How to Invest: Top 9 Ways to Invest $10,000 ?(real life strategies)

– It’s one thing to invest $100, and the next step to invest a $1,000, but when we start talking about bigger chunks of money, when we start talking
about investing $10,000, there’s a lot more planning, there’s a lot more strategies that you can implement. And just to prove a point, I’m gonna walk into my bank, I’m going to withdraw $10,000 in cash in $100 bills, and then we’re gonna talk about what are some real life strategies that we can invest this $10,000 to make the most money. So you wanna find out what it is? Let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) Alright so I’m leaving the bank and I’ve got $10,000 cash in my hand. It’s probably not the smartest thing to be walking around with
this amount of money. I thought about recording
some of the video now, but the other thing too, when you walk into a bank wearing a black hoodie and you’re asking for
$10,000 cash in $100 bills, I will tell you this, they
will look at you funny. Just keep that in mind if
that ever happens to you. Alright so we’re gonna
head back to the house, and we’re gonna talk about
what these strategies are and how we’re gonna invest these $10,000. I’m actually gonna give
you seven strategies, seven different strategies that you can invest this money depending on the type of investor you are, and how much risk you are, or how much risk that you’re okay with, and also where you’re at in your life. So anyway we’re headed to the house, we’re gonna find out what
these strategies are, let’s go. (upbeat music) Alright so I made it home, I’ve got the $10,000 in check, didn’t get pull over. It would have been
awkward trying to explain to a police officer why I’ve
got $10,000 cash sitting in my car, but anyway I avoided that. Before we talk about these
different strategies, I really just wanna talk about what does this look like getting $10,000? For many of you, that might be something hard to even comprehend, like getting $10,000, to be able to invest that into something. I know for me it was several years. If you watched my How
to Invest $1,000 video, to invest my first $1,000,
like that was a big deal. You have to remember I
came from a background where I didn’t have any money, my parents didn’t have any money, both my parents filed for
bankruptcy, not once but twice. So to get to a point where
I can actually invest, and invest $1,000, like that was a big deal. But to finally get to a point where I can invest $10,000, that’s even a bigger deal. And it’s so funny because oftentimes you can see like Bitcoin or Facebook stock or some other investment where you’re like, oh, if
I had a million dollars, I would put all my money into that. Like that would be a no brainer. And it’s so easy to say when you don’t have that money in hand, but when you actually
have this money in hand, when you’ve got this $10,000 that you’ve worked your butt off to save, to get it to a point where
you can actually invest it, you start just really thinking a lot and you’re not as aggressive as you think that you might be because if you put a lot of sweat and blood into getting this money, you don’t wanna lose it over some stupid investment. Now before you invest, I talked about this in some of my other videos, and I talked about how if you were to get
$1,000 and you have debt, don’t even start investing,
pay off that debt, and then I talked about
building up your cash savings or building up your freedom fund, and really that doesn’t change much here. Now I’m not saying to take all this money, and maybe pay off all your student loans or pay off a mortgage that
has a very low interest rate, like I’m not saying that. So many people want to
argue with me saying, “Like, well, if my mortgage is 3% or 4%, “and I can go out and
make 8% in the market, “then why wouldn’t I do that?” And let me just say a few things. One, it’s one thing to have debt, but if you have a deep understanding of why you are in debt or why you can’t get out of debt, then you have no business investing. It’s one thing to recognize
that you have debt and you have a plan to paying that off versus having a ton of debt and having no accountability or not having a deep understanding of what got you into
debt in the first place. So if you think you’re gonna
go out and make more money but yet you haven’t
solved your debt problem, then you’re never going
to get out of debt. In regards to building your cash savings or your freedom fund, like, we’re all gonna have emergencies, you’re gonna get a flat tire, you’re gonna have to repair your refrigerator or
your washer and dryer, like those things are gonna
happen, that’s called life. But it’s not so much for the emergencies, it’s for the freedom that
the cash allows you to have. A personal example I can share with you is the fact that my family
and I moved to Nashville. We had an amazing house,
I had my business there. So for us to move to Nashville, there was a lot of scary
things involved with that, but we had a sizable freedom fund. Our cash savings gave us the security that we needed to be able to move to build our house, to move our family, to move my businesses to where we didn’t have to
stress out and worry about it. And that’s why it’s so
