How To Make $1,000+ A Day! Just With Your Smartphone

– Is it possible to make $1,000 a day with just your smartphone? You see, back in the gold rush, 1849, there are two types of entrepreneurs. The first type of entrepreneur
is what I call the Miner. They are the ones, that
they want to strike it rich by mining the gold. They would buy all the
tools and all the equipment, and they would find the perfect
site and the perfect time and hire a lot of people. And they want to find
gold and strike it rich and a lot of them fail. And then you have the
second type of entrepreneur that is the Shovel Seller. They are the ones who
became very, very rich by selling the tools, by
selling the equipment, by selling the shovels to the gold miner. And a lot of them became
multi-millionaires. You see there are many ways
for you to make money online. You could be the gold miner, or you can be the Shovel Seller. What do I mean by that? You see, you could try
to make money online doing daytrading or
trading on Cryptocurrency. What you’re trying to do is
you’re trying to Speculate. You wanna buy low and hopefully sell high. And if you time it perfectly,
maybe you make a $1,000 a day, maybe not and maybe someday,
you’ll make a $1,000 a day or someday you don’t make a $1,000 a day. But the question I have for you is, what if you’re starting with no money? What if you don’t have a lot of capital? What if someday that you know
what, you timed it perfectly and you are making $1,000
a day consecutively. But some days not so good, you lose money. Can you make that $1,000
a day, day in and day out? Can you do that month in and month out? Can you do that year in and year out? And what if you lose half your capital? How difficult will it be for you to sustain that $1,000 a day income? Or you could start an E-Commerce business. You can buy stuff from China. You can source the products
and get them shipped, or you want to sell them through Shopify, you wanna sell them on Amazon. And you wanna drive traffic to it, and hopefully that it works,
you make enough margin, then maybe you make a $1,000 a day. Now, the question is, I’m not talking about $1,000 a day in revenue because you cannot deposit
revenue to the bank account. I’m talking a $1,000, cash in your pocket. How much money do you need to make to put a $1,000 in your pocket. What this product keeps selling, what if you have a competitor on Amazon that is selling a better quality product? Then they find a better supply in China and they’re competing with you and they sell at a lower price. What do you do? Or, you could be an influencer, like me. Creating your own product and service and program and marketing online and building your empire
with your personal brand. Nothing wrong with that. It just means that you
have to create content, you gotta manage a team,
you gotta drive traffic. You gotta do a lot of things that an influencer does to
make that kind of money. Now, this is the 8 Figure
Award awarded by ClickFunnels. What this means is, if
I have a single funnel in a single niche, that
generates more than $10 million dollars, you get one of these. Can you make money doing it? Absolutely, you could, as an influencer. That’s the business model of a Miner. But what if there’s a way for you to make $1,000 a day just
being the Shovel Seller? Now, what do I mean by that? Your average entrepreneurs
and influencers, they are very busy
running their businesses. They are traveling, they are speaking, they are creating content,
they are driving traffic, they are building funnels,
they’re managing the team and they are interviewing people, they’re being interviewed,
I could go on and on and on. Mining the gold and that’s what they do. That’s the business model, right? And the market place is
more competitive then ever. You know what I’m talking about. It costs us more to advertise to attract customers than ever before. You’ve seen those ads on
Instagram, on YouTube, on Facebook while you’re
scrolling your feed. Here’s another ad, guess what? Someone, an influencer, a
company, an entrepreneur is paying to be there,
they are spending a fortune every single month to
be in front of people to acquire those customers. The good old days of making money selling low price programs and services, those days are over. I’m talking about price point
at $7 or it could be $197. We don’t make money making those offers, there’s no money in there. All the money is made
after the initial sale. That low ticket, I call
that low ticket offer, the initial sell is
designed to build trust, to get going, to develop that relationship with the new customers. All the money is made after that, I call that the high ticket offers. All the money’s made,
the $3,000, the $4,000, the $10,000, the $25,000 offers, the $50,000 offers, that’s
where all the money is. But here’s the challenge:
those high ticket offers, is virtually impossible
to close those sales just through a video or
just through a website or just through a webpage. Those sells, they need to
be closed over telephone. Your telephone, nothing
more than a smartphone. Those sells, they need
someone, the prospect needs someone to be on the phone. To walk them through the
process to educate them. Okay, so exactly how this program works? Think about it, if you are investing at a very high level, and
you’re gonna buy a three, four, five, $10,000 dollar program, wouldn’t you want to talk to somebody? That’s where you come in
because you may be thinking, well, okay Dan, what has that to do with me making $1,000 a day, okay? I don’t get it. Well, here’s how it works. Imagine, an influencer,
he or she has an offer that is $10,000 and they are busy creating content, running their business, managing their team, driving traffic. They do all of that but they
don’t make the real money until a high ticket
closer gets on the phone and close them on those
high ticket offers. And the influencers are very happy to pay you 10% to 15% for
every sell that you make. $10,000, 10% commission, you’ve just made yourself $1,000, not in
a day, in a single phone call. You’ve just become the Shovel Seller. You’re selling the
shovel to the influencers to help them mine more gold. What does that actually mean? It means that you made a $1,000 a day without creating a single
ad, without creating a single product, without
writing a single line of code, without creating a single funnel, without spending a penny. Don’t take my words for it, I now have students
from over 120 countries using this Shovel Seller method or I call that High Ticket
Closing Methodology. To make a great income,
working part-time, from home. Edmund, one of my students,
made $10,000 of pure profit with $0 spent on marketing. Tina, she was working for her influencer for three days just per
week, three days per week, part-time right now. For just one month, she closed
$63,000 at 10% commission. Latif closed his first
influencer, package range from $4,000 all the way
up to $90,000 dollars for 15%, not 10%, 15% to 20% commissions and 5% to 10% residual after that. Sukhdev, “boom, I closed the first sale “for my influencer last night at 11:38pm, “made $,095” in one single phone call. Results are not typical, I’m not saying you will make that kind of money if you follow my teaching, in fact, I’m not saying you’ll make any money following my teaching because most people take the information and they
never do anything with it. I’m simply sharing with
you what works for me and my students worldwide. I want you to imagine for a second, what if you could close a $10.000 sale and make 10% of that
and make a $1,000 a day? How would that kind of
income change your life? What if, you don’t just
make one sale a day, what if you get a little bit better? You can close two sales a day. How would that impact
your life and your income? And what if you’re not
closing a $10,000 package? You’re closing a $25,000 dollar package. I’ll let you do your own math. A few times a year, I teach
a very powerful program called High Ticket Closer
Certification Program where I teach you live
and you can participate from the comfort of your own home. To see if you qualify to
be a high ticket closer, I’m gonna have my team
put a link somewhere around here that you can book a time to speak to one of my students, one of my graduates from HTC. And you can ask them
about their experience. No, this is not gonna be
one of those slimy, pushy sales person, they’re gonna try to sell you into the program, not at all. This is a very authentic,
sincere individual who’s gone through the
program himself or herself who is one of my students
from all around the world. And you can ask them, what’s it like to be a high ticket closer? How does it work? If you’re even just curious
about how this model works and maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not, go ahead and book a time and ask all the questions you want and maybe, one day, I’ll see you in class. And who knows, maybe this is the path that you’ve been looking for, for a long time.

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  2. So basically you must work as a broker, find people around you that are selling services or products or anything, and try to convince them to give you a certain percentage of the profits they earn if you could increase the number of their clients, simple as that. But you'll need to improve your closing skills and personality. So why not join the HTC program

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