12 thoughts on “How to Make Money with TRONbet!”

  1. I have played the game through thiusands and thousand of rolls. My sense is that the game is not what it is advertised as. The statistical improbabilities are too great to ignore. In other words, I believe quite strongly that the game is rigged. The opportunity to earn ANTE is overshadowed by the fact that I can buy ANTE on several DEX's and freeze it, no need to throw my TRX down the shitter. We live in a world LIES, don't take anything at face value. Especially when your money is involved. The only assurance the player has is that of TronBet. Think about that.

  2. I’m using https://dapp.review/explore to check new dapps and analytics. They actually track all whales’ activity of each dapp that you can follow the whales.

  3. Keep in mind people …. if online gambling is ilegal where you live you should really just stay away from betting dapps! Just buy ANTE tokens and freeze them if you can’t bet .

  4. A good review of the platform TRONbet ! Thank you for contributing to the development of this gaming platform. We also record video in this area, go and watch. Good luck! 😉

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