How To Lose Your Life's Savings w Cryptocurrency

would you like to make more money always I see you wearing that been hustlin hat and I feel like I have a really exciting money-making opportunity for you okay cryptocurrency is an exciting new investment opportunity I exclusively get my advice from 13-year olds on the internet and also my grandpa and that's how I know my sis investing opportunities legit through my grandpa and also my niece can give me trading advice so now that I have you buttered up I have this promotional video that I'd like to share with you okay hey what's also us o us o us o us o us so so okay so are you ready to give me your money yet or do you need to see more I think for me as a selling point that opens and closes the deal all at once dude in the back is like is this guy really the best representative for our company here [Applause] do you know how to tell that you're participating in a scam it starts with that's how you know to walk up it looks like kind of like a Scientology meeting a little bit even Scientology looks more important let me tell you guys I'm so excited I am so happy I am really so thrilled to be right now sharing this amazing glorious super and exciting moment of my life with all of you guys and let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it the world is not anymore the way it used to be no no the world is shit this is huge this is huge yeah I don't think so so big connect by the way it's honestly I'm just explained what it is it's such a sad scan so they opened this platform called big connect and they make this claim that no matter how much money you give them they'll make a one percent return on your investment every day so they got people to give them a hundred thousand dollars and they're like we're gonna give you one percent a thousand dollars every day on that investment no it's different it's all changed and Carlos is mine they'll never be any poor person ever again because you just give their money to big connect then everyone gets one percent somehow Warren Buffett has it figured out to give his money to pick connect yet but Carlos he's ahead of the game because big connect after collecting over a billion dollars of people's investments just fucking disappeared into the wind so there's actually a lot of youtubers who are doing referral codes and telling people of course you would be involved youtubers will always be the slime of their I don't know that there's any changing that because there's no regulating youtubers so these guys who are anonymous conned all these poor sons of bitches and just disappeared with the billion dollars [Applause] so the word didn't change so scams are still scams and youtubers are still scum the world has not changed my friend Sally [Applause] we are coming and we are coming in ways we are starting and we are going to watch it go we are the entire world let me tell you guys that I started 137 days ago with only twenty five thousand six hundred and ten dollars only twenty five thousand dollars your tip this is so sad like these people if that's his life savings it's like a typical pyramid scam yeah yeah yeah I didn't want to say this on camera but I could get a tip that dogecoin and onion corn is gonna be huge coming up about the daddy-o 5 coin daddy 5 coin it's huge I put 2 when it came to that okay so we don't have currently any savings at all it's fine thank you for believing in me good oh all my money's gone almost as fast as he can finish screaming bitcoin all this money is gone right now I am reaching one hundred and forty thousand dollars and let me tell you that I am actually earning around 100 million 100 million hun I me around one thousand and four hundred dollars on an everyday basis seven days a week I am right now independently financially independently I am saying to so many people who said that this was going to be a con artists game that this was gonna be a scam again [Applause] I'm gonna go to the bank I'm gonna give my because I'm going to actually put in two dollars here they're right on the table and my dumb bitch wife was like I don't buy it at all it's a scam well fuck you bitch I came home I put a hundred bucks on the table she's like you took that different account and he's like Oh bitch everything you tell Carlos you're better than that just remember if he would have put all his money into daddy a five coin he would probably have he would have way more money than out and would because they're still going they they figure it out daddy a five coin makes it happen against all the odds and even though two coins can suddenly just disappear out of your hand the government agency took them you all and find another two coins somewhere else and just because a daddy of five coin becomes a family of five coin doesn't make it less valuable and Carlos could take a lesson from them FUBU coin is showing a lot of strength and it's augmenting over the years a lot of people said that the Fupa will get smaller I've said that in the past but every year a lot of yeah no yeah no I stole he thought the Fupa coin was gonna decrease but over the days in the months and I've been seeing a 1% interest yield every day on Fupa coin I think that in a year's time this Fupa coin might be hitting 250 300 pounds I'm working on crushing that super corn you want to reduce Fupa coil what are you shorting Fupa coin yeah are you short selling FUBU coin yella how dare you write on her you know table I'm torn with Carlos why don't I feel bad for him but on the other hand he should have listened to his goddamn life listen to the ladies more my friends out there the women know every time I fucked up in my life ela was right every single goddamn time when she left to Israel and I fucked up my whole life and I was like ela why the hell did you leave she leaves for one day and my life falls no that's not part of our contract you know you're responsible for you every day you're my goddamn care you know you don't have sick days I have sick days and you care for me guys I want to tell you something faith and believe is the one thing that we all need to be able to change the world and right now I believe that in this groom we have the seed that's gonna germinate and that's going to explode you're doing an amazing opportunity for us to change this entire world right so essentially fit connect is it's faith my friends you have to have faith it's like a religion it's a cult essentially you just have to believe when the big connect goes disconnect just believe the website will come back and I recommend to you Carlos whatever you have left in your bank put it in now because the price is low it's going back up because the big connect/disconnect daddy of 5 foot the coin is gonna be strong I am so proud I am so honored I am so excited to be here right now and then let me tell you something that each and every one of who has the opportunity to become like those amazing people that we're not here from Vietnam hey making so much money that it can probably have a real hard time counting out so guys let me tell you we connect yes thank you so much Carlos I think Carlos will always make it because it's such a great performance artists hmm so you'll probably be fine but everyone thinks oh I think Carlos lost his fucking ass cult following after this video I don't think I think I think Carlos lost his ass because he's way too enthusiastic he put every setback into that I was his wife telling him that I told you so big so guys let me tell you [Applause] Moodle approval cloners hey guys thanks for watching if you have any money left over after investing in bit connect maybe I could interest you in this what up Alec liners vintage tea let the world know that you're a Neela kleiner to only at h3h3 shop calm appreciate you see you guys next time you

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  2. The only performance I want to see carlos in is getting shot point blank in the face. His face is perfect for it.

  3. 4:40 Oh yeah the scammer clearly said Bitcoin like Ethan said. Everyone bitcoin and bit connect is a scam. Sell all your bitcoin. Total scam. Ethan is the authority on crypto currency, he knows bitcoin is a scam.

  4. I found you around the same time I found Dark Souls. Id play Dark Souls all day and have your videos playing while I play the game. Now everytime I watch your videos I wanna play Dark Souls.

  5. I literally got an add for a crypto currency exchange system on this video. YouTube knows this is going somewhere.

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