important that we address those two areas before we
start talking about investing. Alright let’s talk about these strategies to invest this $10,000. The first one is kind of a gimme, it’s the stock market, I know, surprise. It seems like every time I
talk about the stock market or investing in the stock market, most people are just like, “Why are you talking about
the stock market again? “Stock markets all the time,
hi, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Listen, investing in the stock market is still gonna make you money. Now is now the best time to
invest in the stock market? I don’t know, maybe. Unless you got a crystal
ball, you can let me know. But we do know that over the long term, the stock market is one of the best places to invest your money. But saying I’ve got $10,000 and to invest that into the stock market doesn’t really give you a lot
of information on where to go. So I wanna share some of the
different options you have depending on how much
control that you wanna have investing into what stocks
or what investments. So one of the safest
options that you can do is an online platform either called Betterment or Wealthfront. Now both of these are
called robo-advisors, and I don’t know why they
call them robo-advisors, are they robots? I don’t know. – Hello bozos. Oh Benjamin, oh come here, give me a hug. Oh it’s so good to see you. – But basically what they do is they choose the investment for you. Using Betterment as an example, when you log into Betterment and you open an account with Betterment, you decide what are your financial goals and what is your timeline, how long are you going
to invest this money? And based on that information, they are going to choose
the investments for you. In their case they’re using low cost ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. Now ETFs are some of the best low in cost investments that you can buy, and you can buy these on your own, or you can open an account with Betterment and let them choose them for you. Why talk about Betterment a lot? It’s because a lot of people
get stuck in trying to decide what to invest their money
into the stock market because there are so
many different options. And with Betterment, it removes that wall, that obstacle, that excuse from not getting invested because you don’t have to choose it, you just gotta open the account, move the money in there
and you get started. A couple other cool things about them is that with their fees, they charge you not a lot. They’re very inexpensive
especially compared to a lot of the big Wall Street firms that just want to take
you for all your worth. Another reason I like them is that they don’t have a huge
maximum amount to get started, whereas some of the
bigger investment firms, they may not work with you unless you have a million dollars. With Betterment you could start with as little as 25 bucks
a month to get started. So for those that don’t
have a lot of money, and they’re scared of choosing
the right investments, you don’t have to worry
about that with Betterment. Robo-advisors like
Wealthfront and Betterment are one of the safest options just because you’re not gonna make mistakes and choose something silly or sell something when you shouldn’t sell. Now you’re still investing
in the stock market so there is risk involved. Another option if you want more control is to buy your own mutual
funds or your own ETFs. Now you can use online brokers like TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Ally Financial. All of these are gonna have very low cost transaction fees to buy mutual funds, stocks, or whatever it is that you might want. Typically what I recommend
if you have $10,000, and you want to invest and be diversified, I would put that into either two to three different
mutual funds or ETFs. Now for me since I’m a
more aggressive investor, I’m gonna choose something
with more stocks. I really don’t want any mutual funds or ETFs that have any bonds in it, but I also wanna make sure that I don’t have all my money tied up in the US stock market. If I am going to invest this into stocks, I wanna make sure I have some exposure in the US markets as
well as international. So I might put, say, 75% into a US stock fund, and 25% into an international. That is no way a recommendation so please don’t take it as that. That is just a suggestion based off of what I would feel comfortable with. You heard that, right? Another option that you have that is more risky and
not probably a good choice if you’re not familiar with
investing in the stock market is buying individual stocks. Now I shared in a previous video where I had a $110,000
gain in my Roth IRA, and I shared some of the
stocks that I personally own. What I didn’t share in that video is one of the first stocks that I bought. It wasn’t an IPO ’cause I
couldn’t get in on the IPO but I had bought it right
after it hit the IPO. And this IPO or this
stock is Under Armour. Now kind of the cool
story about this is that I bought this stock whenever
I was deployed to Iraq. Before I was deployed to Iraq, I didn’t really get Under Armour. They had these shirts that you would wear that would prevent you from
