How To Mine Bitcoins – Bored Ep 105 | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Can you get out of the way? are you buying those? yep what for? You wouldn’t understand its crypto currency stuff. Are you a data miner? yeah – bitcoins to be specific Rowan i’m impressed what’s your – what’s your setup like? how many – how many cards you got? okay Well to be honest i didn’t have much luck on the first eight cards but they Were just gtx1070’s and I’ve heard that the gtx 1080s have way more coins inside of them so… Hey, ah! Hey Rowan just real quick – um what do you, what do you mean you didn’t have, much luck on the first Eight cards there man? you know data mining – it takes like It takes quite a long time – as you know Fucking amateur – okay, look, yeah sure if you use the wrong tools. Oh shit. Huh Hey Rowan can i see you set up? Okay i’ll show you come here Rowan, where is your setup? God damn it Right onto the next one. Rowan – whoa, no no, no, no Hey, guys, thanks for watching that ep. If you Want to subscribe to our channel because you’re new then you can click over here now i want to talk to you About this. This is our patreon page if you go over to our patreon page then Don’t make me say it You give us some money… And that helps us make more content. It actually does. It’s actually really helpful – there is cool shit there! Lots of cool, prizes interaction and behind the scenes stuff Over there

100 thoughts on “How To Mine Bitcoins – Bored Ep 105 | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)”

  1. Rowan's such an amateur.
    Everyone knows that
    to mine bitcoins, after you destroyed computers, you gotta put the scraps in 56% sulfuric acid and run electricity through it.
    After 1hour and 25 mims 46.69 seconds(it's really important that you do this at the exact moment), pull it out of the acid, dry it then microwave it for 25 min 45 sec on 1500W.

    Then pay 10k bucks and buy bitcoin online.

  2. Cripes, YouTube and the advertisers are red hot. The ad at the end of this short was for bit coins. Anyone else get the same after watching?

  3. "No GeForce GTX 1080Ti"s were harmed during filming" Well… actually he broke the 1080 not 1080Ti so…… yup 🙂

  4. Я их три месяца смотрю и только сейчас понял что нихуя тут перевода нет…

  5. In 2012…i told a few friends to invest 500 into bitcoin… funny thing is…after I did the company crashed and I got scared… i kept telling my friends to do it and 2 of them did… and one of them cashed out last year… 3million bucks… dumbest thing I ever did that I never did.
    Scared money doesn't make money and if you are 100% guaranteed to fail if you dont try…

    So yeah then I ended up committing suicide and that's how that went.

  6. Here I am watching Bored while playing Final Fantasy…got killed cause I fell into momentary stupor on this ep :I

  7. The only thing that would have made this better is an un boxing of an actual 1080ti and running it through a shredder.

  8. man, knowing that the video that stuck to my head for a year was a viva la dirt league video now that i've been binge watching their playlists. hahahahahahahahaha

  9. Hey Rowan, I've heared those Macs are full of Bitcoins, you should give them a try! (Use Golf Clubs for the best output.)

  10. i noticed a blooper. 0:07 the top 4 tags were on his right side when he was coming throw the door an around the guy at the counter.. but when the camera got switched.. they were moved around with out notice. then at 0:15 when he's grabbing the scan'er they weren't on the his side as the camera pan'ed around again.. like >.> wheres the scan'er tags gone lol ..

  11. You are impressed he's gonna try to mine bitcoin on video cards in 2018???????
    I think the red shirt guy doesn't know anything either. (Most likely the writers don't know anything).

    Since 2013 ASICS hardware made the hash rate difficulty pass the point of financial viability to mine in GPUs. If only they said Ethereum though, it would have made sense, or if the red shirt guy tried to begin to explain it's not viable and got interrupted by the black shirt guy smug comment.

  12. What are you talking about when you mean cards Alan cause you just said what cards do you have and then he said I didn’t have much luck on the first couple but I heard the GT80S have way more so what do you mean buy cards

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