How to pay for your tickets using PayPal or Credit Card

Go to Find the link for Republic Day Ball and click At the bottom of the page, use the PayPal button to purchase tickets Select the appropriate ticket types and press the “Add to Cart” button Make sure you selected the correct type of tickets. You can also update the quantity of tickets. If you want to purchase more for other ticket types, click the link “Continue Shopping”. And select the ticket type and click the “Add to Cart” button again to update your cart. Again make sure the appropriate ticket types are selected. This will ensure us to serve you better at the event. 2 ways to checkout. Either using PayPal account or traditional credit card checkout page. We will use traditional credit card method for demonstration. Make sure the right amount is displayed at the top of the page. And then fill out the details and click the “Pay Now” button to purchase your tickets. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you all at our Celebration of the 96th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey event.

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