sweating or cool you down but they were like 40 or 50 bucks a shirt, and that just didn’t really make good financial sense to me. You see what I did there? Good financial sense to stay in the blog. Alright, glad you caught that. But as I was deployed to Iraq, and I’m in a 130-degree weather sweating my butt off, guess what I wore underneath my uniform? Under Armour. And not just me but almost every single American soldier that was deployed was
wearing Under Armour. So when their stock was coming out, I wanted to get in as much as I could. Now I didn’t have $10,000
cash to invest at the time, but I put in as much money as I could. If I recall correctly, it was somewhere between four to 6,000, maybe even $8,000 I bought
of Under Armour stock. Now the cool thing was I
made some money on that. I bought it, I sold it,
I bought it and sold it. I should have just kept
it for the long term but I thought I was a trader, I’m not. Either way I still made money. With that story I wanna share a core reason of why you
would want to buy a stock, because you believe in it, because it’s a product that you use, and you see others that are using it and raving about it. I have a firm belief if you’re going to buy
an individual stock, you better use the company’s product or service or whatever it is. If you don’t know anything
about that company, then do not invest into
it, especially $10,000. Now if you had $10,000, would I let you or encourage you to invest all that into one stock? Absolutely not, do not do that. Just like we talked about with the mutual funds
and the ETFs earlier, I would have you diversify that, maybe into two stocks,
three stocks, five stocks. You don’t wanna get too many. Once again that’s just something more that you have to manage, but we don’t wanna put
all that into one stock. Okay so this isn’t
really investing per se, but something that you
could put your money into and buy individual stocks or mutual funds or ETFs is a Roth IRA. Now if you had $10,000 to invest, and you hadn’t opened up a
Roth IRA yet, you could do so. Now you can only put
$5,000 in for yourself, but then if you had a spouse, they could put $5,000 in for them, so now you’ve got $10,000 invested into a tax-free vehicle. If you don’t know much about the Roth IRA, check out my other video
where I talked about how to become a Roth IRA millionaire. I promise you will not be disappointed. Alright if the stock
market is not your thing and you want to look at different options and different alternatives, here are some others
that you can consider. Now I’ve talked about
peer-to-peer lending in the past, and companies like Prosper, LendingClub are some of the more
prominent peer-to-peer lenders that you’re going to see
that you can invest into. Now one of the downsides
of peer-to-peer lending, with Prosper and Lending Club, is that they’re not
available in all US states, and if you are watching
this and you’re overseas, sorry, you cannot participate. But basically what
peer-to-peer lending is is that instead of going to a bank to get a loan, you could go to one of these
companies, apply for a loan, and instead of the bank
giving you the money, your peers are going
to give you microloans usually anywhere from 25 to $100 for whatever you might need that loan for. So whether you’re trying to get a loan to pay off some credit cards, maybe start a business, or whatever project that may be, that’s where this would come into play. Now how do you make money as an investor? So as an investor myself, I’m gonna fund my LendingClub account, I’m gonna put my money in there, and then I’m going to
choose different notes that are gonna pay me an interest. Now I’m not gonna loan one person $10,000, that would be crazy, I wouldn’t even loan my mom $10,000. I love you mom. And I’m sure as hell not going to loan some money to a stranger
especially $10,000. But that’s what I like about
peer-to-peer lending is that I’m only gonna give one
person, maybe 25, $50 at most, and if they default, it’s
not going to crush me as if I gave all my money to a one person, and they decided not to pay me back. There are definitely some risk
with peer-to-peer lending. If they do default, like, you
do not get your money back. If LendingClub or Prosper
were to go out of business, you do not get your money back. So this is not a safe option. Do not think of this like
a CD or a secured bond. With that though, you should
get higher interest rates than you’re getting in
your bonds right now especially with CDs
with low interest rates. So if this is something
that you want to look at, you can check out some of my blog posts where I talk about LendingClub, and I also share some of
the returns that I’ve made. Alright if you do not want to do the stock market or peer-to-peer lending, there are other options. Another popular option is real estate. Now I am not a real estate investor. I tried real estate investing years ago and failed miserably. Thankfully I didn’t lose my butt. I did learn a valuable lesson, and the valuable lesson I learned is that I’m not a real estate investor. But the cool thing is like there are ways to invest into real estate without actually having
to buy real property. And if you got $10,000, that’s
a great way to get started. One of the safest ways that
