HOW TO INVEST $50 IN BITCOIN – DAY #1💰 Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107

THE BOSS OF BITCOIN!! What are we doing here, what are you doing guys? What’s going on people can you guys hear me okay? I’m in the chat right now just make sure We can hear each other real quick Cookie said I look bored now. Uh I’m good What’s going on logs, thanks for joining us All right, so uh is my place good right now you guys hear me, okay. Good loud and clear good good good Wolf of crypto said where is Neos volume going? I don’t know I never pay attention to volume I Don’t really need to once the Intersections tell the can knows where to go and the volume will come back into it so I have no idea where the volume is going I know it’s a industrial Currency as industrial money behind itself businesses entities companies Government’s own neo so if they stopped buying temporarily which is Attributable to the twenty billion dollar decline and market cap over the past few days, then that’s probably where it went Big crypto said you’re trying to message me on Facebook All right, well let me check Good Read and reply please is the correction over already probably not But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money in the market. I’m never scared to make some money Scared money don’t make none All right, so what we’re gonna do real quick um Let’s throw up this timer I Am officially back an office feels good to be home Slept in my own bed today. I got I landed Landed like seven eight actually almost nine o’clock Went a bit to like noon jumped up and got on some charts and Here I am 4:00 p.m.. On a Sunday Make us some money in the markets So let’s do this let me pull you guys over here What time is eat 443 let’s do four Cool I’m trying to break this thing out real quick exit full-screen there you go Bambam that’s better you can do this now BAM good No all right Change the calendar month Oh A month is what calendar month September What calendar month? We’re coming there month are you guys talking about? Salut my man in Nigeria what’s going on? Kenya Mark, thanks for staying up with me. I try to make it worth your while Austria what’s going on? We crypto I think they never potty you on Facebook Alright guys so again. This is how it works. We need to get up to 75 likes If we’re able to do that before seven minutes runs out I will jump into ten and pick a cash winner Once we go live on the air Make sure you hit that subscribe button turn your notifications on so you are able to jump on live on the air with me Every time I do a video I try to give away money So that is your chance Hmm We haven’t done the question of the day we will do the question of the day As soon as we go right before we go live once we have 75 likes Then we’ll go ahead and start the video. I’ll give out the question of the day But if we don’t get 75 likes then uh No question of the day no money Elle balls cat I am putting in a link right now for Big quick that is the best website to buy Cryptocurrency to buy a Bitcoin for cash Straight out of coinbase you don’t Need to give them your social security number you basically take cash into a bank Put it into the account and you get the pic coins sent directly to your wallet It’s pretty cool I did about a lot of money. I did a lot of money through them Yeah, man Cool 75 Dunham boom good, all right. Let me uh grab a cup of water. I’ll be right back. We’ll get started That was quick y’all quick Alright alright What’s going on Big Joe? I see you out there man. Holding it down for miles. I appreciate you Alright here. We go here we go You don’t like me must not like what alright? Just checking out the thread real quick Again have you been trying to get in touch with me I apologize I’ve been on vacation You can see your boy a little bit darker than he was when he left Had a nice nice nice trip To the South Bahamas it was good well needed so I basically shut my computer down You know I jumped on once or twice I think But it was nice, so I’ve been off the grid off The grid, but we back at it back at home back in the office got the bay on my back. I’m saying So yeah, it’ll be good. It’ll be good So what I’m doing now Bam Bam Good ok All right cool, we got our 75 lights. We go go ahead and get started Let’s see What should our question of the day be I think what just happened recently in college football start this Saturday Thank college football just started, you know I’m saying I think I think House football just started I’ll have my shirt on I got my helmets up there but uh That’s what we go do Who’s gonna win college football is the double-a championship this year that is our question of the day? So jump in the chat. Tell me your favorite team or actually ain’t even got to be who’s gonna win the championship Who’s your favorite team right? So who’s your favorite team in college football? I’ll pick a winner as soon as we get started and we will be good to go And then I need to share this video to our Facebook group because I forgot to do that Let me do that real quick So yeah if you an attack right now jump on tell me your favorite college football team And we will be getting started here in about two minutes There we go there we go Good Go again keep shopping your favorite team out i’ma jump on we go do this intro and we go get started Go Like a boss That’s right everyone live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the crystal of crypto It’s your boy. Be cake and if you don’t like me you must not like money today is September 3rd and Bitcoin is still above four thousand dollars, which means it’s a lot of money to be made in this marketplace A lot of people out there who don’t understand market psychology who don’t understand the energy you know inside these candles might say That you know now is the time to be scared, but if you know me, I already told you scared money don’t make none And I’m never scared to make my money and today is no exception if this is your first time tuning in congratulations Maybe you are now rocking with them best. My name is BK My friends know me as a crypto trader And I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon