How to Make Your Own THC Oil Cartridges 510

What’s up guys Matt from
here. Back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest
in herb vaping news and tech. Now, what I’m gonna be breaking down for you guys this
week is how to prepare your own THC infused vape cartridges. So, if you’re
living in a country like Canada or American state where Cannabis is legal,
you’ve probably seen these cartridges at your dispensary. They’re basically just
cannabis oil that’s been infused into a neutral base liquid, kind of like a vape
juice. They’re super discreet, they offer almost
no smell, the taste is fantastic due to the reintroduced herbs and they’re just
super portable. If you want to take these things on the go, pull it out of your
pocket, take a quick hit, no one’s gonna know what you’re up to. But basically these
things, it just dabs that have been melted down and as I said and mix with some
neutral based liquid. So for this, we’re going to be using Shatter Batter. Now
this version is unflavored, so I like to preserve the terpenes and stuff from my
dabs, as much as possible, so using a neutral base liquid is really important
for this. I’ve also seen a bunch of other products in the market that have terpenes
introduced already, so like terpenes like limonene or myrcene or something
like that from natural plants not cannabis-derived terpenes. So what this
will do is this will impart residual flavors on your mix, but if you’re really
looking to preserve those terps and not add any terps back in after the mixing
process, then yeah going with a neutral liquid is going to be your best bet. So basically
what you do, is you’re just gonna ration out the amount of dabs that you want to
turn into these cartridges, then you’re gonna heat that up together, mix it with
the base liquid and then just inject it into some empty 510 thread carts. Most atomizers these days like these CCell
cartridges come with a ceramic atomizer. I had some quite old ones laying about
and they’re still pretty decent. So right now, guys, as I said I’ve got this 0.3
of a gram of concentrate and if you’ve ordered vape juice and stuff in
the past you might have one of these shot glasses that about have different types
of measurements and stuff on them, so if you’re mixing up a lot more of this,
obviously, it’s a lot more useful but for the tiny amount that I’m going to be
mixing up don’t necessarily need that much. So I’ve got 0.3 of a gram
here, which is the minimum sort of that they call for is a gram, so they say a mixing
one gram of concentrate with 3 mils of this neutral base liquid, but I like to go
a little bit less. So now that I’ve got this 0.3
of a gram of concentrate here, just do my best to get all of that out
whatever, you don’t get out obviously stays on the dab but what you’re going
to be mixing it with, so that not that much of a drama. I’m just gonna
measure out 1 mil of this base liquid to mix in. If I can open the child lock So that’s just about a millilitre there,
just gonna make sure of these syringes they get a little bit stuck up and there
we go when you’re pulling them with dab. So you can see there on the micropipette,
it’s just about a millilitre, maybe a little bit under, which is great because
I like to have my concentrate cartridges a little bit thicker. So
basically, just cover your concentrate entirely with that neutral base liquid and
then the next step is gonna take place in the kitchen. So basically what you do
you guys once you’ve got your concentrate and the base liquid mixed up,
you’re going to want to bring a small saucepan almost to boil over medium heat
then you’re gonna place this glass inside the saucepan, paying careful
attention, so the heat can sometimes make the glass rattle and shatter about a
little bit but as long as you’ve got it sitting in there, sort of snugly not moving,
at a medium hight temp, everything should be fine. So you’ll slowly start to see
that concentrate boil away a bit, you’re going to want to mix that up
consistently for about five minutes. You’ll start to see that concentrate
sort of dissolve into that base liquid and form just a golden amber colored
liquid. Now, when it looks like it’s done, it’s still not done, I’ve done this in
the past and there’s little particles sort of that are present in the rosin
that is just going to take a little bit longer to break down, so it’ll almost end
up like there’s little chunks of sugar or whatever floating in the mix. If
you’re dealing with something like shatter or rosin this is going to be
super simple. When you’ve got concentrates like a crumble or whatever
it’s a little bit more resistant being sort of stirred and dissolved, it’s gonna
take you longer, so you could even be out here for up to ten minutes, doing this. So
guys after five minutes, for the time all of this liquid and concentrates dissolved
together until amber sort of in color, what you’re going to want to do is
just to prepare a couple of these cartridges for filling. So if you just
remove the top part of these cartridges where the atomizer is, place that down,
you just want to take the liquid in your pipette so then suck that up and then these
cartridges, in general, have markings on the side indicating how much you can
sort of put in. So this one is millilitre, so I’ll just fill that until I’m up to
that one mil line. And then just by adding the atomizer back into the mix
you get your finished cartridge. So that’s one. There’s still a fair bit of
liquid in there, so I’ve got this CCell half mil cartridge that we’re able to
probably fill up as well with that. So just slowly getting rid of those last
few drops. Okay, just want to reattach that and then after about 30 seconds
to a minute of it being inside that cartridge, the mix will cool down and
form the consistency that it’ll likely stay out for the duration of the time
that it’s in the cartridge. These cartridges really aren’t meant to be
used that many times, you use them maybe four-five times before you have to sort
of swap it out and get a new one. There you go, guys, if you’re looking to sort of
cut out the dispensary and the middleman a little bit, look into making your own
DIY concentrate cartridges, make sure that you like and subscribe to the channel

100 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own THC Oil Cartridges 510”

  1. Each molecule is burned at certain temp the thc is taken seprate from terps and cbd cbn thcv thca delta 9 thc and delta 8 ect… The terps are then readded with the thc to make the strain or taste u like so much….unless its full spectrum …its just thc with strain or food grade terps.