you can invest into real estate and not have to manage
properties is buying ETFs or mutual funds that
invest into real estate. A few examples are the
Vanguard Real Estate Funds, as simple as VNQ, or the iShares Real Estate Trust IYR. With these you’re getting exposure to the real estate index, so you’re going to see some returns not unlike if you’re
managing your own property or have the risk of buying a property, but still you can look
at the ten-year returns on the Vanguard Real Estate Fund and its average is over 7.3%. Other options are buying real estate investment trusts. Now you can buy these on the open market. And typically like the mutual funds, like the ETFs that we
talked about previously, it’s going to pay you somewhere
in that 6 to 8% range. There are some that can pay more, but just realize if you’re
getting a higher return, then chances are you’re
taking higher risk. So if you’re making double digit return on a real estate investment trust, then chances are it might be risky, just make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into. The one thing you want to avoid though are the nontraded REITs, the nontraded real
estate investment trusts. Typically these are sold
by some shady brokers that just wanna earn a big
fat commission on these. Now the danger in these
is that you buy it, now when you buy these, you won’t see the
commission come out upfront, but I promise you the commission is there and it’s pretty hefty. Sometimes they rank
anywhere from 5% on up to 8% depending on the issuer
and all that nonsense. But if you’re buying a nontraded REIT and you don’t think that the advisors are getting paid on it, then, what, no, don’t,
do not believe that. He’s making some money I promise you. But what really sucks with these is that when you want to get rid of it or you want to sell it
and you find out, crap, there isn’t a secondary market
that I can unload this on, now you’re stuck with this
thing that might not be paying as high a dividend as
when you first bought it, or it became illiquid and you
can’t sell until it comes due, and that could come due anywhere from seven year, 10 years, or 15 years depending on what the terms are. That’s why it’s so important
to read the fine print, or even better yet, don’t
even bother with them. Another option that I
became really high on, and I just opened my first
account a few weeks ago, is with companies like
Fundrise or Realty Shares. So we talked a little bit
about peer-to-peer lending and how you’re giving microloans. Well this is kinda like that
or kinda like a mutual fund where you’re not actually
managing the properties, you are opening the account,
funding it with your own money, and then Fundrise or Realty
Shares is gonna go out and find these commercial
properties for you, manage it, collect the rent, and then you’re gonna get paid
on whatever that money is. Now on their website they’ll share some of the returns that they make, and it’s pretty decent. Now like I said I’ve not had my account open long enough to see
what those returns are, but they do have to report all of this to the SEC and all that good stuff, so if you go to their website, you’ll see those returns. Now the differences between the two, the big difference that
I see is with Fundrise, you can get started with as low as $1,000, and I think they actually might have decreased that to 500 bucks. So if you want to get involved investing into commercial real estate for as low as 500 or $1,000, like that’s pretty legit. With Realty Shares, they want you to do a little bit more. It’s 5,000 to get started, but if you’ve got $10,000, then 5,000 ain’t nothing on you. Now between the three that I’ve shared, I kinda lean toward either
Fundrise or Realty Share just because it’s a new concept, I love technology, I love FinTech. So to see what these
guys are trying to do, and get investors like myself that really don’t have
the experience or know-how to invest into commercial real estate, but they’re gonna do that for you, and they have an amazing
track record to back that up, then I’m kinda all about it. Now by far the riskiest way that you can buy real estate is doing it on your own. Now I’m not the guy
that you need to talk to if you want to go out
and buy some real estate, flip some houses, buy
wholesale, do all that stuff. But what I can tell you
that if you don’t have the know-how, the experience to go out and buy real estate on your own, you don’t have to, there are other real estate investors that will take your money, yes, they’ll take your
money in a good way, and then they’ll go
out and buy properties, flip houses on your behalf. Now this is something that
I haven’t done personally, but it’s something that I’m looking into. And where I’m looking
into is I have a friend, like this is what he does, he specializes in flipping homes. So what he’s looking for is investors that are willing to give him the seed capital to buy houses, properties that he might not have the cash initially on hand to do it, and then we’ll be able to benefit either on the return we’ll get from the rent or if we can sell and flip this house in a very short amount of
