How to mine Bitcoin with your Laptop or Computer using Honeyminer!

Honeyminer is the easiest way that I am aware of to mine Bitcoin or really any cryptocurrency from your laptop or your PC I have been using them for several months now I should probably check that out before making the video I have got about 79,000 Satoshis and let me just show you here you can think of Satoshis being like Bitcoin pennies although there is a lot more of them than compared to dollars So right now my 79,000 satoshis is only .00079 of one bitcoin so not a whole lot in today’s value that is only about 5 dollars US but it is mine and this here this program that you download allows you to mine this bitcoin and they give you some bonuses as well so every now and then they give you a bonus, so right now the next bonus is 22 satoshis it gets bigger and bigger as it goes along, sometimes they are bigger than that I was averaging over 1000 satoshis per day now it has come down a little bit I have only got one GPU running and that is on this laptop here I have another laptop at the office running and that has only got a CPU in it CPUs don’t seem to do much GPUs seem to Really bring out those Satoshis but it is still a way to do it and this is obviously not a get rich quick anything this is not how you’re going to earn a ton of bitcoin nowadays most laptops and computers can’t earn a whole lot but if all you want is a little bit and you don’t mind it trickling in this is the way to do it. to get it first you just hit the download button you download the app get it on the computer sometimes when you go to run it your firewall tries to stop it it doesn’t want certain it doesn’t want it running for some reason and you just have it ignore that particular thing, you just tell it to ignore that one. Down here in questions they have some good things to some good questions and answers you might be interested in one of them is how much you can earn well on my computer which is about 4 years old I don’t earn this per day, but I do get a little bit of something which is ok Can I choose what coins to mine? see for those of you who don’t know there is way more than just bitcoin bitcoin is one of thousands of cryptocurrencies and at this point they don’t let you choose one, but your mining activity this here mining activity they are applying your resources of your computer to mine whatever particular algorithm that is profitable at that given time and they are just converting it into bitcoin and to make it easy for you to see this goes into a wallet for you here on honeyminer honeyminer holds your money but then you can withdraw it and send it to a wallet that you hold so for example I have a desktop wallet called Exodus and I hold a few different coins on here lets see if I can…… and this particular stuff, since it is not stored online it is stored solely on my computer it is a little harder for someone to hack in and steal so once your satoshis reach a meaningful amount you can transfer them out I haven’t bothered to do that there is a fee of about 2500 satoshis that they charge now it is not honeyminer charging that it is the actual bitcoin network that charges that but yes you can transfer it out but for me for right now given these amounts nobody is going to steal that I am just leaving that in there this shows you how it trickles in throughout the day 11 satoshis , 10 satoshis 6, 12, 4 earlier this week there was 68 163 23 etc never mind this week , that was all today now you might be wondering what is in it for them after all honeyminer has put together this nice little app that you download and then you can start mining cryptocurrencies they are not running a charity well why do they do it? well they take a portion of your revenue it is like all mining pools do and their mining pool fee tends to be a bit higher than normal but it is made to run off your laptops and your computers as opposed to having an ASIC miner so if you only have one GPU Like I do they take 8% of your revenue but if I can only get one more GPU so if I have another computer with a GPU or just 2 GPUs the fee drops down to 2.5% and it doesn’t say what they charge for CPUs but if you only have a CPU they are probably taking the 8% but it is not a whole lot of anything because CPUs don’t produce a lot but yes, they take a portion of your revenue which is their business model that is how they stay in business that is how they pay for them for setting this whole thing up that was their incentive for doing it now they are willing to share it with you and me through their refferal program so uh-oh so if you refer somebody to honeyminer they actually share 10% of of their , honeyminer’s, revenue with you. they don’t take it out of the profit of the new person who signed up and started to mine they take it out of their very own profit and share with me because that is cheaper than paying for advertising they only pay when something goes through when when there is production they pay if somebody actually starts mining so that is more efficient then just putting out advertising So I can do this, you can do it and we both make the same amount of money when mining and they share their profit with you so when I signed up for honeyminer I did it using an affiliate link from a guy running a cryptocurrency channel called the modern investor and I used his link to get me started and so if you would like to mine cryptocurrencies on your laptop or your home PC then please use my referral link that is in the description below you can start collecting it and you can share your own link you will get your own affiliate link you can share that with other people that you know and you can get some of honeyminer’s profit shared with you just by encouraging people to sign up download the app and start mining also if your friends refer anyone so if I refer you and you refer someone else honeyminer will share 5% of the money they make off of any body you refer they will share 5% with me and 10% with you so really they living on 85% of their profit most companies have at least like 20% of their revenue going towards advertising this here is a much more efficient model they could easily put 20% towards advertising and they would get much more bang for their buck because they are only paying when a deal goes through see a lot of advertising is wasted think of billboards or flyers it is not as efficient as you are just scattering it out there and those cost quite a bit sometimes stores have to pay to get things in a visible location in a store when they are selling their product in a big box store so this model here is I’m just a fan of this model and since this is a very cool way to mine bitcoin on your computer I thought I would make a video and share it with you let me know what you think in the comments below and I will talk to you next time.

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