14 thoughts on “How To Pay on PayPal with a Credit Card | No PayPal Account – No Problem”

  1. It costs nothing to open the account and the seller pays the fee. Please check with Paypal terms of Service for full details.

  2. Ed, what is the spending limit for a credit card transaction without having a paypal account? Someone tried paying my premier account $4400 but couldn't make it work – is the limit daily, or what?

  3. this only works with flow accounts/process, not regular Standard payments AFAIK (you had cmd=_flow in urls.

  4. I have my Paypal linked to my Bank Account. To recieve payment through Paypal from someone, do I have to link my Debit/Credit card? Is it necessary ?

  5. thank you so much, i have a business and some people dont have paypal as i am also in spain and many of my customers dont use paypal this has been a great help. Super. thanks. aly. Malaga.

  6. Hi, I just like to know something.
    If I buy from an item from an online shop, and use my credit card through my paypal, is it more expensive than using my credit card directly on the shop? if so, how much more am I getting charged?

  7. Thank you. Many of my customers don't have PayPal either. my I post on my website? Could bring you many viewers.

  8. so basically pay with a personal credit card? and that's a no no for me, unless its a pre-paid card, cuz you have to have some form of credit card with funds under your name

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