How to install Joist Hangers on Ledger Header Plate Easy Simple

So, I’m attaching some joist hangers onto a ledger board for this deck I’m building. Joist hangers are a little bit of an art, because what I do is leave a little gap in the bottom. And I also leave the top just
a little bit wider than the bottom is. So, that allows my joist to slip in nicely, and drop down to wherever it needs to be, and in case one of the joists is a bit thicker, I’ve allowed an eighth in the bottom. If not, I can shim that up just a little bit with a piece of shingle. How I accomplish that is I put one side on, and I guess I should
show you how I mark that too. I mark that with my Swiss Army knife because, when you are using treated plywood, especially on red, or on green, or on the red part, the pencil mark never shows up, and especially if it’s wet. So, what I used was just a dull kind
of thing here, knife. My Swiss Army Knife. And I marked it, and that shows up. So, I’m
going to be done with that in a minute, and I’ll put the deck together. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

7 thoughts on “How to install Joist Hangers on Ledger Header Plate Easy Simple”

  1. Can't tell the nail or lumber sizes but make sure ur hanger nails are long enough to penetrate & almost go thru the leaderboard.

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  3. OMG…I wasted a minute and a half of my life on that? Where'd you find the lumber… laying around in the woods? Looks like there's a few worm holes in it..🤔

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