Sleeping with the enemy the conspiracy theorist expat stay tuned Hello everyone, welcome back I’m BobbieD and that’s my wife Lisa D For those of you that are here for the first time I want to suggest that you click on the subscribe button and the Bell Notification icon so you can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos motivational videos as well as a variety of other worldwide videos So today I want to talk to you about sleeping with the enemy in the Philippines Sleepng with the enemy in the Philippines YAAAHHHHHH! Now This is the second part of a series that we’re talking about Expats getting involved with Filipinas totally playing them. So as you recall on the previous video We Looked at the clueless expat. That’s the one who doesn’t have a clue And he gets mistreated by Filipinas. So today I wanna talk to you about the conspiracy theories expat This is the guy who comes to the philippines gets involved with a Filipina And He is okay for a while but then he begins to become suspicious of The activities of the Filipina, he looks at her cell phone all the time looks at her contacts on Facebook He asks her who she’s talking to when Someone calls her and he’s basically convinced in his mind that the Filipina is playing around on him so What does he do? He puts up with it. He doesn’t have the guts to confront her If he confronts her he’s afraid That he’ll lose the very small part of her that he currently has and he’ll be left alone He continues his conspiracy theorist activities always being suspicious prying in her business Unsure distrusting But yet lacking the strength to confront his Filipina and stop sleeping with the enemy Question for this what’s your opinion of someone who has a strong hunch that he’s being cheated on But refuses to confront his Filipina? leave your comments for me in the comment section of this video And as always remember to Like share and subscribe This is BobbieD saying take care God Bless, and Peace!! The conspiracy theorist expat t has the courage to stand up to the Filipina but he prefers not to he’d rather prefer to languish in his self-pity and doubt and continue to question and To mistrust the Filipina. there is hope for the conspiracy theorist expat Once he gets in touch with his backbone and finds the courage to Stand up to the Filipina He’ll be able to stop sleeping with the enemy Music Playing……


  1. Sound like to me he's week weed man if he can't confront his fellow peanut if she's cheating or not and she's playing him if anybody is going to get played as going to be huh especially if it's she's under my roof she'd be put out I'm not having that at all the first of all she has to know that you will leave her you have to put fear in her that you will leave her not the other way around.

  2. I have been in that situation in the states… It consumes you… After a couple of months of this constantly haunting me every minute of the day, I decided this is not the way I want to live… The obvious conclusion is to confront it… It is a great weight lifted off of your shoulders…. I swore I would never live this way again, and I haven't… It will chew you to pieces… Thanks for the video, Bobbie….

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