  2. for those people who wonder what temtapure should be used for this proccess, just google at what temperature thc loses its potency at

  3. How the heck can you handle it? I took 1 dab hit and I was a paranoid zombie for hours. Thought I was going to pass on. I'll just stick with the good old fashioned buds.

  4. No man this is how the fake carts are made real carts are hash oil. No neutral base bullshit. Im 21 and in a illegal state and know more than these mfers. Unless the already know there ripping you off

  5. Question you say mix up.3 of a gram for a 1 mil carts . What potency is that ? On the shatter batter site they say 1 gram to 3mil to 5 mils of shatter batter so I'm confused lol

  6. Using this home-brewed stuff is a sure way to end up in the hospital with acute respiratory illnesses, like those hundreds of patients in the USA!
    Solving dab in to PG and/or VG results in sugars and fat oils in the liquid, the last thing one should inhale in to their lungs (leads to acute/chronic and severe pneumonitis) , therefore real (nicotine) vaping liquid products (as well as flavours for DIY) don't contain any such components!
    Also, there's the risk for tainted dab with fungicides and other pesticides, if not bought from dispensaries that do lab testing of their products.
    The only way to have a "clean" cannabis vape would be to chemically extract only the THC, CBD and the terpenes, and to mix those up in PG/VG, which is quite impossible to do from the natural produc and the pure synthetically produced CBD and THC can't resemble their complexity and effects (THC is also heavily regulated/on Illicit Drug Schedules)

  7. Or basically A place in another country where they don't know if it's illegal or not because they just don't give a fuck ?!?!

  8. I have JUST recently started making the oil outta concentrates and it's a REAL money saver but NOW I'm learning about the thickening maximizer which is REALLY gonna help get the consistency where i want it ( seems to thin out with only the liquidizer) plus not to mention REAL terpenes that only need a single drop to infuse an entire gram of oil there are lots of options for getting the PERFECT vape oil cartridges just takes time,practice,and money lol

  9. Peace out fam top shelf quality buds wax dabs shatter oil and vape carts available Snapchat: kevinkushy wickr: weedymanz or Call (719)644-6051

  10. As long as u make ur own u aint gotta trip about it but like people just stick to bud nothing is worth the risk. Carts were brought in to be convenient but they eventually just become fake. Stay safe a. Stay stoned

  11. I've been vaping since 2008….when it first came out… I used to teach classes on vape safety and everything vape related… the reason people are dying and get lung diseases is because they are using things other than propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in their vape juices. When you start using waxes and other chemicals to break down the wax…things that are not good to be vaporized, you run the risk of damaging your lungs. PG and VG are 2 things that remain safe when vaporized and have been used for decades in hospital air systems to help purify the air. They are known to be safe. However… other things are not. Some people use and alcohol or oil tinctures to make thc vapes… that's just hella bad. I'm going to suggest people just smoke their weed the old fashioned way and leave the vaping for nicotine, pg and vg and flavoring which all are safe and have been proven save to vape. Sorry not trying to be a bummer but I'm concerned with so many people vaping thc lately and the number of illness and death…and these folks who died…some of them were vaping for just 6 months! But they were all using thc in their tanks.

  12. Can yall stop bitchin about he killin teens, he aint killing anybodys if you actually followed a tutorial like this you deserve to be in the hospital

  13. Hey what’s the greenish paste that he has in the begging in the video in the blue cap thing, pls tell me ! Oh and pls tell me a place to trust and buy it !!

  14. Yea folks. Semi professional here. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP. Shatter batter? Lol. Its Vegetable Glycol and even worse Polyethyl glycol which has been proven, many times over, to produce formaldehyde and other carcinogens when heated. Its antifreeze. Literally. Buy co2 distilled tanks directly from dispensaries. Never from the streets. Ever. This guy is why. Turds like this burnout have finally succeed in making weed dangerous. Good job.

  15. Keep weed natural. The big guy in the sky didn't put that stuff on the Earth for us to mess with . are you guys trying to give cannabis a bad name. Maybe im old school. Lets keep it plant to lungs

  16. Everyone in these comments saying this is fake….. This is how THC oil is made for everything.
    Stop mentioning vitamin e like that shit is funny people are during because of it and you can be next keep that shit up.

  17. Great video ! I'm gonna have to start doing this. There's no dispensarys in my area. For the last 7 or 8 months everyone in our area has been using dank and exotic carts which is bad.
    Recently I've came across cali plug carts but I'm not sure if they're legit. They are in boxes not in foil wrappers but who knows.

    Have you heard of cali plug carts ? Seems there's not too much info about them.

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