How To Make $1000 Dollars In Free PayPal Money Fast! | Get PayPal Money Free in 2019! (No Surveys)

– [Jaffry] Hey guys,
my name is Jaffry Ward, and before I get into this video, if you’re new to my channel, we talk about different
ways to make money online, we talk about different ways to make free PayPal money online. So if you’re new to this channel, consider subscribing, hit
that bell notification. A link to subscribe will be
in the description below. Today I’m gonna teach you how
to make free PayPal money, over $1,000 in free PayPal money and actually I’m in my account right now and if I refresh, you could
just see this is my account. And I’m actually gonna
show you some proof. So in today’s video, I’m
gonna give you two apps that you could make money
online with right now that pays you free PayPal money. You definitely want to stay
to the end of this video because if you’re international, I’m gonna have some tips
and tricks for you guys to actually sign up for this. Like I said, if you’re new to my channel, then you definitely want to subscribe, and the links to all of these apps will be in the description below. You just click on ’em. It’ll take you directly to the app and follow the instructions. I’m also going to be showing you my method to promoting on Facebook to
get referrals to these apps so you definitely want
to stay, like I said, all the way until the end of the video. Let’s just start with some payment proof. In the last 30 days, I’m at $764 coming into my PayPal account
of free PayPal money. I don’t use PayPal money. I mean I don’t use PayPal,
excuse me, like I used to. It’s just not, as great as a
payment processor as Venmo, or me sending the money
directly into my bank account. So I don’t use PayPal
as well as I used to, so it’s half of my money goes
directly into my bank account and then I still accept
half of my free PayPal money in my actual PayPal account. And like I tell, I use Venmo. Venmo is a PayPal company as
well it’s just a little bit easier to transfer without all the fees. So if I go to 2018 you can see I made over $10,000 in free PayPal money. If I go to 2019, which
we’re in here right now, about over $2,000. Like I said, it’s 45% down
from last year because I’ve been using other payment
processors instead of PayPal. But you can see that I’ve
made free PayPal money before. So you know this is a
video that you definitely wanna pay attention to,
like I said, till the end. I have two new apps for you guys that you guys can sign up for right now. And I’m gonna teach you
exactly how to do that. One of them is a new cash
back app called ‘PAY’. Pay allows you to link a
verified debit or credit card and when you use my code which
is right here on the screen right here you actually get
$5 just reassuring that code then linking your first card. So it’s just like Dosh. If you guys have seen my old
videos about Dosh basically you would just need to take
the same card that you linked to Dosh and link it over here in Pea, Pay, ecuse me, that’s how you say it, Pay. Once you link it over here
to Pay, you just go ahead and use your cash back
like you normally do. So this is doubling your
cash back opportunity. If you use, go to a store
that’s in the Pay app and then it’s also in the
Dosh app you’re gonna earn double cash back because your gonna get cashback going to your Pay account and cashback going to your Dosh account. So this is doubling with your cashback. So in order to sign up the link will be in the description below. You just sign up, you get your e-mail, you enter in this
referral code right here, which I’ll also leave
in the description below so you can just copy and paste or you can just pause the
video and type this now. You enter in this referral
code and then you come over here and you link a card so
they have prepaid cards in here. Like ‘Chime Bank’ is a prepaid
card. They also have, simple. If you have a ‘Greendot’ card or whatever the name of your
card name is you wanna type that in here and you wanna sign in. So there gonna ask you to
sign in to your account. It’s different you just can’t
type in your card and link it you actually have to sign in. You sign in through this secure thing. Sign in, once you sign in
your gonna come over here their gonna ask you to link your card. Basically the card that
is on your account, you basically wanna come in
here and you just wanna hit the card processor,
whoever the card is through Visa, Mastercard, American
Express, Discovery. You enter in the last digits of the card that is connected to your bank. With my Chime bank the
last digits of my card, I just got my card and I’m tryna see if my wallet
over here but it’s not. But I just got my card and I
just typed in the last 4 digits right here in this area
