11 thoughts on “How To Make $1,000+ FAST With ZERO Money To Start In 2019 (Kevin David Part 3)”

  1. Great actors for making money for themselves not really helping people. Why will anyone allow ads on Facebook when you have option of no ads.

  2. Facebook ads actually are the worst form of advertising, businesses see little to no return.

    This "service" should be free so they can be successful. They are basically asking people to scam honest local businesses.

    These people obviously have never heard of the term "bootstraping".

  3. Adding the pixel to the site will require you to know basic coding, they won’t tell you that. Not to mention, he just rambles the whole video explaining the premise and neglected to show you “how” to do much of anything. Didn’t show you how to add a pixel to a site, didn’t show you how to set up your target audiences and add pixels to your cart and see what people bought ect. These people are so scummy for wasting peoples time to make a buck. We expect better content then this.

  4. Hey Kevin
    How are you
    I m from India
    Will u pls tell me which earning websites I can use in India
    Can use adfly in India Nd pls send me tutorial of adfly

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