How To Make Free PAYPAL CASH For Receiving Text Messages.

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire
Liberty thanks for spending your time with me here today. Today I have a
website for you well guess what it’s pretty much passive income just put a
little app on your phone they save me some texts and you get free money you
don’t have to do anything how sweet is that but before we get into that I want
you to subscribe to my youtube channel click on the little Bell notification so
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channel here I talk about different ways of making money and whether it’s a
little money part-time money full-time money or you want to generate a full
time passive income okay but the most important thing I want to share with you
is the passive income part of the whole thing most people are sick of grinding
they’re sick of worrying they’re sick of you know punching a clock or having to
do something on a computer from a such-and-such a time if you want to
generate passive income meaning you set something up once and you bring in my
income over and over and over again it doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation it
doesn’t matter if you’re you know sleeping at two o’clock in the morning
none of that matters because you could be making money making a living doing
that for the rest of your life if you know how to do it if you have the
support to start if you have the system to make you you know competent to do
that to give you the education that you need to get started because internet
marking is a lot different than old-school marketing where you deal with
radio and television and newspapers there’s a lot of different avenues
online to you know have a marketing strategy and program I have for you that
can show you how to do that is right below click that link at the top of the
description below watch the free video that that got me started and got
thousands of other people started and program that I want to show you down
there with that at least that free video it’s a program that gives you a
multitude of avenues in order to give you different options to create money
from home alright guys only further ado let’s get into this the website I have
for you today is make money app calm now
some of you may or may not have heard of this before but I thought it was
legitimate you know thing I wanted to check it out and I did and guess what
guys it really works and let me give you the crux some of the whole thing here
you put this app on your phone right and then after that you make money yeah
it’s that simple guys now are you gonna get rich doing this no are you going to
be able to make a full-time living on this know what I consider this
generating part-time income no I will consider this generating a little extra
cash to have an extra cup of coffee or a doughnut or getting a paper or magazine
or whatever the case may be a little something something a little extra for
you you’re not gonna get rich doing this but
the beautiful thing about this is the fact that it is basically passive income
I this is I wish you could make a full-time income on this because you
know what I would do it too this thing is pretty phenomenal I’m gonna put this
on my phone and I’ll tell you why it’s free money
I mean basically it’s free money you get apps they do all the work when you get
the the text from these guys from make money I have to do is delete the text
and you’ve already made your money but let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this
and I’ll show you how it works okay earn money for receiving text messages
basically I’m not sure what I just told you I get pay real money for helping us
improve worldwide communications all you have to do is receive text messages on
your mobile phone once in a while now when they say once in a while they
basically mean you’re gonna probably get about one to two texts a day well that’s
not a lot of course you’d like to have more but you could imagine how many
people are actually out using this app right now right so they’re they’re
flooded they have a ton of people doing this but to get one or two texts today
you’re talking about a couple paintings right it’s not going to be a lot of
money like I said you’ll be able to get a you know an extra donor a cup of
coffee or a mag newspaper or something like that it’s
not gonna be too much money but it’s nice cuz it’s free money it’s kind of
like when you’re a kid and you’re doing chores for your grandmother and you’re
really not doing that much and she gives you like five bucks to do something
that’s basically what this is it’s nice easy money by letting us send text
messages to your phone you allow the test us to test and approve mobile
operations simply said you help us help mobile operators to work and to work
together and not unimportant each message you receive adds more money to
your Mik Money Bank real money that is true it is really true install and earn
more just to install the app will send you random testing SMS messages once in
a while you’ll earn money for each received text message from us it works
out Android only it does not work on an Apple iPhone just only Android so all of
you that apples sorry just for Androids and of course they say make money is
extremely safe and secure for your use your personal data is handled
accordingly to strict privacy rules the specifics don’t want to receive messages
for a while just disabling so maybe you have a lot of things going on you have a
lot of you know you’re planning a party with friends or you’re getting a lot of
text and you don’t want to be inundated with more texting you need you can
actually go into that app just disable it and they’ll stop immediately from you
getting a text but honestly I would just leave this thing on if you’re only
getting one or two texts today that’s not bad right
and it like I said before you can delete the text as soon as you receive it no
need to store it the messages do not contain any meaningful text but our only
random characters that you can ignore which is really simple and I’ll show you
