55 thoughts on “How to Instantly Transfer Money from PayPal to Bank Account”

  1. Thank you. I could not see an option on the app. It looks different on the Web browser. Glad I Google you. Now I can get my car fixed today.

  2. Hi sir I just want to ask I did transfer money to my bank and I used the one that needs to fee for 0.25$ and it says already completed do I still need to wait til 2-3days to get it through in bank? Your answer is much appreciated thank you and Godbless

  3. thank you so much!!…😘 If it weren't for your videos my money would still be sitting in my rebate app LOL you helped me with PayPal and also, getting the money off of PayPal…👍💙😍

  4. I have transfered money from my PayPal to my debit card before. I did the instant transfer and it took almost eight hours… Not so instant. Also, I have tried over and over to do it again with the instant transfer. It keeps telling me it is denied. I called customer service and I was told it's an issue with my bank and there's nothing they can do. I asked my bank and there's no issue on their end. I run an online music business and I get paid when my fans buy or play my music. This is very frustrating, because I need money to keep growing my music and business. Anyone have any advice?

  5. bro. i tried to trnasfer. sucess but they return my money in pp balance.. saying i have invalid bank account information. but i did everything what they want me to fill up

  6. I use Google Chrome and it only comes up with the ''withdraw funds" option under the balance. When I withdraw money it has a $1 fee and takes 4-5 days to transfer to my account. Idk what to do… It doesn't show up on mobile or google

  7. I received money from someone and the same day I wanted it to transfer to my bank. However, it has been saying pending for about 3-4 hours. Is this normal for the first time? It is a 3 digit amount or it doesn’t matter how much? Just a bit concerned about it. Thank you!

  8. whenever i want to transfer money to my bank account someone sent to me it says we cant complete the transfer with no reason

  9. It says I need to confirm my bank account but I already transferred money from PayPal to my bank account before and it took a few seconds and now I don’t know what to do. Pls help

  10. i have a prepaid card and it doesn't let me accept money i don't have a bank account or a real card can you make a video and help me if there isn't a way then forget it

  11. I think Paypal recently changed their homepage design. I don't see any "Transfer to your bank" link on my page. Instead, in the upper-left, there' s big blue window that says "Money is waiting for you", then below it shows my balance, and then there's a button below that which says "Accept the Money". This appears to replace the "Transfer to your bank" link.

  12. Go don't find any options in PayPal account like that. I can't able to transfer fund to other bank account. Especially international bank account

  13. PayPal instant transfer blows never works then you have to wait 72 hours for money they have a message that says for any reasons we can hold or review and delay funds

  14. Mine says "The amount you requested doesn't cover the fee. Please withdraw more money." I'm not sure what to do I'm trying to withdraw $20 and I don't understand the problem because the fee is only $0.22.

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