How to go From $0 to $100,000 in 2020 – FASTEST Way

– All right, so what is the
fastest possible way out there to go from zero dollars to $100,000? That is what I’m going
to be showing you guys in this video today. And I can almost guarantee
you guys it’s a business model that you’ve seen before, but
you’ve probably never really thought about it in
this way that I’m gonna show you guys today. And I know what you guys
are probably thinking; you’re guessing that what
I’m gonna talk to you guys about is affiliate marketing, or blogging, or one of my businesses,
and while I am making multiple six figures per
year with these businesses, that’s not the fastest way
to start making $100,000 or get to that six figure level. So, affiliate marketing for
example, I make well over six figures per year with
affiliate marketing alone, but this is my third year of
running my YouTube channel and leveraging affiliate
marketing for the last two years or so, maybe year and a half. So that’s definitely not
the fastest way to do it, while it’s possible it’s not the fastest. Blogging, definitely not the fastest. I’ll tell you right now my
blog that I’m working on, Investing Simple, while
we are scaling that up it’s nowhere near the six
figure level just yet. Is it social media marketing? That’s actually probably
a pretty decent way to get to six figures, but that’s
not the one we’re gonna talk about in this video,
it’s not dropshipping, it’s not Amazon FBA, it is
a totally different business that you’ve probably seen
before, but you’ve just never, again, thought about it
in this particular way. So first of all, what I
wanna talk about is what society tells you about how
to make $100,000 per year, or how to get to that six figure level. And I’m sure a lot of
you guys know the answer to this question, if I were to say to you, how do you become a six figure earner? Well, what most people are
going to say is to become a doctor or to become a lawyer. So basically if you go ask
somebody in a traditional environment, hey, how do I
get to that $100,000 level? They’re gonna tell you
to go to school to become a doctor or a lawyer,
or maybe an engineer, or something like that. But there’s a number of
problems with that strategy of going to school, getting
this formal education, to then make a six figure income. And I wanna point you guys
towards this number right here, 170,000, and then I have a
second number here for you guys, 122,000, and as much as I
would like to say that these are the average starting
salaries for lawyers and doctors, that’s not what these numbers
indicate right here at all. $170,000 is the average
cost of medical school if you wanna come out and
be a doctor and then be a six figure earner. $170,000 in debt when
you walk out of the door of medical school in most cases. Not including interest
payments, that is literally just how much you owe
walking out of the door. So when you calculate the
interest on top of that as well, and this is after accounting for any kinds of scholarships and grants. The actual true cost is a lot higher, I’m using the most generous
number here possible. And the second number,
122,000, again, we would hope that the average salary
of a lawyer, it’s not. That is the average cost
of law school, $122,000 in debt, not to mention,
if you’re talking a doctor, you’re talking six to eight years in order to get to that level, and
if you’re talking a lawyer we’re talking probably
four to six years of time. So, that is what society
tells you, if you’re trying to make $100,000, they
say, go $170,000 into debt, and spend six to eight years accruing this college education. Meanwhile, you’re not working,
you’re not making any money, how are you supporting
yourself while you’re in school for six to eight years? Well, you’re supporting
yourself probably with debt. So, factoring in housing
costs and all that, this number could be easily
a quarter of a million to half a million dollars,
or they say go to law school for four to six years, go
122,000 into debt on average, and then come out and then get a job, and then work in this super
high stress environment. I mean, let’s be honest,
who wants to be a lawyer and a doctor at the end of the day? Some people do. Some people are very
passionate about that, and no offense to them at all,
but I know in terms of me, I wouldn’t want a job
that is that stressful. So basically what society
tells you here about making six figures, well we’re
just gonna cross this out because that’s not the way
that I’m gonna show you guys how to get to a six figure earnings level. This, it would take you six
to, well, four to eight years, what I’m gonna show you guys in this video you could pretty much get
this done in six months if you really buckle down. So let me get into what that is right now. And so what this business is
that I’m going to be showing you guys is the business of
selling a digital product. Now, some of you guys
have seen digital products being sold out there, some
people have never heard of a digital product and
they’re saying, how can you have a digital product if
it’s not a physical product? But it is this realm of
business that is insanely profitable, and there’s
also a number of perks to this type of business
as opposed to other opportunities out there. So essentially when you
look at the business model of selling digital products,
which I’m gonna show you guys the whole business model
here in this video, it basically takes all the
things that you don’t like about other businesses out there, like, maybe Amazon FBA sounds
like a great business, but you gotta deal with
inventory and returns, and all of this other
stuff, and customer service. And sure, dropshipping
sounds cool, but again you have inventory, and
you have to actually have physical products being
shipped out to people. And maybe you like the idea
of social media marketing, but then there’s the
customer service aspect of it where you’re dealing with clients calling your phone all the time. Well, this is a business
model where essentially all those crappy things
about these other businesses they don’t exist in this business model. And I know you may be
saying, oh, that sounds like a scam, but just
hear me out and I’ll walk you guys through exactly why this is. So the first biggest pain
in the butt with starting any kind of business
are your overhead costs. If you start a physical
business, for example, you’re gonna be paying for a retail space, you’re gonna be paying for products, if you open up a coffee shop
you gotta buy equipment, you gotta pay for coffee
beans, all kinds of stuff like that, that’s all
considered to be your overhead. Well, with a business of
having a digital product, there is no overhead, other
than maybe some very nominal subscriptions services like
an email marketing service, or for example, a web hosting service, but it’s nowhere near
the types of expenses that you pay with a
traditional brick and mortar business, or some of the other business opportunities out there. And even Amazon FBA for
example, there are some overhead costs there, and
some initial startup costs for product research,
inventory, et cetera, that you just don’t have
in the business model here of selling a digital product online. And in case you guys don’t
know what that means, a digital product is
exactly what it sounds like, it’s a product that lives on the internet. It could be a membership site, it could be a course, it could be a
guide, anything digital that’s non tangible,
information you can package up online, in one form
or another, and then sell people to get access to that information. And I know a lot of people are thinking, who in their right mind
would buy online courses? But you guys would be
surprised how many people are out there, including