Find out you know in the hood they call me Santa Claus because when I come I always Come bearing gifts and today is no exception And so with that being said I wanted to jump in this chat real quick and pick a winner But some cash money out of my pocket If you want to win all you need to do is hit that subscribe button right now turn your notifications On and jump on live with me next time I’m on the air, which will be tomorrow so the question of the day is what is your? favorite college football team it’s Just that easy so let’s go ahead and pick our winner and Right now I see a lot of Ohio. I see a lot of Ohio players in the building right now, but let’s go with my man Joseph Joseph’s a lady who said NC State shout out to the Wolfpack, right? So this is what we go do y ou s? Eph Joseph This is what we go do right here. I’m gonna copy and paste your name. I’m gonna throw it up in our Facebook group It’s called the number Bitcoin group in the world I Invite you all to join if you are watching this video right now. You probably should jump in this Facebook group. We got about nine thousand Members and we are on the charts 24 hours a day Seven days a week to make each other money So all you need to do Joseph is a comment on this picture Send me your Bitcoin wallet And I’ll send you a couple bucks cash out of my pocket from my wallet to yours as a token of my appreciation I do Value your support in our community, and you know me every day of the week. I’m working to get our people paid so with that being said Let’s go ahead and get to these charts and make this money one of the first things I wanted to do you guys is take it back a step you Know and and look at the opportunity at hand You know it’s a new month. I’m fresh off vacation, and I think what? Better time than to start a 100 day challenge, and show you guys day by day how to chart like a boss and how to profit like a king and That’s what I plan on doing So what we’re gonna do what I’ve done already is. I have set up a new trading account on bit ryx To which I deposited about $50 and so this means that anybody With 50 dollars can get started and to be honest You don’t even need 50 if you had five you could just divide everything. I’m doing by 10 and get started if you had 500 Multiply everything I’m doing by 10 and get started, but I wanted to start with a nice clean slate $50 is what I’m starting with and every day. I’m going to do one trade Buy or sell, and you will see how fast this money grows in addition to that every day I’m going to be depositing an additional $50 so you can see it was 0.01 Bitcoin today You know hopefully by the end of a hundred days. It will be right around one full Bitcoin But we will be making money that entire time and the results will amaze you I promise Right so today. We started with 0.01 this is on bit tricks and I need to buy something right you know they throw up all these little coins if you click on You know the markets the movers. They’ll show you what’s happening and what’s up, 20%? What’s down 12%? You know more or less where the dumb money is flowing in the market. I don’t really look at any of that I already gave you guys a list on the website Boss of Bitcoin calm profit packaging the dream team so anything you see me buy is going to be from one of those Two lists right so right now. They’re saying neo. You know prime time real estate one down 1.8% I’m not even doing that right now. You know I’m moving I’m moving ahead of the market and where I’m moving is where nobody is looking and that is wit my man the C H Bitcoin cash is a sleeping giant Right now in the market and the charts do not lie So this is our chart for Bitcoin cash. This is why I’m buying it imma Walk you through this real quick. This is trading view calm you are looking at a three hundred and forty-three minutes chart if you have the free version you can pull up a 4-hour chart and It will almost tell you the exact same story First things first, what do we notice with Bitcoin cash? We don’t we notice right away that we do not have That much information the three moving averages that I use and every single one of my charts are a seven a twenty one and a seventy seven you don’t need the 231 because we don’t have that much information right so first things first if you watch some of my older videos What I would do is I will draw a line from the top to the top Bam Bam Right, and this is showing me the upper level of my channel right So top the top, just like that boom there. You go, and I’ll make it a nice little solid line like that next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna draw another channel from the Two intersections and that’s going to be our Breakout Let’s see we definitely want this one right here, so let’s put a circle around this This is our breakout Intersection and I’m gonna anchor it into The lowest point in time for that green value and that is our break Out to break out so basically what I’m doing here is I’m forming a channel That’s gonna. Give us Bitcoin caches run line Over this entire cycle it was up. It was down consolidated a little bit went up and Now it’s right there right and so what this is telling me is that Bitcoin cache has essentially? completed a full Cycle if you notice on any of the other major Breakouts, you know you look at any chart. This is basically how it goes it jumps it crashes and then it breaks about 2/3 up and Dovetails right so that’s essentially what Bitcoin cache has already done over the course of the past You know six weeks that it’s been up And this is a prime time to buy it we one other thing we can do is throw our Fibonacci up on it Freestyling on a fibonacci brought to you by your boy BK Bamm-bamm right we go from break out the green line Right where it crossed that red head to the highest point possible And Even bring it down a little bit so break out to break down see that so he went green red intersection break down Let me draw a circle so you can see what I’m working with so we did that intersection Break out To that intersection breakdown and All that tells us is that while it’s in this channel Bitcoin