How to get free cryptocurrency? (Engsub, Vietsub & Japansub)

How to receive airdrops? In cryptocurrency, we can define ‘airdrops’ as a process whereby a crypto company distributes their tokens to wallets of some users free of charge. It is simply that we can receive free cryptocurrencies! There are three reasons that make them do so: To create awareness about a new cryptocurrency To generate leads for marketing purposes To reward loyal customers So, how to receive free tokens from an ‘airdrop’? First We have to sign up for online channels that provide information about cryptocurrency airdrops. These include websites, Twitter accounts, Telegram groups, as well as online cryptocurrency airdrop forums Second, Get a cryptocurrency wallet. It is necessary to find a reliable crypto wallet, where we can monitor our funds easily. It is even more crucial to get an ERC20 wallet, since most tokens in the market are ERC20 tokens. Third, Find an airdrop that we like, go to their website, and then follow their instruction to receive their tokens. Every airdrop has an exclusive set of rules. Fourth Wait until the chosen airdrop activates. Then we have our deserved reward. Or you can just simply use HB Wallet to receive notifications about new airdrop events and to send request to receive. It’s easy as 1 2 3 You can monitor the same wallet across your mobile phone, your tablet and your laptop. HB Wallet is now available on App Store, Play Store Macintosh and Windows. Download now! Please like and subscribe to see more videos! Thank you!

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