myself, consistently buying online courses for continuing education. And you see it happen all the time now, with universities, switching
to more of an online education, and that has, I
think what paved the road for this new type of online learning, was the transition from the university teaching people in
classrooms at the schools to actually teaching people
online where you can learn at your own pace, and in the
comfort of your own home. So the other big perk to
this business is there’s no inventory, you don’t
have a warehouse full of digital products and
downloads sitting in an Amazon warehouse, or
sitting in your garage. They’re infinitely sellable
because there’s no inventory. And as a result, it
doesn’t cost you any more to sell 50 copies as it
would to sell one copy. So once you make it, there’s no inventory, you can perpetually sell
that product over and over without ever worrying about
running out of that product or stocking inventory, or
paying for the overhead for any kind of warehouse space. Another huge piece here
is that there’s no real returned products. You will have refunds,
you’ll have unhappy customers in any business, but there’s
no returned products. Nobody’s mailing back your digital product and saying, I want a refund. They may ask for a refund,
and there are often totally legitimate cases
where people do want a refund, but there’s nobody
mailing you back products that you then have to
open up and send return, or send refunds to, and then
re-warehouse those products, none of that whatsoever in this business. And again, since there’s
no product, there is no shipping, there is really
not much customer service, and the customer service
involved with this business can be outsourced to virtual assistants. If you don’t wanna handle that
day to day customer service but essentially what you’re
doing with this business is taking a, something that
you are very skilled about and then creating an online resource that teaches people for you. So if you were to go out there and start a business where you
were tutoring someone, for example, that business
doesn’t have the same scalability as selling a digital product, because your time is
actively involved with that. And so let’s say you’re
really good at calculous for example, and you’re a calculous tutor, and you’re charging $20 per hour, well that’s the only
amount of money you’re ever gonna make per hour,
unless you maybe increase your price a little bit,
but it won’t be possible to scale that beyond however many hours you wanna work per day. So the reason why this is
such an appealing business model, and the reason why
it’s infinitely scalable is because rather than having
you physically teaching this student, you take your
lessons, you put them online, and then they’re accessible
24/7, 365, to anybody who decides to purchase
your digital product, and then enroll in your course,
or your membership site, or whatever it may be. So that is the business,
that is what is the fastest way to go from zero dollars to $100,000. I wanna literally now
draw it out for you guys and show you exactly
how you can take action from this video, and
then begin making money by selling digital products. So what I wanna tell you
guys right now is this; myself personally, learning
this funnel right here, which is the simplest funnel out there, and this type of sales funnel
can obviously get a lot more complicated, but this funnel alone, understanding the concept
of how this works, I can’t even put a
number on how much money this has made me. If I had to, I would say this has made me well over $250,000 since I’ve
started my online business. Understanding, I would even say even more, probably more like half a million dollars. Basically, this is my
entire business model in a nutshell, and if you
look at basically any business out there, especially in
the online digital space, this is the exact business
model people are following. There’s a funnel, and if
you guys aren’t familiar with a funnel, this is a
means of directing traffic towards one specific goal. The outcome in this case
is whatever your offer is going to be, whether you’re
selling an online course, selling a membership
site, selling coaching. Whatever it may be. And so at the top of the
funnel, this is where you’re gathering all of your traffic, and the way that you gather traffic today with the internet, is with
something called content. Now the best way to do
this is with YouTube because video is one of the best forms of content to build rapport with people, but it’s still possible
to do this with blogging or podcasting, and other means like that. But essentially this is what you’re doing. You are putting free content out there on the internet, and in
exchange you are funneling traffic into your sales funnel here. And the way that you’re collecting leads is through something called a lead magnet. I guarantee you every single
person watching this video, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen a lead magnet. This is when you click
on someone’s website, and you go to scroll
away, and you go to hit the X in the corner, but just before that, a pop up shows up, and they
tell you, they’re gonna give you all of the secrets
you’ve been looking for, all you have to do is
drop your name and email. And I know many of us,
if not all of us have put our names and emails in before,
gotten the free resource, and then received marketing emails from that particular blog or
influencer, or whatever it may be. And that is how you funnel
people into this sales funnel, is by having free content out there which adds value, builds
rapport with the audience, and then that lead magnet
allows you to capture that lead and gather that email. And then if you wanna add
some more complexities into here, you could. You could have an auto
responder that follows up with them after they join your list, that’s not a bad idea. But if we’re talking as
simple as possible here, literally all you have to
do is have free content out there, have a lead
magnet, and then have an offer at the end of your funnel. And maybe you’re not
gonna launch your offer until you’ve done this
for about six months, that’s gonna be the golden rule here based on my experience. So I’m gonna get a little bit
ahead of myself here, guys, and show you the bigger
picture of how this simple funnel turns into $100,000,
then I’m gonna circle backwards and go into a
little bit more detail about each of these levels of the funnel. But essentially what
you’re going to be doing is creating free content,
and if you do this for a period of six months,
and you really do it in an effective and consistent manner, it’s entirely possible to
have a six figure launch when you do eventually launch
some kind of digital product. Particularly this works
well with digital courses. So your goal here in this is
to, through your free content, to gather 10,000 leads. 10,000 emails in this case. And that may sound like
a crazy high number but it is totally doable in
a six month span of time, if you are very purposeful
with the type of content you’re producing, and the type of content you’re putting out there. And then what you wanna
do is have your offer, and you just want 1% of people to convert. So if you had a room of 100
people, if you could get one of those people to buy your course, and you have 10,000 people
that you’re reaching out to, well then you can
have a six figure launch with just 10,000 leads. And again, for me, for
example, when I first started my YouTube channel, it really
didn’t take me that long to get to that 10,000 subscriber level. Now, I made a bunch of mistakes early on, I didn’t understand this sales funnel, I wasn’t even collecting
emails until I had like 150,000 subscribers,
so the lost opportunity there is something I don’t