cash is now consolidating quite nicely right at the six one eight and If you know anything about Fibonacci that is prime time real estate. That’s where you want to buy it Because that’s your most profitable area right and what this says is that if Bitcoin cash when Bitcoin cash is able to break out of that blue line it’s going to go up to the white line and once it gets up to the white line more than likely it’s going to the top of That orange line, which if you see isn’t too far of the area That’s already natural in its cycle so again This is prime time real estate to buy so that’s what we’re gonna do on day one of this hundred day challenge is we are Going to buy Bitcoin cash now. I’m gonna do this as Let’s see I’m gonna buy it outright, but I’m gonna put a stop loss in because the market is kind of crazy right now And I don’t want to lose no money So what I’m gonna. Do is I’m gonna tell Bitcoin cash That okay Bitcoin cash Bamm-bamm I’ll do it Right there So essentially that Next fib is going to be my stop-loss Whereas once this thing actually starts rolling I’ll look to sell it Probably right below that line, I don’t want to be greedy, so I’ll probably take it right at the top of that green line right there, that’s gonna be my Cell line Right And that gives me a Nice very nice profit margin of about six and a half which is pretty solid Right So there you go, that’s Bitcoin cash and actually we’ll take it out right about there boom boom and That’s gonna be a very very very nice piece of profit to start this hundred days with Now granted. I cannot buy one full Bitcoin cash But that doesn’t matter because the money I do put inside of it will be growing and because I paired it against Bitcoin When it goes up, it’s actually out pacing the growth of Bitcoin So I don’t care if the price of Bitcoin goes down to $2,000 because again in my mind Bitcoin has already at $100,000 all I want to do is To beat the market all I want to do on every trade is to accumulate more Bitcoin right and as long as we’re moving in that direction. That’s exactly what we’re doing so let’s go ahead and buy this Bitcoin cash on bit Rick’s right here The way we do that is we have we see we have 0.11 BTC available we go down here we click Macs We put our price at the bid that will basically give us the going rate of the market right now I don’t want to make it a limit order. I’ll do that on another video I just want to get in this market and get this money So now we click buy It will give us a little confirmation Are you sure you want to buy Bitcoin cash warning? You will make a lot of money yes confirm and Bam, just like that. It’s that easy Once you place this straight on bit ryx. You will notice that this blue screen pops up and when the market actually fills it on Their green screen is going to pop up in a few moments when you have that trade Executed but because we put the price at the bid it shouldn’t take very long at all It’s only when you do limit orders And you do ask and you know that the price range is to spread they call that it’s very very thin Or actually I’m sorry very wide To where you wouldn’t get filled right away, but this thing should feel in a matter of minutes before we get off this call And there you go, and if you wanted to check it first first way you would do that is You go scroll down a little bit. It’ll say open orders for whatever reason it gave me a limit by at one three one six I wanted a market order Conditional oh I guess I could’ve did an anti conditional That’s okay, so this thing will feel pretty easy and when it does it will actually show you your order history And then it’ll pop in down there once it fills so We should have that come through pretty soon again. What is? What did we put in it one three one six? Right now. It’s at one three Two one so it’s gonna have to drop just a little bit for us to feel but I don’t think that should be a problem We already had you know as long as you didn’t hit one of these extreme points like put in you know a buy Down here you know because we’re in the middle we should feel pretty easy So it’s just that easy to make money you guys Again, my plan is to do something like this every day for the next 100 days my plan is to deposit $50 a day For the next trade if I’m buying I may be selling Tomorrow, I’ll go in and I’ll buy something else next week Depending on what happens. I may sell one of the coins I bought this week right, but I’m showing you guys how you can trade? How you can be profitable and how you can keep the money flowing? You got to think about it like like a boat right a boat sitting in water It’ll rust out after a while you need to take that boat on the water do what it’s supposed to be done You know an airplane same thing your airplane sitting on the runway is actually falling apart. It needs to go in the air In order to survive our money needs to move around in order to survive. I think you I hope you all realize that if you just leave it parked in a bank account somewhere earning 0.02 percent interest You’re not going to accumulate money if you don’t trade crypto currencies that out pace outperform Bitcoin cash or I’m sorry outperform Bitcoin which happens when this goes up that means it’s getting you more Bitcoin if You’re not able to do that then you will not accumulate more Bitcoin and so again, this is our number one goal Accumulate more Bitcoin and how do we do that we want to buy when those candles are setting up to do that and That’s exactly what Bitcoin cash is about to do right now, so if you’re in the chat right now again This is the quick quick video jump in there shouts at country out if you’re in the chat I’m gonna circle around to you in about two and a half minutes So again if this is your first time tuning in we do have What I believe is the number one crypto community in the world we got about 10,000 almost 11,000 subscribers to this channel right here we do have 9,000 members in our Facebook community My man Joseph already sent me the wallet. Thank you for that. I will send you this BTC as soon as we are done With this video and again boss of Bitcoin comm if you want to be