time and make a fat profit. Now this probably will not happen in your first real estate investment. This does take a little bit of time. You’ve gotta build your network, you gotta make connections, and just find out who’s the who’s who in the real estate investing in your area. Now I probably should
have included this option in the beginning of talking
about buying real estate because this is the safest option unless you just hire a
really bad contractor or you try to do your work yourself and you have no experience
doing home remodeling. But a safer option in
investing into real estate is putting the $10,000
back into your own home. Now this might not make
sense if you don’t plan on selling your home any time soon, but any home improvements that could add value to your home could be a good return on your money. Now with our house in Illinois that we had to sell, like, it was a newer house, we only owned the house
for about five years, but there were still some
things that needed to be done. We had to reseal our driveway, we had to paint some of our trim, and just make sure that
some of the scratches and the holes from our kids, they were all taken care of. There were some landscaping that needed to be taken care of outside, and some of the house, the outdoor stucco or driveway
needed to be improved. So this was money that I
didn’t really want to spend. I really had to look
at it as an investment, especially that’s what my realtor convinced me to think of it as. But I don’t think that if we
invested the money that we did, I don’t think we would have
gotten the offer that we did, and I especially don’t think
we would have gotten it in the timely fashion that we did. So that definitely had a
good return on the investment by putting back into our home
to help us sell it faster. Another investment option
that you can use with $10,000 and this is probably the most boring one that I’m gonna share, if you are in the 25
to 34 age demographic, then just skip to the next one because this does not apply to you. But another option that you can invest your money into is an annuity. Now if you know anything about Jeff Rose, you’ll know that I
absolutely hate annuities, specifically variable annuities, and you can watch another YouTube video where I talk about how much I hate variable annuities. Now let me take a step back. I don’t hate all annuities. There are some annuities
that could make sense depending on what you’re
trying to achieve. Now the few annuities
that people who like that I think could make sense
are fixed annuities or fixed index annuities. There are also immediate annuities and some others that
can you get out there, but let’s just focus
on those two right now. Now with fixed annuities, those work just kinda like a CD that’s gonna pay you
a fixed interest rate. It’s gonna probably pay you
more than a CD is right now. Now keep in mind CDs don’t pay squat. So when CDs are paying squat, fixed annuities are paying
just a hair above squat. So don’t get too excited. Now if you just want something safe and make more money than
you would make on a CD, then that’s where a fixed index, I’m sorry, a fixed
annuity would make sense. With a fixed index annuity, there are some that have
cool investment options that have had some solid returns. I don’t really like buying
a fixed index annuity just for the investment
option because you know what, I don’t want to be stuck in this contract that these annuities have. So if I’m gonna buy
something for an investment, that’s going to be a stock,
a mutual fund, or an ETF. Now with a fixed index annuity, the only reason I would
consider buying one is if I’m going to buy this
and I’m gonna take advantage of the retirement benefit
that’s going to accrue if we sit on this money
for quite some time. Now I could do an entire video on fixed index annuities, talk about how they work, and I don’t wanna waste
too much time on that, but just know this, if you have, say, five or 10 years out
before you want to retire, and you wanna have a
guaranteed income stream, that’s where a fixed index annuity could make sense depending
on all your assets, the income goals that you have, when you plan on retiring
and all that good stuff. So just keep that in mind. If you are, like I said, five to 10 years out from retirement, and want something that’s safer, that’s gonna give you some sort of guaranteed income stream down the road. Okay now we’re gonna get down to business, and why I’m saying that more than halfway through this video, it’s not that I haven’t already
gotten down to business, so we’re gonna talk about
investing into a business. In another video I shared some of the crucial lessons I learned starting a business. And starting a business
is not for everyone. I mean you have to have some cojones, you gotta have some experience, you gotta know what you’re doing, not just to start a business, but to survive the
business that you started. Anybody can start a business. It’s easy to start a business, it’s not easy to sustain that business and to keep it going. A few examples though
of starting a business, I could talk about
myself a little bit where how to get my office furniture, how to get my computer, how to pay the LLC, filing fees and all that stuff, how to get our internet set up at our office, get phone systems, fax, there’s a lot that can be involved especially for a service-based business. So another example is