even wanna think about, because of how much money
I left on the table. But if you build that funnel the right way from the beginning, and
you have your lead magnet in place, and everything like that, that is how you wanna go about doing this. But essentially that’s what you wanna do, create free content, add
value and build rapport, for a period of six months with people, gather leads, gather 10,000
emails, or 10,000 subscribers. Email I think is the
best way to reach people because you own that
audience, but it works with subscribers as well,
or a blend of both of these, and then you’re going to
launch your digital product. And it’s gonna be a
formula on 10,000 leads that looks something like this. Well, as we said, if you
have 10,000 leads here, and you have 1% converting,
which is a very crappy conversion rate, that means
you’re gonna have 100 people opt in to whatever that
offer is right there. So in terms of how much money
you wanna make from this, you just basically work backwards. So you would set a goal
for yourself in terms of how much money do I want to make? And that number is gonna go over here, and then you just divide
that number by 100, which is, you’re at 10,000
leads, at a, just a 1% conversion rate, which
is very conservative. So if you did wanna have
that six figure launch, if you wanna have $100,000,
you would simply take that $100,000, divide it by 100,
and you would just then sell that product for,
basically you would do 997, that’s a more appealing number, 997, maybe 999, you know how that works, the whole psychology behind numbers, but you would then work
backwards, put that number in there, and say, okay,
if I can sell 100 courses at $999, well, there’s my $100,000 launch. Maybe you’re more
ambitious, and you wanna do 200,000, or $500,000, all
you do is adjust this number accordingly, and then of
course you have to build the actual digital product
that backs that value. And I know a lot of you guys are saying, who’s buying courses for $999? But to be honest with you
guys, I’ve been watching the trend here with digital products, and for a while the norm was
like, 497 to buy a course, $497, and then it went to 997, and then it went to
2,497, and now I’m seeing many influencers with courses in the five to $10,000 range. Now the one thing I do wanna
say about this right now, before we go any further, is that you need to promise me, if you do
decide to actually follow this business model, you’re
using it for purposes of good, and not purposes of evil. Because the unfortunate thing
is that basically anybody could take this system
here and then go out there and foreseeably make $100,000 or even more following this exact strategy
of providing free content, offering a lead magnet, selling
to 1% of their audience, and then basically having
this digital product. And while there’s nothing wrong with this business model, there is
a problem when people don’t actually do what they’re
actually selling you on. And so it’s kind of like the
analogy here of the gold rush. So during the gold rush,
who made the money? Was it the people that
were mining for gold? They made some money,
but the people who really made money, for example,
Levi, that is where Levi jeans came from, was the
jeans for the gold miners, and you know who else made money? Was the people out front
selling the pickaxes. They had this golden
opportunity in front of them, they said, oh, you can go
dig for gold over there, here’s your kit, here’s your pickax, here’s this, that, and the other, they were the ones who made the most money by selling the opportunity. And so you do oftentimes
come across a lot of people in this digital learning space that are simply selling
shovels and selling pickaxes for an opportunity
that they’ve never actually done themselves. So, I hope nobody watching this video has that type of intent in
mind with this business model, and it’s very difficult to discern, because you will oftentimes
come across people and you can’t really tell
if they’re actually doing the business themselves, or are they just selling the opportunity to other people. So if you do come across
somebody selling a course like that, do some due diligence on them. So for me personally I
have an affiliate marketing course that I sell, it’s
actually closed right now just because I’m working
with my existing students for a bit, I’m gonna
show you guys the numbers on that course in a little bit, but that course for
example, you guys can see my affiliate earnings, I
was doing monthly updates for the first half of the
year, literally showing you guys screenshots of my
Paypal, of all of my dashboard showing my affiliate earnings. So make sure if you do
decide to take a course from somebody that there’s that
level of transparency there about their actual earnings, so you know they’re not just selling
pickaxes for an opportunity that they’ve never actually
taken advantage of themselves. But that being said,
this is the model here, that is how you go and you
make $100,000 with this very simple sales funnel,
and now I wanna give you guys a little bit more detail as to how this actually works, and how
these different components work, and how you can
literally start taking action on this business model immediately after this video. But the one favor I wanna
ask of you guys really quick is if you’ve learned anything
from this video so far, if anything I’ve showed you so far is new information, or
something that peaked your interest, all that
I ask is that guys drop a like on this video,
it helps me out a lot with the algorithm, and
I would just certainly appreciate that, and it
also shows me whether or not this video was immensely helpful to people or if maybe it needs more work, it’s just great feedback for me. So if you’ve learned
anything so far, I would certainly appreciate a like on this video. Okay, so now what we’re
gonna do is take that initial funnel that you guys saw there from the previous section
of the video, we’re gonna break it out into actually
six separate sections that are a little bit
more explanatory in terms of what you would actually
need to do to literally take this and start taking
action towards having a six figure launch with a digital product. So the very first step,
the number one thing you have to look at is going to be what is the niche that
you’re going to be serving? And this is ultimately gonna come down to whatever it is that you’re good at, whatever it is that
you’re passionate about, because again, like we said,
you’re using this business model for the purposes of
good, not the purposes of evil, so you’re not gonna go
out there and pick some random money making niche, and say, oh, I’m gonna teach people how to make money by opening a franchise, if you don’t know anything about franchising. So you’re gonna take
something you’re already, are knowledgeable of, and interested in, and that is going to be your niche. And I know a lot of people
think, oh, I gotta be showing people how to make
money, or showing them how to lose weight, or how to find their ideal relationship,
but there are so many people out there looking for information
that you already have, that you’re already an
expert on, and you’d be amazed how much people are willing to pay for the information. And essentially what they’re paying for is for you to solve a problem for them. And let’s say somebody is
struggling with a certain area of their life, it could be anything. Let’s say they’re trying to increase their speed for running track,
or something like that. Or they’re trying to get
better grades on tests, or how to score higher on the SAT. If you’re able to solve
that pain point for them, it’s gonna be extremely valuable to them, and oftentimes it’s gonna
be significantly more valuable than even the price
