How To Margin Trade Cryptocurrency on Liquid

introduction to margin trading exchange click on margin at the top left margin trading allows you to trade with borrowed funds to increase your leverage thereby increasing your potential profits but also your potential losses firstly you must choose the pair you will be margin trading hover over the selected pair and find the pair you want to trade next choose either long or short if you think the market will go up you will choose long if you think the market will go down you will choose short next you must choose whether to use the limit market stop or trailing stop for your order enter your entry point for your position and the amount you would like to enter the trade with face this off the active order book and the moves in the market you are expecting open the advanced trading options section disclosed quantity refers to the amount of your trade that will show in the public order book some traders don’t like other traders seeing their large positions in the order book so they put 0 here next you must choose the amount of leverage and the leverage mode leverage is the amount you will be borrowing compared to the amount of your own funds you will be using in the trade liquid offers up to 25 X leverage finally choose your funding currency and ensure the details are correct click on the open position button and it will move into the orders box below while here you can cancel your order with the dotted lines on the left or change the price and quantity of the order once the order is filled your position will be live now that your position is live you can set your levels for stop loss and take profit you can see your profits and losses on the right hand side if you want to close your position hover over the dotted lines on the left of your position and choose either close or claim you

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