43 thoughts on “How to Link a Debit Card or Credit Card to PayPal Account”

  1. I did everything you said in the video. After that I went on Fortnite to buy some V-Bucks. I logged in my PayPal and this appears.

    Please add a debit or credit card to complete your purchase. There are bars to fill in name card number expire date and CSC but after I fill up the info and press enter it doesn't do anything and reset the whole thing help.

  2. I linked it to my bank debit card but will it reflect to your bank that the money is there? I’m not seeing it but I linked it to my account.

  3. Does not work, since I don't have an "add debit card" option available at all. Just bank account or credit card. Why? I've a business account, I believe.

  4. Found a solution. Sadly it REQUIRES you to contact Paypal customer support. This seems to be the case with some dual cards. Even using the debit card number from the BACK of the card, registers as credit card as the credit card is the ”main card function” of the card and thus it’ll be registered as such.

    Paypal can force a change to debit, but …it still won’t let you to withdraw money to debit card. I don’t understand that part…

  5. If I want to spend money from my Paypal account on something online like ebay, do i need to link a credit card to the account to be able to spend the money?

  6. I'm trying to link my PayPal to ubereats and it says you have to link your credit card but if I do will it take money off the credit card

  7. For me it says “Due to technical difficulties, your request couldn’t be completed. Please wait a little while and try again.”

  8. Hey I have a problem my brother was able to link his debit card but when I try to link mine it doesn't give me the option to add my debit card as shown in 1:36 it only says that they accept debit cards but it doesn't give me the option

  9. i added a card successfully, but when i try to confirm it it says ''This card is not accepted, please use a different card.''? help

  10. It says I have to wait 5 days and pay $2 to confirm it, I have linked 4 cards and it never gave me that issue and they are all the same type of card (Visa prepaid card)

  11. I’m sorry to ask it’s not really related to this but I having trouble with my linked. Which they has been declined my card, after that o can’t linked that card anymore. So I want to know how to liked it back?

  12. I'm lucky at first it said '' your card has been decline please try a different payment method''. Someone told me to wait for a few hours and I was pissed off at first and i listen and kept calm and it worked.

  13. My card appears linked on PayPal, but does not work and asks me to use a different card because “this card number is already assigned to another PayPal account. But it’s only assigned to my account and already appears assigned. Please help. Very aggravating.

  14. Hi I was able to add my bank account. But I want to know if that makes my account already verified or do I need to do other steps. I didn't seem to receive any instruction whatsoever. 🙁

  15. Hi..
    Can you please tell me what i'm going to do
    On my paypal visa card
    It just won't work when I try to create my security code and my expiration date..it just can't work so I can't able to make my card.😯😯

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