you’re paying for that course, or they’re paying for that course. So that’s the number one
thing you gotta figure out. Is what is the niche that
you’re going to be serving? I can’t help you with that part, but I can certainly help you guys with
the other steps involved here. Number two, the second thing
you’re gonna do after that is you’re going to get
your lead magnet in place. And literally guys, all I do for this, I write my lead magnets,
’cause I like the voice to be consistent, I like
it to be my content, and I also like my lead magnets
to be extremely valuable, but then what I do, I go
on Fiverr, I pay someone to paginate my lead magnet
and make it look pretty, I pay for a cover on
Fiverr, and so basically for 100 bucks I’ve got a nice,
clean looking lead magnet. So those are your very first two steps. Before you begin creating any content, you put together your lead magnet. ‘Cause again, that was one of
the biggest mistakes I made, was I didn’t start collecting
emails, like I said, until I had over 100,000 subscribers. So you wanna have all of
this infrastructure in place for your funnel before you
begin working on the top level of that funnel,
which is your free content. Getting eyeballs and collecting leads. So that is basically what
you do; you take whatever niche you are in, and you
identify a very common pain point, so let’s say
for example your niche was going to be, I’m
just gonna pick something at random, scuba diving. And so, your lead magnet
could be five things every beginner scuba diver needs to know before getting started. And that could be a perfect lead magnet if you’re going after
beginning scuba divers, and maybe that’s the
niche you’re going after, and that’s the course
you’re going to sell, is the best scuba diving videos. And I’m sure there’s
certification involved, but maybe you’re telling
people the best places to scuba dive, the best
equipment, and everything else involved with that. How to get certified. So let’s say your lead
magnet, like I said, is that right there;
five things that beginner scuba divers really need to know. So your niche is scuba
diving, lead magnet, you spend a Saturday afternoon
writing out your list. You put together a three
or four page Word document, you go on Fiverr, you pay
someone to paginate that and make it look pretty,
and then you pay someone 50 bucks to make a cover,
and so 100 bucks later, and maybe six hours of
your time at the most, you have a nice, snazzy
looking lead magnet that’s going to allow you
to begin collecting leads. So step number three is
going to be the email list, and that’s going to tie in
directly with your lead magnet. And this is a very simple step, guys. Essentially all you’re doing
is taking that lead magnet, and you’re either gonna
host it on Dropbox, or you’re going to send
it as an attachment, and literally all you’re
going to do is the most basic thing in the world, I’m not even gonna cover it in this
video, it is so simple, you take your email marketing software and you integrate it
directly, so when somebody subscribes to your list,
the lead magnet is sent to them, and their email
is then added to your list. That is all you’re doing for now. If you wanna go a step
further, you could setup an auto responder sequence,
which is a series of emails that goes and follows
up with them everyday for a certain period of time. But if we’re going as basic
as possible, you don’t even need that auto responder
right now, you just need to capture that email and
then wait until the launch of your digital product. So number four, the next
step here, is the top level of your funnel, which
is your free content. And basically what you guys
are going to be doing here is just looking at what
other people have made content wise, and then
repurposing that content. You’re not copying the content,
you’re not duplicating it, you’re basically repurposing that content. And I’m sure you guys have
seen this before on YouTube if you follow some of the same
YouTubers in one given niche, they all tend to make the same videos. I know I’ve made videos on passive income, I know Graham Stephan has
made videos on passive income, so has Jeff Rose, so have Nate O’Brien, and Marko from White Board Finance. There’s a reason we all
make the same videos, and that is because we’re all repurposing each other’s content. So what I’m gonna do now for
you guys, I’m gonna open up my phone, and we’re gonna
do some live market research in the scuba diving niche. I’ve never looked at
anything in this niche, guys, so this is just gonna be totally raw here, showing you guys some market research and giving you guys some
examples of topic ideas you’d wanna cover if you were
doing this scuba diving niche. And again, maybe you
don’t wanna make videos, but you could do blog
articles, you could do a podcast, but like I
said, video does work the best for this business model, ’cause that is where people
begin to get that personal attachment to you, and that’s
where you’re gonna build the most rapport. So now we’ll jump into my
phone, and do some market research in the scuba diving niche. All right, so we’re gonna
go ahead and open up my YouTube app now, and
we’re gonna begin doing some research into this
scuba diving niche, and essentially what we’re
doing, like I said already, you’re looking for content,
it’s called proven content. It’s worked for other people,
so it’s going to work for you as well, so I’m just gonna
go ahead and type in here, scuba diving for beginners,
and see what comes up, in terms of videos. So once we go ahead and
do this, that’s what we’re basically looking for,
is the content that has already worked well for other people, and you’re just gonna
start an Excel spreadsheet, or a list, whatever you
wanna do, of the best content out there that has worked
well for other people. So one of the very first videos here, and it’s a three minute video, is called “Scuba Diving Lessons for
Beginners”, and this video here has over 100, or has 180,000 views. So that would be one of the
very first pieces of content I would personally do is
scuba diving for beginners. Next up, here’s another
one, that seems like a great video to produce, “Five
Common Fears in Scuba Diving”, and this video here is
six months old, and it has 11,000 views on it already. This one right here, another
video that’s a perfect example, “10 Mistakes that
Newbie Scuba Divers Make”, and this one has 681,000
views, and this is a channel I just found all about scuba diving. Again, like I said guys, I’ve never looked at this niche before, I’m
actually pretty claustrophobic so I don’t know if I would ever actually go scuba diving, but let’s
click on this channel, and this is another
strategy you can follow, is what you would do is find
a channel in that niche, go to their videos, and
then sort by the most popular videos, and again,
this is gonna show you the type of content you should be creating if you’re getting into this niche. So, the future of scuba
diving, 650,000 views, then there’s actually
a review of a certain scuba diving device, and
then it seems like a lot of these other videos are
related to scuba diving equipment, so those may not
be ones that you’d wanna do unless you are familiar
with that equipment. And then you see, here’s another one, “What to Expect from
an Open Water Course”, “Scuba Diving for
Beginners, Understanding” I assume this is
“Understanding Atmospheres Underwater is Easy”. 96,000 views on this
video, and I guarantee you 90% of these people don’t
understand the business model that I just showed you. 90% of people don’t understand
that funnel I showed you, I would even say more,
95 to 99, making content, they don’t understand
the value they have here, and the ability they would
have to actually make easy money by having a digital
