Hi, this is really Giles for the college of Westchester We’re going to explore Microsoft Excel 2010 and learn how to build a simple general journal Now this project when we’re done, we will have a general journal much like what you’re seeing in your accounting workbook WP page two zero three The tools that we’re going to need to build this spreadsheet for our borders possibly shading and the fill series So what are the steps involved in entering information on the general journal? Well on the first Page you see here. The title we’re going to do is go to cell a1 and type the title for our application And You’ll note from earlier Excel exposure that Excel actually stores information in one cell not too Even though it bleeds into cell b1 what you’re looking at are the cell sizes You can easily resize yourself But what we’ll do is we’ll wait for now and continue to enter data and then we’ll explore formatting techniques So let’s get started entering the data. I’m going to put in cell B2 the word date as you can see in your spreadsheet on Your workbook on the column in a we’re looking to create a series of 1 through 34 So I’ll type a number one and cell a3 and a number two Now what happens is we want to create a series going down rather than type two through 34 Which we can do we can easily copy down. What you want to do is actually select Your bottom right hand corner of both of yourself select it together and you hold your mouse button down copy the series down what you’re observing is Excel creating a fill series and You’ll note I’m pushing it down until I get to 34 and when I see the 34, I release you actually have a copy of your information going down now if you want to take a moment to practice that we can pause and you can practice that yourself just to Get a get caught up and I’m going to continue to enter information across now. You see you have the word date We’re going to put description in our next column across post ref in D2 debit and credit so let’s go ahead and do that I’m using the left arrow on my keyboard to just tab across And now leave this on one line, even though it’s on two lines in your book You see I’m just going across Okay now Excel has different ways to format cells’ Formatting as you can see here a description is cut off what I can do to format it much like the books Description is to go between my columns You’ll notice my mouse in between the column C and D If I hold the mouse button down you can also see the amount of width and pixels 8.43 are 64 pixels going across easily. You can scroll across now. It’s up to you to decide the Length are the widths that you choose. I don’t exactly have exact measurements for the book since it’s actually on a page But what you can do is make any reference to may be more or less the same size I’m just going across to these columns spreading them out to go to the edge of the sheet Now what we have here is a date description post reference debit credit title okay, and even though you cannot see the Borders when you are printing you have yourself Divisions here. We want to create borders that would reflect what we have in the book this requires what we call borders and shading If I move my mouse over to the font group and you’re looking over here, you’re looking for more borders Let’s take a moment to explore the list as you. Click that Notice you’re clicking on the down arrow and not in the center that will give you actually a command to issue To create a border, but if you’re on the arrow you’ll able to get a drop-down list Examine this list for a minute and notice you have different preset waters for your lay up down here is where we’re going to get really specific about the types of borders that we want more specifically how to actually draw lines and borders So we’re going to draw lines and borders. But before we do that let’s choose a line style and Possibly a line color more importantly the line style if you notice below your general journal title We have a double line. So let’s go ahead and look at the double line select it here and it actually is selected With that double line, you’ll notice you have a pencil With this pencil you’re easily able to position your mouse. Now remember it’s very precise So you want to be where you wish that border to go? and as you hold your mouse button down and drag you’ll notice that if I deviate And not let go in the mouse. I’m actually getting a box instead of a border So I’m going to let go straight across and a lot of this is just using the mouse correctly and driving We’ll talk about that in a couple of seconds So why don’t you go ahead and try and practice that you can pause if you wish before we move to the next step What we’re going to do is continue to draw our double lines examine on page W page WP 2:03 actually, you’ll see the border take shape. They’re going to drag down and create a border from my number 1 234 All the way down Now if you go too far you might run into some problem So you just want to scroll to the bottom of the screen and use the scroll wheel? On your mouse to scroll up and down. That’s what I’m doing here And you’ll see I’m going to put a double double line between Postgres debit and credit So we’ll go really slow here And drag down Go back to the top again Jack now And back to the top again Jack now Now this is a Manual way of creating borders and shades you can easily create borders and shades in another way and we’ll explore that right now Suppose I wanted to create a single line, but I wanted to create that line by dragging Well, what I want to look at is the kind of lines I can create you see this right water when I make a selection Of cells I can click this right water and it will appear so let’s click that right border now, actually, you know, what happened? I created that right border and you see that appearing on the right hand side Whenever your selection is at the moment is where that will go. Let me undo that selection up here I’ll make my selection now to sell B column B Let me go down between column B to my 34 Actually, it’s row 36 and I’ll create my right border my making a click since that was preset by dropping down this menu And clicking right border do it again and it actually creates the right border notice The right border is a double line if I want that to change to a single line I’ll have to override that and let’s see if I can get that to actually click and create that single line No, it does. So, you know, what we can do is we can go back to our inline style change the line style to a single line and draw that single line like so So there’s many ways for us to work with Borders and shades as you can see, I’m trying to just emulate what we have here in your text book Again, one more single line going down And there we have a reasonable facsimile of what we have for the comprehensive problem in WP 2003 there are other techniques for Shaping your document for instance. The general journal is centered merged and centered so to speak. Let me connect to the Merchant Center Going back to bottom shades. I’m gonna actually create a Shade here I can get out of this borders and shading hitting the Escape key on your keyboard will allow you to Get out of that pencil if you ever need to do something else. I’m gonna make a Merge and center of our general journal you’ll notice I made a selection In the center of our cells by clicking the merge and center button Which actually should appear in this menu? Since you’re using a smaller screen, you’ll notice the Merchant Center is in the alignment group At the top right hand corner You’ll notice that next to your cell alignments and I’ll click that you’ll notice general journal is now centered I’ll bold it out We need to create a semi border for the top of the General General now Merging and centering allows you to select many cells together. You’ll notice that’s one cell now with one click I’m able to select that entire range Naturally, I’ll go back to my line style and be sure that I have the correct line which will be this and I’ll create that border again with the pencil I can drag and draw that General general water hitting escape takes me out of the general journal. So what do we have here? We actually have a general journal now with lines Now what we do not have are our individual lines going across this can be achieved if you wish to enter data and have you What is going through? So each row gets an actual line We’ll do that now by sullen making a selection of our cell range Then clicking our bottom button now if I click all borders, what are we going to look for? We will see everything turn into a single border going across this changes our layout for those double rows I’m going to undo that and see if I can give it a Bottom border for ourselves. I don’t think I see it So you actually have the option of either keeping it with these double lines or creating your 9 rows that go across in another way or you can drag and draw your board is going across Ok, so that’s it for today if you have any questions, you can get in contact with us and we’ll take it to the next step for the rest of

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