a good friend of mine when we wanted to start
his photography business. Initially he was just
doing it on the side, he had a decent camera, but when he wanted to go official, and start actually
making some decent money, he had to invest into equipment, new cameras, new lenses,
light, lighting boxes, and then he had to invest into backdrops, editing software, had to work on marketing. This was before social media is what it is so he had to think of different traditional ways to market himself. So there was marketing dollars in brochures and flyers and posters and everything like that. So there are so many different things that you could invest into if you want to start a business. One of the things that
I would tell you though is that before you start a business, one of the things I think
everybody should consider before starting a business
is that you want to have a paying client or a paying customer. What you don’t wanna have
is just a business idea. You wanna be able to
validate that business. Now is one client or one
customer going to do that? No, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to people that
want to start a business, and they only have one paying client. So if you have a business idea, validate that by seeing if
somebody is going to pay for whatever it is that you’re offering. If you can’t find anybody, then don’t invest anymore money into starting this business. Another option you have
in starting a business that’s gonna give you more of a framework or a blueprint to get that business going is starting a franchise. Now with a franchise, I’ve seen franchise fees anywhere from 5,000 on up to $100,000 depending on what the franchise is. They’re also going to want
to see your financials and know everything about you. Now if you start a franchise,
like this is your life, you’re gonna be there all day
long, 24/7, 365 days a week, maybe not that much but
you’re gonna be there a lot. A friend of mine and his
brother started a franchise, they started with the
Little Caesar’s chain, and they opened one
Little Caesar’s restaurant which led to another
Little Caesar’s restaurant which led to three or four or five more Little Caesar’s restaurants. – So you took Little Caesars’
ExtraMostBestest pizza that has the most cheese and pepperoni at the nation’s best price, and then stuff more cheese into the crust? – Yep, it’s got free feta
cheese stuffed in the crust. – And they were super
successful with that, but they didn’t stop there. Then they had started looking
at SportClips franchises. And I don’t know where they are right now, but the last time that I heard, they had opened anywhere between 25 to 35 SportClips locations
all across the Midwest, and they are making bank. But once again you gotta
start with that one, what’s that one idea,
what’s that one franchise that you’re going to pour
your blood, your heart, your soul into to make it profitable? So a lot of the investments I’ve shared up to this
point are more tangible, I mean they’re things that you can own or you can get a statement
to see what those values are. Now with this next investment, this is harder for a lot of people to swallow, to comprehend, and it was for me for a long time and I’ve talked about this before, but taking this $10,000 and maybe not all of it into one thing, but hiring a high level coach or joining a paid mastermind group that’s going to allow you to grow in whatever field or industry
or niche that you’re in. One of my first experiences
with this was Strategic Coach. Strategic Coach is a coaching program for business owners, for entrepreneurs, and I wanna say at the beginning it cost me about $7,000 to get started, it might have been $8,000. It was a lot of money at the time, but I was at a point in my business where I needed something. I didn’t know what I needed. I knew I needed something,
I needed a push, and that’s when I joined
this coaching program. Now before I joined this coaching program, I did seek some mentorship
to see how did they grow, how did they obtain the
success that they had, and what I learned that a lot of these successful entrepreneurs,
financial advisors, business owners that I had in my network, almost every single one of them had had a coach in one way or another, and when I learned that, it was a no brainer to join this coaching program to see what it’s all about. Now since then I was in
that program for five years. From there I went to the
Michael Hyatt Inner Circle which is no longer around
but one of the best mastermind groups that I was in. That was $25,000 which blows my mind, but I had some of the most amazing growth not just in my business
but in my personal life by being around the guys
that were in this group. And there are coaching programs for whatever you’re trying to accomplish or maybe it’s a high level course or a paid mastermind group. Another good friend of mine, John Corcoran from Smart
Business Revolution has a program called Rise 25, and with this program, he’s trying to help
entrepreneurs, business owners grow from six-figure businesses to seven and eight-figure businesses. And with his program, he brings in what he calls surepuss, and with these surepuss, these