product on the back end. And so that’s basically what
you’re going to be doing, is finding content just
like this, making a list of the content you need to
create, and then creating that content, whether
it be a YouTube video, a blog, a podcast,
whatever medium you prefer. Okay, so the fifth step
after that is going to be just to add value to your audience. And that just basically
means answering questions, answering emails, answering
comments from people, and just basically what
you wanna be doing in the first six months, in
this stage right here, is give, give, give, give,
asking for nothing in return. You’re not asking for
people to send you money as a donation, you’re
not asking for people to pay for a email from
you, or something like that. You’re literally just
giving and giving and giving to them asking for nothing in return, because that ask is gonna
come, down the road, once you’ve built rapport with them, through this automated system,
that is the beauty of this, is that once you build
it, you’re gonna continue to generate qualified leads for yourself, people who are interested
in that bottom level of your sales funnel, which is your offer. So, it’s almost like this
right here, this system you’re going to build is then
gonna funnel traffic into the other system, which is your course, and then you have a machine running 24/7 generating leads for you, qualified leads, building rapport with
people, automatically, with your free content,
and then having your offer at the bottom of the
funnel where people convert into your course, or your membership site, or whatever it may be. And I’ve talked to so
many people following this business model, it’s really
amazing how many different niches are out there. And some people yell at me,
they say, oh, it’s niche, whatever you guys prefer,
but I remember just the other day I was talking to
somebody who had a blackjack membership site, where he
teaches people how to count cards, and he said he
charges 97 bucks a month, and he had over 3,000 members in there. So if we do the math on that, for example, 97 times 3,000, and
this isn’t from YouTube, this was from a blog, he
said he didn’t like doing videos, so he did this
from a blog, you’re looking at roughly $30,000 per month, of income. Just from something as
simple as counting cards. Now I’m not saying it’s
simple, but I am saying it’s a relatively straightforward
proposition there, is I’m gonna show you
guys how to count cards, he has free information at
the top level of his funnel on his blog, and then a certain percentage of his readers opt in
to his membership site, where he has that
recurring monthly revenue of $30,000 per month,
teaching people in a niche that he is very passionate about. And then sixth, the final step here, is going to be launching your course. And this is basically
just going to be sending out an email, after you’ve
collected these leads with your lead magnet,
and your email list, and obviously in the
introduction of your videos you’re gonna want to
promote your lead magnet, so if you’re doing scuba
diving for beginners, you’d say, hey, I’m blah, blah, blah, from Scuba Diving for Beginners, or whatever your channel
name is, and then you’d say if you guys wanna learn
more, check out my free guide on the top five things
beginners need to know about scuba diving, in
the description below, top link in the description. And a certain percentage of
people are gonna click that, join your list, that’s
going to build your list, but you’re also gonna gain subscribers and other social media
followers that are also going to be leads for you. So you’re gonna want to
promote your lead magnet in that video to get people
to actually sign up for it, and that is basically it. You’re gonna do this for
a period of six months, maybe it’ll take you
longer if you’re making content less consistently,
but if you seriously buckle down, and you’re
very strategic about your content, and you’re
repurposing proven content, and you’re making good information, this should all naturally fall into place in a period of about six months. Now, can I guarantee it? No, of course nobody can guarantee that in six months you’re
gonna have 10,000 leads, and $100,000 course launch, but you’re gonna be better
off than you were right now, especially if you’re looking
to make money online. You’re getting into the
right direction of where the serious money is made online. But this is a proven business
model that so many people are following, but most people
just don’t understand it, most people are blind to it
because a lot of this stuff, the course sales, and all that, well that happens on the backend. You don’t see that stuff. The free content is just used
to gather qualified leads, and then you sell to
those leads on the backend with your course or
whatever your offer is. All right, now here’s
where things start to get really interesting for you
here, because you can literally follow this exact strategy I just outlined to start making $100,000,
or have a six figure launch for your course, that is fine and dandy. Or there’s actually a second level to this that’s happening right before your eyes, that you probably don’t even know about, that I’m gonna show you guys right now, and that is when we enter
the world of paid ads. Whether it be Facebook ads, ads on Google, whatever it may be. That is where this becomes
infinitely scalable, in most cases. That is where you can go
from the level of six figures to seven or even eight figures. And I know people, I’m gonna
talk to you guys in a little bit about somebody who’s
made over $10,000,000 with this exact business model,
in a very short period of time, of basically selling
digital products online. And so, the difference is
you’re going from free traffic, which is what you’re
getting from your articles or your videos, and then
you’re switching over to paid traffic, which is
running ads and then typically having people go to a
webinar, which is just a sales video, where they would
then purchase your course. You see, with the traffic
from your existing audience, they’re already warm to
you, you’ve already built rapport with them through
your free content, so you may not need that webinar. In most cases, you don’t;
people watch your videos, they like you, they trust
you, they know who you are, but when you’re gathering
cold traffic via paid ads, people don’t know who
you are, and that webinar is basically used in
place of this right here, which is what’s going to
add value and build rapport for them so that they trust you. But paid ads is where
this becomes scalable, and where things tend to get
very interesting for people. If you aren’t already amazed
by this business model, this should really be what
makes you go, holy crap, this is crazy potential
with this business model. So it all starts out here
with something called a tracking pixel. And I’m sure you guys are
familiar with this if you, maybe you haven’t heard
the name of it because unless you’ve been
looking at ads, I’m sure you’ve experienced the
tracking pixel before, and that is where people
often get a little bit annoyed with Facebook and Google, and they go, wait a second,
I was just on Google looking up blue backpacks,
and now I’m getting ads for blue backpacks
on YouTube, why is that? And this is because of a tracking pixel, and essentially what it
does is if you are logged in via Google or YouTube, or
Gmail, or you are logged in into your Facebook, and you
visit somebody’s website and they have a tracking
pixel installed in the header of that website, well they
link the two together, and they identify that,
oh, this anonymous visitor is actually Jane Smith
from blah, blah, blah, and they tie it to your
