How to Passively Invest in Crypto w/ NO FEES using Circle Invest (My Actual Account)

hey YouTube it's Krypton one stuff can be guys from the crypto cape and today we're gonna be talking about circle and fest that was created by the circle group which is backed by a bunch of large players including a golden sacks and here's the other big players that it's backed by an aside from the circle and fast app circle group is also responsible for the u.s. DC coin baloney acts seedinvest long extent but within the last year and youth Polonia acts you know that they've named a lot of changes in the platform for example USD US citizens aren't able to trade on margin anymore some assets removed USD coin is you know it's used across various exchanges including coin based in fact on coin based it's the only stable point that they support now coming back to circle invest I like using it because of the fee structure you virtually paid no fees on the platform that you black prick dose but the downside is that they only have a small basket of kryptos that you can invest in you know all these cryptos that they allow you to vest and they put it pretty good in this last cycle that we had I mean you had a pretty good run up in the last month or so and all the assets here did pretty good in that time frame now if you scroll down here if they allow you to basically buy points these preset baskets here of mixed assets they have the market you can basically gain exposure to the entire market they have a payments that includes Bitcoin B cash litecoin and a couple other about preset baskets that they've created now these baskets you had a minimum you have to invest ten dollars at a time but if you want to buy an individual token or coin or asset you can invest as little as a dollar a day if you wanted to so if you wanted to passively buy $1 with a Bitcoin a day I think this is the best platform to do that because you virtually pay no fees the other downside is that you can't really physically remove your asset from the platform so if I wanted to take Bitcoin out I wouldn't be able to take it out and put it on private wallet for me and I would imagine for a good chunk of you guys out there maybe you just want an account in fact you know passively builds exposure to crypto and again in my opinion this is the way to go now I'll go ahead and show you guys my personal account give me a minute here if you look here my total portfolio value is about $2,200 now that 24-hour return is a little bit off but if you look at the total return that's pretty accurate I've made six hundred dollars off of this portfolio by simply passively investing crypto so if I were to sell my entire portfolio right now I would make six hundred dollars off of it but my personal strategy since this is you know I have a pretty long term horizon what I tend to do is if I see parabolic moves and any one of the assets that I own all is secretly shut off a portion of my position so I'll give you an example the bad token went up and went from my ten cents to 50 cents and so when they hit 50 cents I sold about a third of the position that I have and so I've done with that with I've done that with the handful of tokens on the platform and so I mounted up to $229 of canes that are basically sitting in US dollars so I can you know just keep that there but my plan is to eventually take that money and invest it back in their kryptos when the prices get low enough I mean we've had this pretty explosive parabolic move up it's pretty healthy for the market that you know move down correct and find consolidation point and supports before moving back up and if you look at the entire Bowl rally of 2017 it was characterized by you know this huge moves up but also you know gut-wrenching Corrections which in my opinion again are very healthy so I do see some of that happening probably in the next month or so we were overdue for a correction and so when we get that correction my plan is to unwind the u.s. my cash position and move it into cryptos but let's say you know you don't have a long-term investment horizon you're just simply looking to get him out but you're not a traitor I mean trading is is pretty tough it's it's not something easy to do I try I do my best but you know recently I had some you know good gains but I've also lost you and so it's not something that everybody can do everybody has time to do but this is a pretty useful tool to have if you just want to you know passively gain exposure to Krypton as you can see here on my portfolio I've made some decent gains here and so again if you're if you're then different type of individual that doesn't have you know money you're looking at maybe a dollar a day couple dollars a day I think this is probably the best platform for use now granted you can't take your prick toes out but the plus side is you know that your dollar goes a lot further I mean just to illustrate that point let's take a look at like point my last I do I basically buy or I do buy $2 worth of light coin a day right and if you look at this transaction here at the buy transaction I bought you know about point to light coins at a prior at a price of $1 hundred dollars and 72 cents right so let's do the math here so it's point zero one eight five six triple sec right multiply that by the price which is which 107 when I made the buy that amounts to you know more than $2 so essentially I got you know I got two by two plus dollars with the crypto so if I want to make a similar transaction let's see on coin base and I wanted to buy two dollars with a light point a dollar would have probably gone to just paying with fees so again if you're that individual who doesn't have a large large amount of money or who's just looking to get exposure but not actually interested in holding or hotter than a token pick circle invest is is it pretty good app for you guys to use that pretty much wraps up the mini review I figured since we're you know there's a high chance we're in a long you know it might be a year too long bull cycle I figured I'd give you guys another tool to use if you guys want to learn about the new videos that I make you guys want to be you know maybe hear about my investment thesis Azure insights follow me on Twitter you know I'm trying my best to do this on a daily basis but if you look here on my Twitter account I recently posted what I you know you know I'm doing for the next couple weeks for a week at least but anyhow that pretty much wraps up the review I'll see you guys next time this is crypto one stop sign hi folks

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