profitable Right this is our website Boston Bitcoin calm. You go see that Good looking guy over there on the right-hand side Suited and booted wearing the red white and blue looking like the American Dream all you need to do is you click on this little Button to the left hand side on shop and these are two different products I’ve put together meticulous Market strategy and analysis the first is the profit package It takes a lot of time to study these charts to know when the moves are gonna happen And I’ve done all this work for you and summarize that into about three I’m sorry into ten different coins the profit package is $25 it’s a top ten lock down pick and all you’re gonna do is Jump from one two three to five to seven whatever is breaking out at that moment That’s where you put your money so for example I threw up a graphic the other day so that number two just broke out for about a hundred and two percent this week Number four just broke out for about eighty percent this week Number eight I believe it is just broke out for a hundred percent. You know within the past two weeks, right? So you have a solid collection of coins here to where you can always be? profitable using the boss Method and that’s all we’re trying to do is stay profitable Stay prominent and stay prosperous in the marketplace And that’s what this a method allows you to do So with that being said let’s jump back In our chat right now. Let’s touch down touch him with our people suit See who we got rocking out on the line with us right now So before we do that profit package is one option you have To purchase in our community to the next is the dream team and these are the small cap coins So essentially the twenty dollar dream team means you can buy every coin on this list with a twenty dollar bill So that means each coin is roughly plus or minus two dollars So if you don’t you don’t need that much money to get involved you guys and be profitable and what I did is these are The small cap coins these are basically like you know if you were field Jackson You know Phil Jackson got a couple championships with cheque, and Kobe you know drafting drafted Shaq out of LSU, baby you know Baby-faced and and still is still a young but these are the young bucks on the market right now Right these, are you know the next-gen coins that might be ten twenty million dollar market cap today But six months to a year from now probably sitting between a hundred and two hundred million dollars So these are ones that are the next generation Last thing we have available is a one-on-one Meeting and again, if you haven’t been able to meet with me again last week. I was on vacation We will be making that time up this week And that’s $25 to set up you jump on here you click on that little link pay to $25 and it will take you to my Personal calendar so once you’re able to do that you jump on say you wanted to get together You know Monday evening you know after the kids Uh, you know, or we’ll say Tuesday because Monday is a holiday so Tuesday afternoon You know once the kids left from school BAM there you go set it up for 1:30 Tuesday afternoon And we got some FaceTime, and we are working to make you some money You know and it’s just that easy you guys I try to make myself accessible, I try to encourage support prominence and Prosperity in our community, and these are a couple of packages and products. I put together to facilitate that process You know and I just leave that up there man this prophet package It was a long time coming, but this thing if you bought it And you bought the coins on that list you are up pretty nice right now So there you go all right? So we go jump in the chat and see who we got rocking out with the boss a Bitcoin right now Let’s see who we got live on the air with us. I see my man mighty joke from Boston, Massachusetts. I Appreciate your support brother. Thank you for holding it down for the mods What’s going on in Jamaica, Slovenia Poland England Germany? What’s up, lefty, glue? I appreciate you man, El Salvador Harrisburg Germany big Eric in Minnesota a big ten, baby You know saying I was over a badger after Wisconsin not too long ago myself. You know Slovenia, Stamford, Connecticut and Puerto Rico you know saying my man lefty Lugo and bicoastal owner Bait area hold it down Germany in the building frankfurt bay area two times stand up making georgia joke money one more time and let’s see who we got to lock it down who we got to lock it down and Last one California with a cape with that being said guys, you know you already know I come on I Come on this channel every day to do one thing and that’s to make you guys some money Hopefully, we was able to do that if you buy bitcoin cash today You’ll be able to do that if you subscribe Today you’ll be able to do that. That’s my goal make as many people as much money as possible You know the thing I always say if you just turn on the TV any TV in the world and listen to the talking heads On TV with the voices in the ear and the words behind the screen telling them exactly what to say they’ll find a hundred different ways to separate me from you hundred different ways to divide us apart as An engineer I’m in the building of business of building bridges not burning them What I learned after making a lot of money is that that’s one of the bridges that tears us apart So more money, I’m able to make the rest of the world More the rest of the world can come together and respect each other as human beings With that being said guys about that time of date signing out It’s your boy, BK. No matter Where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California all the way back out through Germany good night Good morning, and good day Hey, I truly do appreciate your time So just hit that thumbs up button like and subscribe if you appreciate my make sure you copy and paste this video to a friend somebody you want to empower somebody you want to see do well someone you want to profit with financially That’s what it’s that’s what it’s all about right there Till we meet again stay cryptic y’all, please

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