Facebook, or your Google profile. And then you begin to see advertisements for that exact product. That is simply called retargeting, retargeting an existing audience. So, that is basically
the first step of this, and a lot of people
say, oh, that’s a breach of privacy or whatever,
that’s not really the argument right now, as it stands
right now, tracking pixels are totally allowed, tracking cookies, people, they’re not a huge fan of them, but you know what? They’re allowed right now
as the business model is, and I don’t see them
going away any time soon, but that is the first
crucial component here. So, when you have your
audience here, your traffic, from your initial launch of your course. So let’s say for example
you get your audience of 10,000 people. So let’s say numbers rise
25 to 30%, people open your email, that’s unfortunately
a typical open rate, maybe a little bit higher for you, but that’s typically what I see, and then let’s say you
get 10% of the people that actually click on the
page ’cause they’re curious, how much does this course cost? So 2,500 people of your
10,000 open your email, 1,000 click on your page,
but the tracking pixel is activated on those 10,000
people, and you’ve now collected that data. You know who these people
are, you can re-target to them, but you also have a general idea of this audience now,
which is going to come in handy here. And then let’s say, of the 10% who click, well, 1% of the total
audience makes a purchase, so 2,500 people open
the email, 1,000 click on the sales page, and
100 end up purchasing the course, or the
membership site, or whatever it may be. But there’s a tremendous
amount of value in those 1,000 people that clicked on your sales page and activated your tracking pixel. So that is the very first
step here, is the audience that you have by launching,
activates the tracking pixel, and now you can use that data to create what is called a lookalike audience. And this is just how
brilliant Facebook is now. If you give them a dataset
of people, well, they’re able to analyze that data and
say, oh, this is a bunch of 30 to 35 year olds who are interested in scuba diving, and they tend
to have a certain net worth, or dollar income, or something like that. They’re gonna look at all
these different random variables and they’re
gonna be able to help you create a lookalike audience. It’s not the same people,
but based on the data that you’ve collected
with your tracking pixel, they build you similar
audiences that you can then run cold ads to. Now, you can also do your retargeting ads, and those are insanely profitable. Retargeting ads you’re almost
always getting a positive ROI on because, essentially
what you’re doing is people who viewed the sales page for your course, you’re gonna re-target
them with another ad, and say, hey, I noticed
you checked out my course, but you didn’t buy it. Well let me tell you
about my refund policy, or something like that. I’m sure you guys have
all seen these ads before, but maybe it’s just now clicking, how this whole business
model works for you. So, the tracking pixel is
going to be used to then create that lookalike audience, and you can run cold
traffic to that audience. So that’s what this second
step here is, the data from the tracking pixel, that
literally Facebook lets you install this in your website
and collect this data for free, well you can’t see
the data, that’s the thing, only they can see the data,
but it lets you collect it for free, you gotta use Facebook
in order to use that data, that is then used to create
a lookalike audience. Which is what’s going
to allow you to then run your cold traffic. So then what you do from there, you’re probably gonna have
a retargeting campaign setup where you’re retargeting
people who already viewed your course page, and you’re
hitting them with some kind of one time offer, or some
kind of scarcity discount, or maybe you’re just gonna rephrase, maybe just mention them, hey, did you mean to buy this or not? ‘Cause I know with my course
launch we did retargeting ads and our numbers on
retargeting ads were crazy, it was like for every
dollar we were spending we were getting like 15 bucks back, it was literally crazy margins
on these ads, but it’s, people who’ve already
viewed the sales page, so you’re always gonna
typically see numbers like that. But oftentimes it was as
simple as reminding people that it existed, saying,
hey, did you mean to purchase the course or did you forget something? And we would generate sales
just by reminding people, because maybe they checked
out the sales page and said, oh yeah, I do wanna
buy this, and then they clicked open on another tab and forgot, and that simple reminder
on Facebook was enough to get them to make that purchase. But this is where the
true opportunity lies, is with that audience,
and the tracking pixel collecting that data, and
building these lookalike audiences, and then running
cold ads to these audiences. So, I know I’m throwing a
lot at you guys right now, I hope your heads not spinning,
I know sometimes I try to make things simple,
I hope it’s clicking for you guys and making sense. If not, maybe watch the
video a couple times through, I’m really stacking a lot
on this and going from this simple model to the
one that’s really scalable, and probably the one that’s
a little bit more interesting to you guys, but now we’re gonna take this and plug some numbers
into it, and show you how this becomes literally
a money making machine. Okay, so let’s go ahead
and assume that you have a cold traffic funnel setup,
where you have people clicking on ads, signing up and
registering for a webinar, and then after they complete
the webinar they have the opportunity to actually
purchase your course, and let’s assume we’re operating
with these numbers here. We have a course that is selling for $997, which is basically the entry
level now when it comes to online courses. You’re not seeing many selling
for less than that price. As far as conversion rate on that webinar, we’re assuming 2% conversion,
and typical conversion for a webinar ranges from
one to 3%, depending on a number of different
factors, oftentimes it’s how good is your webinar? And then let’s assume that you
have a cost per registration of $5, so basically let me
explain what this means here. This means that when you’re
running ads on Facebook, for every $5 that you spend
on ads, you’re getting one person to register for the webinar. And for every 100 people
that register, 2% convert. So let’s go ahead and actually
run the numbers on that. For 100 registrations, at $5 a piece, that means on ads you are
going to be spending 500 bucks. Now, we do know already that
your webinar’s converting at 2%, typical is one to
three, it can be optimized for sure and get you closer
to that three number. So let’s assume you’re
converting at 2%, that means that two people made a purchase. So you ended up from
those 100 people here, getting two sales. Well, we know your course sells
for $997, so you take that two, multiply it by 997, and
you come out with a number here of $1,994; so you just
spent $500, collecting 100 webinar registrants, you
spent that money to gain two sales at $997 a
piece, spent 500 bucks, you made 1,994. That is why people get so
rich with this business model, is because it’s such
a high margin product, you have so much room
to play with with ads. There’s no inventory, there’s
no shipping costs here, when you’re selling a
product that’s almost totally profit, your
margins are unbelievable, and you can spend a
boatload of money acquiring just one customer, and
even if you spend 250 bucks to get a sale, if that sale
is for 997, you still have a ridiculous profit margin. And so this is exactly what
people do, they take their audience, and then they harvest that data through a launch with a tracking pixel, they create a lookalike
