How to Know When to Buy Cryptocurrencies | Bitcoin Investment Strategy 2018

welcome back to crypto lamb my name is
Matthew Timothy and today I answer the question when is the best time to buy
Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency coming up by the way if you’re new here
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miss an upload okay so today I’m going to talk about a strategy that is called
dollar cost averaging and if you apply this strategy you’re never wrong when
buying any other cryptocurrency and it also works for selling so let’s take the
markets here right now Bitcoin is at all-time high thirteen thousand last
week it was eleven thousand yota is up a lot it went down a little bit I see now
but I think today peaked at five thirty I remember getting this at 30 cents so
that was great cos same story I got this at 60 cents a while back and when do you
know that it’s the right time to buy something because you can never really
predict something like this I mean sure you can watch this down or you can read
some news and you can get some inside information and kind of hope and guess
that it works out but you can never be too sure let’s take Bitcoin as an
example and look at the charts like I said last week the Bitcoin price was
$11,000 you know what’s that all-time high right here let’s say December 2nd
December 1st 11 gay right so its all-time high you don’t know if it’s the
best time to buy you probably think it’s all-time high it’s probably gonna go
down again you know rightfully so but right now we’re a week later is 13,000
so had you invested last week you would have made a pretty decent return right
but how do you predict this answer it simple you don’t but there is
something you can do about this to still profit from it and that’s dollar
averaging so basically what that means is let’s say you have a thousand dollars
or ten thousand dollars the key is to never put it in or pull it out all at
the same time unless something really crazy happens but the idea is that let’s
say you have 10k let’s say you have a thousand dollars right and you want to
buy some Bitcoin at eleven thousand because that’s the peak but you still
want to buy some more dollar cost averaging is buying a little bit every
day week month regardless of the price so let’s say you have a thousand dollars
you buy a hundred dollars worth every single week so sometimes surprise goes
up sometimes the price goes down you still keep buying regardless of the
price and on coinbase you can actually set a there’s a setting that allows you
to buy every week or month they just withdraw it from your bank account and
then you buy every single week month whatever dollar cost averaging same goes
for when you’re selling if it’s beaking and you want to take some profits don’t
sell everything god I’ve made that mistake I pulled out after 20% missed
out of 400 missed out on 400 that’s crazy but if
you just pull out a little bit take some profit and then when it goes down again
you just put it back in or a part of that back in C so you you peak you take
some profits the price goes down you buy some more and you still have the profit
that’s actually what what’s allowing me to buy all this you know new camera the
drone and all that stuff taking profit from time to time not pulling everything
out because rule number one in trading is actually staying in the game and if
you don’t have any money left in the game there’s no room for you to play at
all so that’s basically what I wanted to share some share with you today it’s a
dollar cost averaging strategy and this way you will never lose again in crypto
very simple I hope you liked it if you did leave a like leave a comment with
some ideas some suggestions you want to share I am sure that crypto land can
really benefit from your input as well and with that being said I’m signing off
on Friday I will be going to Budapest for a week so that means no more uploads
for five six days and I will see you guys after my trip I’m gonna I’m
actually gonna celebrate my birthday I hope to see you guys next week and until
then stop selling and start living the corn life peace

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