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  1. i just do what you say and i have problem.
    here is what write when I go on ebay in > paypal account.

    Become a verified PayPal member. A verified PayPal member has a verified bank account. Verified members can:

    List Item Increase Abhebungs- and transmission limits

    List Item Send payments directly from your Bank Account

    List Item Become a member of PayPal Seller Protection Program

    Become a verified PayPal member!

    And I go on become a verifed paypal member and its say that I'm verified:

    when i refresh ebay I'm getting the same problem

  2. I clicked sign in but it told me to sign up.
    So I signed up, but it told me I already have an account and to sign in!!!

  3. Everytime I go to "Link PayPal Account" it takes me to a "create your paypal account" and I can't sign into my paypal account and link it. Help?

  4. eBay is completely broken now.

    All was working as it should up until last time I used ebay few months ago.

    Last weeks, for whatever reason… when I click PAY NOW, it shows a Paypal login screen as it should but I can not log in. All I get is that spinning thing, than it times out.
    I have no problem login in to paypal directly from paypal.com

    So I decided to unlink my paypal than re-link. Now this part of it is totally broken from ebay now. Unlink seemed to worked properly. Yet when I try to pay, it takes me to same ol' paypal login screen,,, where i can not login and it times out.

    Now. i tried to Link my paypal account again but when I do click LINK PAYPAL… as a existing user… it takes me to a "Sign up for paypal" page instead.

    Calling ebay is absolutely no use, so stupid. Upon checking ebay community… so many users have same issues for months and still no fix.

    ebay is just sucking so much now and I can not trust any of my money through them anymore. Why bother risking it with all these issues.

  5. Thank you I try for many times and could not find the option to ad the PayPal account on the Mobil Ebay app thank for the help

  6. After 7 phone calls with one lasting an hour, I am still not linked. EBay says it has tech issues. It has now been 6 days.

  7. thanx 👍 besides I plan on selling my movie custom painted Decepticon transformers real soon can't w8.

  8. I would have bought way more things on ebay if linking my PayPal account wasn't so difficult, takes notes everybody from ebay on how to lose business

  9. I am in a fire evacuation situation here in Sonoma County, CA and ebay forced paypal to hold $4400 worth of payments from me. I have been an ebay member since 1999 and have never neglected to ship an item, yet ebay and paypal both claim they are holding my funds for security reasons in case I don't ship the items. They say they won't release the funds for 21 days. I may not have a place to live in 2 days. They know this. I told them it is an emergency. Regardless, after 1 hour and 14 minutes on the phone, they refused to release my own funds to me.

  10. You're a lifesaver. Every single explanation I found online was wayyy outdated. Thank you, found your video and was able to do it in seconds.

  11. THANK YOU MY FRIEND .. fast and efficient .. this would take 20 minutes for an american folk to explain a simple thing !! I love watching videos by the Brits as they always quickly get to the point … no disrespect to Americans but seems they love to talk too much 😀

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  13. Dammit ebay and your convoluted set up. I missed my item because my PayPal was not linked. Anyways thank you for explaining this.

  14. When ever I go to link my account it sais "You're almost done linking your accounts" and only has an option for me to return to Ebay with no further instruction on how to complete the link. Way to go eBay

  15. Hello
    My friend, can you help me
    I have the following problem – I opened a new PayPal account and using email of PayPal email account I’m trying to us for relisting, but during of relisting process, when I change old email with new one, I see Inavalid PayPal email account and I can’t relist an item, but why??? I can’t understand. Please can you help me
    All the best

  16. what if you have multiple paypal accounts, how to tell which is linked to my just opened ebay account? Thanks if anyone could help. BTW my Ebay account says I have received my payment, I( have waited the 21days. But I cannot find the money from the sale

  17. I need help please anyone… I have over $400 in sales on ebay but I cant find it. Its not in the paypal account I linked to my ebay. The sales was over 3 months ago.

  18. Hi! I can’t find the account tab on my eBay every time I hit sell it wants me to describe my item, I’ve tried using a different browser then the app but still can’t find it 😭

  19. Hello. I have a question I have some money left on my eBay account from an eBay gift card, and I would like to transfer that money to my PayPal account. How do you do that? Is it even possible? Please let me know. Thanks.

  20. Is there a way I can link it with my iPhone? When I try to sell and connect my PayPal it says Sorry, we weren’t able to set up preapproved payments at this time.

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