13 thoughts on “How to install Gunbot crypto trading bot on a Raspberry Pi 3”

  1. Great vid! One question, do you know if there’s a Gunbot Lite Arm version for RPi? Or do you need a standard lic? Thanks

  2. i am running 12.8.3 and there is no gui executable only a gui folder. do you have an updated video that shows how to use the newer versions of gunbot on rpi?

  3. whenever I try to go to localhost:5000 it's giving me an error and says I was redirected too many times. Any solutions? I already tried clearing my cookies

  4. Thanks for the video. I installed the newest Gunbot v11 and everything works as expected when executing in terminal which says GUI Server Deployed http://localhost:5000 however when going to the browser localhost:5000 says This Page Isn't Working-localhost redirected you too many times. After working on this for a couple days I have run out of options. Any thoughts?

  5. that is awesome tutorial, now I don't have to buy a VPS or a separate computer. I get just get this instead. By the way, how's gunbot lately? any plans on uploading a video?

  6. So I'm kind of able to run Gunbot on the browser but can't start gunth-arm its asking what programm do I want to run it with!? Do I need to install something extra so that raspbian runs node.js files?

  7. Great video, thx a lot! I set up my pi nicely with it. However I'm a bit concerned about security, Have you got any tips/videos how you make your pi safe (I want to be able to connect by remote desktop when I'm not at home+Port 5000 needs to be open)?

  8. hi is there a video or a tutorial how can i run multiple instances of GB on a raspberry pi 3 with different ports or something???

  9. Links Mentioned: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-3-model-b/

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