42 thoughts on “[How to] Open a PayPal Account in Kenya”

  1. Hi David, thanks for this one though I have an old PayPal account which is active and on which I receive all my payments. I tried to upgrade it to a Business account and now it is only 67% complete. It has been a 100% for ever. Do you have a verified PayPal business account? and how did you go about setting it up?

  2. Hi, David thank you for that information. I currently do not have an equity bank account, but I have a Nakumatt global card.
    1. Can I still be able to use the account while in other countries despite being a Nakumatt Card
    2. When registering my card details there is this part where am supposed to fill in some CSC/CVC details.
    kindly which number are those on my card?

  3. thank you David for this. however, does this mean that cards from other local banks such as cooperative bank are not valid or cannot be used for the Paypal account?

  4. hello, i am trying to link my equity master-card to my pay pal but its telling me the card is not accepted. What might be the issue

  5. im also from kenya…ive been trying to verify my ggogle adsense ..the google team said they sent me a pin by mail..but its been months i havent gotten it..any suggestions on how i can verify my account.plese reply to me my e-mail [email protected]

  6. thank you david …..i did online from empowr they told me to cashout money using paypal by providing smartcard or visa card ……plse help me

  7. Hi David am using Co-op Visa and it's not linking completely.Its saying use another card. I tried using Equity MasterCard and its still giving me the same results. What might be the problem

  8. hey man I know this video is from way back but everytime i try to pay for something using paypal it asks for my equity card itwhich it rejects and says there is a problem, how can i fix that? thanks

  9. If you are in Kenya, enjoying your PayPal money got even better. You can transfer and or upload directly using MPesa. Here is the linking guide https://www.itrieddis.com/how-i-successfully-linked-paypal-to-mpesa/ otherwise, nice video.

  10. Am a layman on this,can I receive money online through my bank account through PayPal and how do I verify it through mpesa or my mobile phone?

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