How To Get FREE UNLIMITED Paypal Money in 2017 ( 100% Working! ) ||100 % FREE UNLIMITED PAYPAL MONEy

hey what’s up guys welcome to Monster
Technic once again and in this video I’m just going to tell you that how you can
earn unlimited money using an application so this is the app which I install on my
phone you can also install it just go to the description and click on that link and
it will it on a device this is app where you can earn PayPal money just open this
app and it will see you that break the cube and earn the money you can earn $50 to
$500 through these applications but the twist is that you need to tap on this
cube for 1 million time and this is the big thing tapping on this cube for 1
million time this is a big deal because you can no tapp on on this cube for 1
million times and it will take many times to tap on it but today I will give
you a way to do that just this is a simple hack to do that so guys just you
need one thing a rooted device if you don’t know how to root your device go to
google and search that how to root your device and I hope to get the answers
after that just come to your phone and instal
ES File Explorer after installing ES File Explorer this open this app and
grand the permission of super users after giving the permission just open it and
go to your device folder in device folder there is a folder called data in
data you can find a folder called data here you have to find the folder of this
application which name is com.pptim.dollasurc this is the
folder name just tap on it after that click on this folder shared_prefs here you have to find the settings.xml file
just tap on it and you get the option to change it just click on this pencil icon
in the up just tap on it and change the value of this just edit this like me after editing is completed just tap on
it the backs button after that this will tell you to save this file just save it
as that’s it after that close this application and and again open this app
after opening that you can see that the number of tapping is reset to use to the
number just tap on this cube for that remaining time and that is after that
this cube will be breaks and you get the $50 gift card
now just transfer this one to your PayPal account and thats it you now you get
the $50 PayPal amount so that this is so simple to do that so guys note one thing
I don’t know you get fifty dollars to your account unknown because I tried
this and I did not get any amount in my paypal account but they tell me that
they will transfer the funds in five days so let’s see if we get this one or
not so guys if you found this video helpful then give it a like share this
video with your friends so they can also earn money and the thread to my channel
for more upcoming and interesting videos and don’t forget to check my other
videos and I will meet you in the next video

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