right here and I hit submit. Then I’m all good to go with Pay. So now I have $5 in my Pay account which is really good. And you can transfer from
your Pay account directly to your PayPal account
once you make over $15. So it’s really really simple really really easy to get
started. So that’s Pay. Dosh is another one, it’s
the same way you just basically link a card and you sign up. And I also have another app
that pays you $15 per referral. And they pay out to your
PayPal account as well. I’m actually gonna leave that
in the description below. So Pay is a new app that you
definitely wanna sign up for. Dosh if you haven’t signed up
for Dosh I can just show you some payment proof that go into
my Venmo account real quick. And I can just show it to you
directly without anything. So if I go to my Venmo account
I can just show it to you right here you can see Dosh pays you $30. And this link will be in
the description below. You link a card you get a $5 bonus. Pretty simple pretty easy to get started. So now once you get into
Pay and once your on here and once you have learned
Pay and learned the app you definitely wanna
start referring people. With Pay you get $5 per referral. Dosh you get paid $5 per referral. The new app that I’m going to
leave in the description below which you have to go to the
description below to get to is gonna pay you $15 per referral. And basically you just wanna
come over here to Facebook and promote in these groups. So you just wanna promote in
these groups and say hey I have a new app that is currently
earning me money online. And you wanna look at something
like this. [See Above] Might wanna do something like that. And you see right here [See Above] This is the app that I’m
talkin about right now and it is actually in the description below. You can come in here and
actually get referrals this way. Just by getting people to get info. This app right here that
she’s talkin about right now is the app that I’m talkin
about in the description below. So you definitely wanna click that. But in order to get referrals
with that new app you wanna come in here and you wanna
promote you wanna say things like So if you with Pay, you can say [See Above] [See Above] You basically wanna do that
you wanna put that in these ‘make money online’ groups. So its a whole lotta
make money online groups and you wanna get a whole lotta
people, she has 57 comments, a whole lotta people that’s goin to come in want more information. So once they come in and want
more information you sent them your link to your Pay account
which will be your referral code or your link to whatever
app you are promoting. You wanna send them your referral link. When they sign up through
you, you get paid the exact amount of money that the app says. So Pay like I said $5 per
referral. Dosh $5 per referral. So each referral that you get
that you send your link to signs up and links a verified
debit or credit card you get paid $5 and with Pay you only
need $15 in order to pay out. So you gonna get $5 when you use this code just for signing up. So when you sign up you already
have $5 the only thing you can do is get 2 more referrals. With Dosh it’s $25 to get a cash out. So you only need to get about 5 referrals. Really simple really easy to do. Go ahead sign up and get started. Also one more thing while I’m
on here, all this information will be in the description below as well. If you are in another country,
and these apps are US based, and you wanna learn how you
can sign up to these USA apps money makin apps and
earn some free PayPal money I actually have a video that
I did last week that I showed you how to use a mobile
VPN in order to do that. So if that’s somethin that interests you it’ll be in description below. Go over to that video, watch that video, and it’ll teach you how
to sign up for this app. For the people that’s already
in Dosh is already makin money in Dosh just go over here,
sign up for Pay, use this code and I love to see you guys make
some more free PayPal money. This is gonna add extra free
PayPal money already on what you’re makin from Dosh
and all these other apps. And if you made money with
me before if you made money by my training go ahead and comment below because I want other people
to know that this is real and that you can make some
free PayPal money doin this. I really hope you guys take
this seriously I want you guys to make some free PayPal money in 2019. My goal is to help you make money online. And also follow me on social media, since I never talk about it. Follow me on social
media it’s @Jaffrykward. I post some good stuff. Turn
on your post notifications. Follow me, just follow me on social media and I’ll talk to you
guys on the next video. I hope you guys enjoyed
these methods and peace out.

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