical I don’t know cucumbers or lettuce or mmm you know whatever meat
tomatoes that is just for for wealthy people or is just for poor people you
know like the the tomatoes like say people buy Tomatoes well the same the
same people who buy Tomatoes those tomato people deliver their tomatoes to
the buffet place and the same tomatoes can get delivered to the Michelin
five-star restaurant place the difference is in the chef who is the
chef who is preparing the meal and you could have a five-star chef working at a
one-star buffet place you know just like you could have a one-star chef working
at a five-star place and just cruising because you know his parents owned the
place or whatever the situation so you know really don’t I know that in crypto
people have a tendency to turn their nose up on information or from people or
whatever because they’re not a part of a certain crowd or you know they don’t
have certain cliques or with these people with other people and at the end
of the day folks you can learn anything and everything from anyone the PERT the
uber driver that you get into sometimes the person that serves you a meal or
opens the door for you or you know anybody anywhere can teach you anything
and little known fact but a lot of different you know CEOs and companies
whether it’s 14 fortune 500 companies or regular companies the ones who are
really successful are the ones who have their feet on the ground and their ear
to the ground that they don’t look down on other people because of their their
social status is that an actual and that chu ality to improve their business is
that they are really chummy chummy with the doorman they really they are really
chummy chummy with their valet Parker they are a you know really chummy chummy
with all these different people who you know have eyes and ears everywhere and
they don’t just disqualify that so you know in a world especially in crypto
where there’s so much bullshit about how much you make how much this how much
that when did you invest who are you friends with what’s your quick you know
I am just so done and and you know it’s just like let’s just let’s just try to
be nice to each other you know let’s just I don’t know not
pretend like we all know everything you know because when you when you cut your
ears off and cut your your brain from listening to other voices it’s very easy
to live in a world where you know you’re in this like echo chamber of just people
patting you on the back all the time and telling you yeah great job when when
you’re preaching to the choir but how we’re really going to get mass adoption
folks is by thinking outside of the box by trying to communicate to other people
from different levels and I honestly believe that if you truly know what
you’re talking about you can break it down any subject whether it’s crypto
whether it’s quantum physics or whatever if you truly are an expert the first
mark of being an expert is to be able to to explain it as if you are explaining
it to like a two or three or you know six-year-old or grade 6 level thing so
if any of the things that I’ve said tonight has pissed you off go look in
the mirror and ask yourself why if anything that I’ve sent today has helped
you and has made you feel like maybe it’s not so daunting and overwhelming
crypto and investments and and you know starting to dip your foot into the water
then go that you know woohoo and if what I’ve said today may
you just be like oh you’re crazy you don’t know what you’re talking about
well you know what we live in a free country go ahead and smash that dislike
button if that’s what’s gonna make you feel better
but if you do like the content that I’ve put forward and the way that I’ve put
put it forth then please go ahead and and smash the like button and the share
button and the subscribe button and tag one of your answer your your sisters or
your cousins or tag your uber driver if you’re friends with them on Facebook or
if you’re friends with her work you know I believe we live in a world where
anybody can do anything whether you’re male female rich poor you know we’re in
this for the long haul we are in the beginning stages you know and we’re all
just crawling right now and that’s that’s pretty much how you have to do it
baby steps one day at a time there’s a great movie with them
was it Bill Murray at Groundhog Day it’s like Groundhog Day in Krypto because it
always feels like we’re not making any progress and that we’re moving forward
at a very slow slow pace but you know just like our lives the little things
that happen every single day doesn’t feel like sometimes you’re doing
something but when you scroll out you know then you’re like whoa you know we
have accomplished something we are doing something we are a part of something and
that’s that’s all I’m really trying to give and share with the crypto community
is perspective and my thoughts and hopefully to help a couple of other
people you know beyond their way to financial freedom so shut up to
financial freedom this is Chris this is masternode shark out for the next hope
you have and take a bite size out of masternodes and crypto and catch you on
the flip side sure do bye

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  1. bad lighting , bad microphone , badass attitude but… the info needs to get out and people need to know this is not rocket science folks , buy red, sell green or hodl ( hold ) hit the like button if you agree & and hit the dislike button if ( in the voice of Uncle G youza lil BSH lol )

  2. I am diversified with several top coins to hedge my portfolio. I do have a couple of long shots like VET and HOT. But XRP is my largest bag.

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