that in a second ah and basically they already told you why
they want to send you messages they work with telecom companies and networks to
help improve their messaging system and how things work I’m guessing because
y’all we’ve all been there who any of us who have cell phones you know you have
text a friend or a family member and sometimes they always tell you well we
haven’t gotten that text we said I say get that text an hour ago and you don’t
actually get it you should have gotten it on basically immediately and instead
you wait an hour or two hours to get a text it doesn’t happen often but it does
happen and when those things kind of happen they want to figure out why what
happens and they’re actually probably testing on their networks to see how
their networks are responding in certain areas at certain times for whatever
reason so that’s probably one of the reasons why they’re doing this how do I
need wait what do I need and what do I see okay you just need your cell phone
water why are there signs numbers in or special characters in the test but
special characters are in the text messages so we can test if your mobile
operator is transferring the message content properly yeah that’s good and
here tells you if you have any problems or issues I installed the app but I
didn’t receive the verification code how can I get my code and they tell you just
call that number from your cell phone you should be able to get it why do I
need to verify my phone number commonsense you’re getting money right
can I delete the received messages yes said I told you that already all you
need to do in order to receive money is to install the make an app and verify
your phone once you started okay alright basically this is really simple stuff
and that’s the whole page that’s a whole main page folks I mean it doesn’t get
any simpler than this now before we go any further I want to show you exactly
what kind of text you’re going to be receiving here’s a sample of someone who
actually works for make money and this is a screenshot of their texts of what
they get now look at this BC seventy four one three eight five five one nine
abcdefg okay just basically that’s the kind of stuff they send you because
they’re just basically testing the transmission and making sure things are
getting sent properly that’s basically it it’s that simple and that’s all
you’ll be getting and as soon as you get that boom you can delete the whole
conversation if you want for the day of the week the month however long you
leave it on your phone it’s no big deal I want to show you here it is here I
want to show you this is a someone who’s currently using it I’m currently at a
dollar 67 on the app it seems about the same rate one to two messages a day you
get six and a half cents per message on this app though compared to cents per on
the other so I’m assuming they’re talking about other apps that do the
same exact thing but on this one you get six and a half cents which isn’t bad I
mean basically are you doing nothing right so we’re making a six and a half
cents for nothing just for the sake of argument let’s do a little math if it’s
six and a half cents you get two messages of the day so that’s 13 cents a
day 13 cents a day times 13 times let’s just say for argument three so you make
three dollars and nine cents a month doing this that’s the high end folks so
you like I said you’re not gonna get rich but it will get you a cup of coffee
if that right so that’s not too too bad I mean like I said you’re not doing
anything so why squawk about it’s just a free app
free upload make a couple pennies and who knows some point in time this might
change and actually get better if it gets popular enough let’s take a look
here at the Google Play now this I like to check this out just for the reviews
and our review is three point nine out of five that’s not bad okay I always
like to see things are on four I don’t like to go much lower than that but
three point nine what do you got to lose now I actually read some of these
reviews already and after looking through some of these reviews
it seems the one constant complaint I’ve seen is not getting paid fast enough
just so you know everything is paid through PayPal PayPal PayPal alright the
minimum amount to get paid you have to generate a dollar so you make a dollars
worth of PayPal money or money in general and actually could cash it
out so that’s not bad the threshold for that is very low a dollar is very
reasonable so that’s actually a really good deal now like I said are you gonna
get pay like if you cash out tonight let’s just say I have a dollar and
you’re in your account or you have the dollar 67 like the gentleman we just
read his blog on first forum if you don’t actually get the money in your
PayPal account for a week or two I don’t know that seems to be the complaint they
get their money but it’s not instantaneous but not honesty if you’re
squawking about making you know three dollars and ninety cents a month and
you’re not getting it fast enough in your account you got bigger problems but that’s all I have for today guys I
think this is a really neat thing throw it on your phone make a couple bucks who
knows after a couple months you got a nice you know ten fifteen twenty bucks
right it doesn’t hurt all right guys listen that’s all I have
you take listen do me a favor subscribe to my youtube channel click out a little
Bell notifications every time we make an upload you’ll get to see it first and
remember if you want to no longer trade time for money but you want to generate
passive income click that link below watch the free video see how I got
started thousands all the bill got started and now we’re able to work at
home whether it be part-time full-time or really set something up for fifteen
minutes in the morning and boom you’re done for the day yeah they can get that
way folks alright guys without any further ado this is all I have for you what do I always say I say God Bless guys take care until next
time bye now…

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