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hey guys in this video I want to show you my my latest Bitcoin trade that I'm currently up quite a bit on and we're gonna do a little bit of live market action and I'll show you some stuff here in the Bitcoin and the futures and stock market and right now I'm up like it's like 10 or 11 winning trades with only one losing trade here in the Bitcoin market and I've been so accurate with this just because it's a it's a very easy market to trade but anyway I'm also going to do a review the stock market and show you some recent action and what I think we're going to see this week but before we dive into that i want to show you daily trading profits calm so this is my trading education business and you guys may have been part or you may currently be a part of the e-mini trading academy which is you know where we trade the futures every day or the stock trader formula but what we did I had a lot of requests for people that you know just want general trading education and you know market news and investing ideas and so what we've done is we've started to build out the site with a ton of content so if you're new to trading you know just come to daily trading profits calm we've got a lot of material on here and make sure to like us on Facebook and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel I'll link this up but you know on my chris dunn TV channel i do you know you guys are probably following the epic journey videos we're traveling around the world for a year and right now we actually today just got to spain after spending a week in the swiss alps and then before that we were basically train hopping all over europe so we've got a bunch of cool videos but if you're interested in trading you know definitely come to daily trading profits and subscribe because we've got quite a few people that are going to start contributing to this you know people that are consistently profitable or experts at trading and so you don't want to miss out on that but without further ado you know let's go ahead and jump into the Bitcoin market I want to show you kind of where we're at what's happened you know if you're if you haven't been following me on trading view I highly recommend doing that you know as of right now and one of the top 10 contributors on trading view out of thousands of people and you can see I've got you know just thousands of followers and views and likes and the reason why is because the content that I put out there and the predictions that I make are very very accurate and this is actually my latest one from last week you can come in here and read this i'm not going to read it to you and bore you during the video but basically i was looking for a pretty big move starting last week and i actually made a tweet on thursday i said it was very little liquidity in Bitcoin right now but i started a short on the crack of support and then i sent this trailer actually directly to my trading students and this is the the chart in the alert that i sent out i showed the entry here right around 60 90 so it's risking just over two percent or just below three percent and i've been looking for a move of about seven percent and so I what I was telling people here is I started in on the crack of this support level and I didn't get the absolute best fill but you never do you know that's trading it's not about being perfect it's about being profitable and so this is really the first trade that I've had a couple of weeks in the Bitcoin market you notice that you know for those of you that have been following me for a while I don't take a whole lot of trades in the Bitcoin market but the trades that I do make or big trades I'm going for a minimum of a five to ten percent move but on average you know you can see in here I've had some you know big like twenty thirty percent moods and I my goal is not to try to scalp and over tre the Bitcoin market but to really just you know catch the the biggest of the big moves and so here's where we're at right now I've started to scale out but this is a chart that that I put out to everybody saying you know / my life tweet trade alert i shorted 609 blah blah blah you know I've staight and I've been taking profit as this thing has been crashing just because the volumes not that great but you know it's still a pretty big winner and so you know the idea is just to have a plan of action before you get into a train and I'm really been trying to you know teach a lot of people in the Bitcoin space how to become professional traders because you know there's a lot of people that are just kind of you know coming in this market very uneducated and so that's why I'm doing you know the videos on daily trading profits and why we're posting all this you know really high level and top quality content on daily trading profits just to give you guys kind of a place to start and give you you know as much as I can because at the end of the day it makes me really happy to get tweets and emails you know whenever you guys nail these big trades along with me so so as far as the stock market goes let's go ahead and look at the the sp500 you know the the bull market has not slowed down whatsoever you know we've been kind of sideways for the past couple of weeks which is pretty typical of a July but you know overall if we look from the beginning of the year right here the market has just been making higher highs and higher lows all year and so what's happened the past couple of weeks since we've been moving sideways we've had a lot of intraday volatility and so this is actually the my mat trading strategy which is what we use to trade the e-mini futures and so if you're part of my pro trader challenge or a student of the e-mini trading academy you're in the room trading with us every day and today we actually had two really nice trades and these are all alive you know we went in-depth and announce these trades before they set up talk about what i was looking for why we took the trades managed through the trades and posted these charts live as it was happening and so we had a you know a really nice short here about a half hour after the market opened move down for a couple of points covered that in a couple of different spots and then we had a really nice reversal trade off of this key level in the market and also made a few points so overall just a really really great day even though overall the market is basically flat you know whenever you're day trading you can take advantage of that intraday volatility so you can see this is today's daily candle which is basically flat right but we were able to tree that intraday movement by having a rules-based strategy that really gives us clear vision of where the markets going over the next few minutes and so you can get in and out and manager your risk to reward very well in these types of market conditions so over all right now you know just kind of taking a look at the the live Bitcoin market this is really the only trade that I have going i'm still holding just a partial size of the bitcoin trade so if we go let's take a look at like a 30 minute i actually got short right around here on thursday and then started to lock in profits in the first panic and then closed even more down here in the five 70s and you can go back in and look at my twitter i highly encourage you to follow me on twitter because i've basically just been posting all of my live bitcoin trades as fast as i can for you guys i know there's a lot of people that are trying to take my alerts and so i've got just a partial position holding you can see we've kind of bottom doubt at 575 my original target was 565 so we're pretty close to that and I think we might get it if you look at a daily chart you know the the idea was to trade the crack of this consolidation pattern so if I kind of just draw this consolidation pattern you can see the the market was making lower highs through here and get this drawing tool to work I like trading view a lot more than Bitcoin wisdom but basically look at that the idea was to short the break of support here at 16 10 which I did and basically anticipate this panic and so I'm not really sure where this thing will in but I do know that this was a very high probability trade and that was actually you know my last trade before that was actually you know buying back here and covering up into resistance so if you guys have any questions or comments you know feel free to leave them on the video like up the like up the video share with your friends subscribe to the channel and I'll talk to you real soon take care

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  1. wow! guys it works i just doubled my bitcoin on i don't know how long it will be on the net so go get yours now and thanks me later.

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