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  1. The only thing I keep getting "We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later." despite the fact I KNOW I entered in all the correct information

  2. So when PayPal sends the 2 small deposits to your bank account do you have to have the small amount of money in your PayPal or does PayPal just give the money for the small deposits for free

  3. Hey, I'm a little late but I needed to ask.. So when I'm done entering the bank account details in step six within the link a bank account page, I get the message "Please check your information and try again." The details entered are correct and I have reviewed them several times, the name on both my paypal and bank account match. So I don't know what's wrong. Please help.

  4. Bro I hope you can help me. I linked my bank account already and I did it by "confirm instantly instead" option and I just had to put my user name and password of my bank account, and it successfully linked. But after that, when I want to add founds to my paypal account it asks me to enter my social security number and other information in order to verify my identity. I don't wanna give my ssn, so I don't know why it's asking me for that, and idk either if it is only me or if i just did something wrong or have to do something else. What do you think about it?

  5. I can't confirm my identity because I have a Prepaid Phone# so text messages don't go through Prepaid Phones, you have to have a contract,that is what I was told by Paypal,Ridiculous.,

  6. I was under the idea that you NEED to have a bank account to use PayPal? so you're saying that PayPal can be used on its own without anything linked to it???

  7. i dont live in USA so can i use my countries bank account? It says link your U.S bank account, as in only if it's usa?

  8. It keeps saying something about "too many usage attempts" or some shit like that when I try to link my bank account. It's freaking lame because I wanna buy some stuff when I don't got a prepaid card on me when I just wanna use my bank and it's so annoying when I can't link it to buy stuff on ebay with my Paypal.

  9. It is a rocket science, I did it but now they said confirm your bank account and we sent a code to your bank account but their is not any code in it and they took less than auro from my bank account

  10. 2:43 , this is precisely the problem I'm having. Everything else works fine but when i go to navigate back to this screen there is no "orange !" or "Blue confirm link" making me unable to continue with these steps. Help! Thanks,

  11. Hey man can you help me? I’m wondering if I’m able to transfer money from paypal to my bank account without waiting to confirm it

  12. I was having issues where my didn’t get the 2 deposits so what i did I just used my debit card it was way more and easy

  13. Hi im trying to do account from Germany, i have just maestro card and i want to open acc with a bank account. Now i have problem with link bank account, when i click on "Wallet" then i can choose between "Link a credit card" and "Link a U.S. bank account". Why i can choose just a bank in U.S.?

  14. Paypal is claiming they're "sending two small deposits into my account" when I'm not getting anything

  15. My problem is this, I’ve already linked my bank account with PayPal and they have sent me 2 small payments. When I go back to confirm the bank account, the confirm now screen does not show up!!!! This is getting really frustrating. Anyone else having this issue???

  16. hi, thanks for this. but I still have a problem linking my bank. after I entered the same amount it says that the minimum deposit is 100 but the amount PayPal deposited to it is just 5 and 12. pls help

  17. ugh this is frustrating. the video shows at 3:25 it says “we’ll send 2 small deposits” and then later once he has the deposits, it said “we have sent”
    that’s what mine says but I still can’t see the amounts in my account. bro what i need help

  18. Okayyyy soooo It took a couple of days for the deposit to be sent, but when i log into paypal, it says I have no bank link and when I link my bank, it says that its already linnked but I check and its not. Also before it shows the place to put in the deposits but now theres none!! Anybody got a fix?

  19. If you only see 1 small deposit in your bank, try to confirm it anyway. Input the amount deposited in your bank and the other one as the lowest amount in your currency (key in 0.00 then it will show you the lowest possible deposit, for me it was 0.01). Hope this helps

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