audience, and then they run cold traffic to that
audience, just like this, and if it converts like
this, and they have a ad that’s generating a positive
ROI, then they simply just scale that ad, to a
larger and larger audience, and they make sure that the numbers here are still appealing. It’s typically, your
webinar conversion rate, and your cost per
registration, those are the two numbers you look at, and
you make sure that you are generating a positive ROI. So for this instance right
here, this is basically like putting a dollar in a
machine and getting $4 back. That is essentially what
this system is here, and I know that sound crazy to you guys, but basically where I
learned this business model was from a course, called
Digital Course Secrets. Full transparency guys,
I’ve taken that course, I bought that course, I
am affiliated with it, and I’m also gonna provide
you guys with a link to the webinar, if you
wanna learn more about it. But this is basically
what people are doing, and this is a course by
Kevin David, this is a guy who has sold over
$10,000,000 worth of courses following this exact
business model, of leveraging both organic traffic
from his YouTube channel, and paid traffic from
Facebook and Google ads. So this right here is
the exact business model, a very simplified version, that
countless people are using. I’m sure you guys see ads all
the time for the top level of that cold traffic funnel,
where they’re trying to get you to register for a free training, or register for a webinar. And maybe you don’t have
interest in this business model, and that’s perfectly fine, but maybe now you have a better understanding
of what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s
the bigger picture here, why is everyone trying to
give away things for free? Why are they giving away this free guide? Or free course? It’s because of this right
here, because it’s the top level of the funnel,
they’re collecting leads and they’re using it to
make money on the backend. Now, if you’re one of
the minority who watches this video and this
actually clicks for you, and you say, wait a
second, I wanna do this. I wanna run this profitable
business, then I would direct you guys down in
the description below, Kevin has a really good free training, it goes into more detail about
this entire business model, top link in the description
below, if you guys wanna check that out. And if you’re somebody who’s on the fence and you’re saying, oh,
maybe I’ll try this. Look, Kevin David doesn’t
need anymore money at the end of the day, he’s
done $10,000,000 in course sales, his sale of Digital Course Secrets is basically showing people this powerful business model, and how
he was able to do it. I can assure you guys, he
doesn’t need anymore money, full transparency, I’m
affiliated with his course so I get a kickback if you guys buy it, but I’m also a student
of his course, and a success story for his course as well. But if you’re on the
fence and you’re thinking about it, check out the
webinar, but, unless it really clicks for you, neither of
us need you to go out there and spend a couple grand
on a course that you’re not gonna use, that doesn’t help anybody. But that being said, let’s
talk about my numbers and my experience after going through Digital Course Secrets,
and basically doing this exact business model. So I took Digital Course
Secrets a couple of months ago, I think I was one of Kevin’s
first students, to be honest with you guys, but as soon
as he launched that course, I said, that is a course I need to buy, because if there’s one
thing he knows what to do, it’s sell digital courses. The only person I would also
buy a course on courses from is Tai Lopez, that guy’s sold
tens of millions of dollars, maybe even 100,000,000
of courses at this point, I don’t even know what the
number is, but anywways, I ended up launching my course in May, since then I have closed
it off for a period of time while I’m working with students one on one and building up a solid
number of testimonials, and then come January I’m gonna
do more of the advertising side here, and going after cold traffic. I’m just working with people, building up my testimonials, and then I’m
gonna scale it come January. But even just from taking
the course, and from that initial launch, I’ll
show you guys a screenshot right here, we did $29,000
in Stripe transactions, and then there was also
another $7,000 in Paypal transactions, so that’s $36,000, roughly, for that launch. Now I know what you’re
about to say, you’re saying, wait a second, that’s not
$100,000, you were telling us how to make $100,000 from
the launch of a course, and what I will tell you guys is this; my audience is not an
affiliate marketing audience, my audience is people
interested in the stock market, primarily, or they’re
interested in passive income, and while affiliate marketing is a method of passive income, it’s a
subset of a segmented audience that I already have. So I didn’t have 10,000
leads of people interested in affiliate marketing,
otherwise I can guarantee you I would have done a six figure launch. I had an email list of about
1,200 people interested in affiliate marketing when
I launched this course, so I launched it via
email and also on my other social media channels,
and had a $36,000 launch. So there’s no doubt in my
mind, if I had 10,000 leads this would have been a six figure launch. But that being said, even
with the price of the course that I paid for Digital
Course Secrets, it was still a fantastic return on investment to have a $36,000 launch. And again, that’s nothing
to shake a stick at, that’s like the average
salary for a person that I made just from launching a course teaching people my business
model of affiliate marketing. Now as far as the course goes, guys, Digital Course Secrets is
quite honestly one of the most thorough and valuable
courses I’ve ever taken, and it really did show you everything. And I’m not just saying that. There were literally
multiple points throughout the course that I paused the
video and I said, to myself, I can’t believe that Kevin
is actually showing us this level of information. He literally hands you
his webinar scripts, he hands you everything
in a templated form that you can actually
take action on and use. So what I will tell you
guys is this, I mean, obviously, nobody could
guarantee your success with anything out there. If you go anywhere and ask
somebody for a guarantee, if you go to college and
ask them to guarantee you for a job, nobody’s gonna give
you that level of guarantee, and that doesn’t exist here either. But if you understand this business model, and something clicked
for your when you watched this video, and you had
that light bulb in the head moment, this is the course
for you, that literally shows you step by step
exactly how to replicate this business model that
I gave you a very basic outline of here today in this video. But anyways guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video here today, if something
did click for you guys, or maybe you’re just curious
about this business model, I’m gonna put the link
in the description below for that completely free
training that talks more about this, and you’ll
actually also be able to get to see this sales funnel in
action, if you wanna see how it works, how you’ll click on that link and then possibly be
getting retargeting ads, you can actually see it working in action. Or, again, if the business
model just clicked for you and it’s something you’ll wanna
pursue, there is no better course out there for that,
from my own first hand personal experience; but
thank you guys so much for watching this video,
I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you in the next one.

