How To Mine More Pi Cryptocurrency Per Hour | Passive Earning Crypto Strategy

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club. I hope you have enjoyed mining the Pi cryptocurrency
on your mobile phone so far. And if you are not yet, definitely get started,
because it’s free and involved little to no effort to earn free money, so can’t hurt to
try it, right? If you still need to get started feel free
to join my mining team, by using the link below this video on YouTube or in the post
above on social media like Facebook or Friendster. I’m going to click the mining button, with
the little green electric bolt icon, to go to the user compensation details page. On this page it’s going to describe several
ways you can earn Pi by contributing to it’s ecosystem. So when you just install and register the
Pi app to an IOS or Android device, you instantly become a Pioneer and start earning .39 Pi
per hour for every 24 hours after you initiate mining on the app, using the mining button
that I just pressed to get to this screen. Next down the list here is the Contributor
role. A contributor is rewarded for building and
maintaining a security circle. The security circle is a mechanism of Pi that
helps to ensure transaction verification, in a way technically very similar to Stellar
and it’s Federated Byzantine Protocol. They actually mention it in the white paper,
that they were inspired by the Stellar consensus method, when they were initially developing
Pi’s verification system. You can become a contributor after 3 days
of mining. While you can add as many people that you
refer to your security circle as you want, you will only be rewarded for up to 5 people
that you add. The system will reward you an additional .08
Pi per hour for up to 5 additional people that you add to the security circle. So a contributor can earn a total of .39 additional
Pi per hour, by creating a security circle with 5 people. The next role you can leverage to earn more
Pi coins per hour, is the Ambassador. As an Ambassador you have the greatest opportunity
to increase the amount of Pi you are earning per hour. Because you are rewarded with an increased
amount of Pi per hour for each miner that you refer who is actively mining. Initially for each additional active miner
you refer, you will earn an additional .39 Pi per hour, which can actually add up pretty
quickly. And something I realized in the past day,
as it was my first mining day where I had 50 plus active miners, is that it actually
mines Pi at a higher rate once you have hit 50 plus miners in your network. In fact it seems to double the rate of earning
to .39 Pi per hour times two, for a combined total of .78 Pi per hour per active miner. So as you can see on my screen here between
my initial Pioneer earnings of .39 Pi per hour, my Contributor earnings of an additional
.39 Pi per hour, and my Ambassador earnings where I currently have 52 active miners, earning
me an additional 10.21 Pi per hour. And if you just look to the bottom of this
screen real quick, it displays the total amount of Pi that I’m qualified to earn per hour,
based on all the above methods combined. At the moment I’m earning a combined 11 Pi
per hour, at the time of this video, and I only just started using and sharing this app
about three days ago. The number at the top of the screen indicates
the total amount of Pi that I have earned so far. And then of course, last but not least, is
one option that is not active yet. The ability to earn from running a verification
node. This will eventually be a piece of software
that can be run on your computer, that you can use to earn more Pi, by supporting the
Pi network. And that sums up your available options to
earn more of the Pi cryptocurrency with your mobile phone. I hope you found this video and that it helps
you to get out there and maximise your opportunity to earn Pi coins. And again if you have not started earning
Pi yet, there is no time like the present to get started. Just use my link below this video to join
my mining team and I would love to help you get started with this. It should populate the invitation code field
with my username bitcoinlifestyles when you use my link. Otherwise if it does not, you can just type
in, bitcoinlifestyles with no space. And I would also recommend that you check
out my first video about Pi, that will walk you through everything you need to know about
how to use the app. It’s the first video on my YouTube playlist
for info and training in for the cryptocurrency Pi. And of course if you have any questions don’t
be shy, and send me a message. I’m always happy to help. And by the way, if you are looking to step
up your game and be in position to maximise your crypto wealth potentials with me, be
sure to check out my crypto trading education platform and markets mastermind chat group,
and you can learn all about it at my website Caleb Wright here signing off, I look forward
to catch you on the inside of my mastermind soon, and of course on the next training video.

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