are people that have made seven, eight-figures building
some massive businesses, and they’re there to mentor those that are still in that six-figure, low six-figure, high six-figure business trying to get to the next level. So just imagine if you could be around somebody that has accomplished what you want to accomplish, how amazing would it be to
sit across the table from a Warren Buffet or a Mark Zuckerberg, people that have just
dominated in their space and are just worth billions. What would that be worth it to you? So would you take part of this $10,000 and would you invest that
to be around somebody that has accomplished the
success that you want? Like I said this is a harder concept for many to swallow and to understand, but having been on where
you’re at right now and knowing where I am now, like it’s a no brainer, like if I had a chance to be around some of these top
influential entrepreneurs that have mastered what
I’m still working towards, that I still have years
of experience to give before I get to that point, like that’s just to fast track, to reduce the headaches, just the struggles that I would have, because they’ve already gone through it and they can prevent me from
going down the same thing. So, yes, I would definitely consider taking some of this $10,000, investing in some sort
of coaching program, paid mastermind group, some thing that’s going to help with my personal development, to help me accomplish those
goals that I want to do, to help me crush life, crush it, crush it, crush it, crush it. Alright the last investment option and what would an investment video be especially in this day and age without talking about
cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Alright, I got it. Okay so up to this point, I had not invested anything, anything into cryptocurrency,
Bitcoin, nothing. Well, let me say, I finally, I finally opened my
first coin-based account. So I funded it and I
bought me some Bitcoin. I did, I gave in, what can I say? Now did I buy a Bitcoin? No, I bought a fractional
share of a Bitcoin. I bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin which equals about .16
shares of a Bitcoin. I did it just because, well,
it was $1,000 and why not? Plus I wanna see what
happens if I do buy it? I don’t wanna miss out
on the train completely, but I definitely don’t
feel I’m gonna be taking $10,000 and buying into Bitcoin. It’s so funny because
there were so many people, when it was 8,000 and got up to 19,000, that they, “Oh, you missed out,” like people were buying
it like crazy at 19,000. How many people lost their butt? I bet a lot. Now does that mean that cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a bad investment? No, I’m not saying that, but you can definitely tell with all the different things going on, the Ponzi scheme that
happened with Bitconnect, and all these trade delays
in different countries saying that they’re not gonna honor the different cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, there are still a lot to figure out what’s going to be left
when the dust settles. So, yeah, could you be an early adopter and take advantage of
cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? I don’t mind taking some of the money, but do not take all of this $10,000 and go drop it and buy a Bitcoin. You’re probably going to be disappointed and hate yourself later. And I don’t want you to hate yourself. I like you, you’re a good person. Alright that’s it, that is my different investment options, strategies with investing $10,000. Obviously it’s gonna depend on where you’re at in your life, what are your financial goals, and what other assets that you have, do you have a freedom fund? Do you have a ton of debt? Do you even want to start a business? Do you think that Bitcoin
is the next greatest thing? Wherever you’re at in your life, there are different options, just make sure that you do your research, don’t get too crazy, and do not buy on FOMO. If you’re older and watching this, that stands for fear of missing out. Yeah, I didn’t know that
either until a few years ago. The worst thing that you can do is buy any investment on emotion. If you’re gonna buy it on emotion, chances are you’re going to hate yourself, I already talked about this, you’re just not gonna like
yourself later so don’t do that. Take a breath, chill
out, do your research, and make sure that you invest with a level head on your shoulders. Alright so if you like this video, if you found this video helpful, you know what to do, give me some Likes, and there’s this thing where they say “Smash that Subscribe button,”
so just, just smash it, but if you’re watching this on your phone, like don’t smash your phone because that’s a lot of money to replace and we don’t wanna do that. Alright so this is Jeff Rose
from Good Financial Cents, just reminding you that
you know what, just invest, you know what, invest in
your money and do something like stop watching YouTube videos and not taking action
because that means nothing. Take action now, go do it. (belching) Oh oops. International exposure. Boop, boop, boop. No, that’s not it. Mumbling, I’m mumbling. Ooh. (burps) Oh yeah, mmm hmm.

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