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    What are those commentator names? With all due respect, this sounds like bought comments from a bot network.

  32. Working on gaining subs on YT to get started on this journey! Just passed 100 subscribers and got my custom URL 🙂

  33. Thanks for this! Quick question: what are your thoughts about using SquareSpace for a blog? (They claim their sites optimize well for mobile devices and high-volume traffic, into the millions.)

  34. Ryan, what is the name of the platform that you use to sell your digital content? and what is the first step to format a digital online course? ie, designing it, etc. 🙂

  35. Quality here indeed Ryan!
    Thank you for standing up and being openly moral in a dry digital world amen.
    James & kitty

  36. Here's the big obstacle no guru will ever address, regarding selling digital products or any model for that matter –

    Take Digital Marketer, a site that sells an endless (key word, endless) stream of digital products that they tell you must be purchased in order to have a successful business. They draw you into a funnel that never ends, and they never give you a complete package of products needed to get your business off the ground and flying with concise directions on how to set it all up.

    It is an endless swirling maelstrom of sales pitches for products they claim you need. They never give you a complete picture and the products needed to get rolling. And of course that's by design – they don't want you to get clear about what you need and how to get started actually making money from absolute beginner to running a profitable business because then you've essentially escaped their funnel.

    Yeah, thanks for "adding so much value".

    Gurus suck, you're all better off finding a real world mentor and grinding it out. Buying courses is a fool's game.

    This guy is selling the pick axes to people with gold fever.

    Am I wrong? OK, sell me a course that shows me every damn thing I need to do from a to z in order to go from beginner to running a business, all in one course without sucking me into an endless marketing funnel. I won't hold my breath.

    And the talk about using the info for "good, not evil" is a cringey joke – marketing gurus give less than a shit about what rubes who buy their junk do with the courses they buy. And most of the info is available for free anyway. Barf.

  37. Thanks again for another honest, informative video.
    P. S.: a 10 minutes video from Stephan Graham contains more ads than this 50 minutes video. Thanks again Ryan.

  38. Hello from Malaysia. Thank you for sharing. All that you just shared is very important and it's something I wanted to know. It's very valuable to me. Thank you again.

  39. At the end of the day we need lawyers and doctors. Personally I don’t like when people on YouTube forget that young people watch this videos.
    Your business explanation is good. But don’t misguide info.

    Digital product could die. Event the internet can me privates. And all of this models can die out.

    Teach in a way of someone can learn a skill.

    My opinion only.

  40. What happened to the "Investing Simple" instagram account ? I used to follow it and was one of my favorite accounts on the whole platform !

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