34 thoughts on “[How To] Link your PayPal Account to Mpesa”

  1. It takes less than 1 Minute to Link your PayPal Account to Mpesa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHcgfrxyvKo

  2. David Mbugua, this service is only available for Kenya, How it can made in other african country like Mozambique??

  3. Very useful. Can I ask though, with the same account can I be able to transfer money to other skrill account ?I'll appreciate your response

  4. I already linked my account to paypal ,i have vrrrified the phobe number and everything ,but i tried to withdraw it just displays wothdrawal could not be completed ,what do i still need to do ,help.

  5. let me ask. does this still require that I have to attach my debit card/bank information while creating a PayPal account ?

  6. Hi David for sometime I have been trying to link my mpesa with my paypal. The problem is that the code that's supposed to be sent to my number doesn't come through. What might be the problem?

  7. hello Mr Mbugua, I am really looking for an authentic online job,I trust you can help me achieve that.

  8. "The PayPal and M-PESA accounts you've listed don't belong to the same person. Please make sure that the details in your accounts match." What can I do?

  9. Hello broh i have tried linking my mpesa to my paypal but am being notified my accounts dond match. What might be the problem

  10. Hello David, I love your videos they are very informative. On this particular video I haven't verified my PayPal. I followed your instructions and linked my mpesa to my PayPal. I have seen people get banned or their money getting stuck in the platform. My question is, if I have linked my PayPal account to my mpesa do I need to verify my PayPal account?

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