How to Get an Instant Crypto Loan from Nexo

Hello there! In this video I will walk you
through the Nexo platform and show you how in just 3 steps you can take an instant
crypto-backed loan starting from $100 and going
all the way up to $2mln. Now if you want to take
an even larger loan, send us an email to [email protected] But for everybody else,
here are the three steps: Step 1 – start by creating an account
and go to your profile page to pass through the fastest KYC procedure
you’ve ever been through. At the very basic KYC level you just
provide your name, address and phone. This will allow you to take
loans of up to $10,000 a month. If you want to take loans of up to $2 mln, you can do so by passing the advanced KYC, where you upload your ID,
passport or driver’s license. Or you can also take your loan
as a company. And to do so you pass corporate KYC, where you send us
the relevant corporate documentation to [email protected] Lastly, we require to activate 2-factor
authentication from the Security page, so that your profile has yet
another protection layer on top of our military-grade
256-bit encryption. And now – you’re ready for Step 2, where you can deposit your crypto assets
to your NEXO wallet provided by BitGO: the world renowned
and SEC approved custodian. At the time of this video recording,
we accept deposits in: Bitcoin, Ether, the Binance coin, and,
of course, our NEXO tokens, which are the only crypto assets,
giving you a 50% discount from the loans that you take. You can use this 50% discount when
you use Nexo tokens as a collateral or when you repay your loan
with Nexo tokens. Now keep an eye on our platform and
newsletter updates, as we keep adding new crypto assets as
collateral options on a regular basis. As you see, you have a loan limit, equal to 50% of the Bitcoin and Ether
you have deposited. For other crypto assets that you might
decide to deposit to your NEXO wallet, this percentage might vary
depending on their risk levels. And, now that you have the deposited
your crypto assets to your wallet, you are ready for Step 3, where you can immediately withdraw a loan to pay for your personal
or business expenses, Or, to pursue some new
lucrative investments. You can withdraw FIATs to your bank
in more than 40 different currencies, which can be sent to almost
any country in the world and which will usually arrive
to your bank account within just a business day. You can also withdraw stable coins
directly to your wallet, that you can use to buy more crypto,
or you can convert to USD. And soon you’ll also be able to spend your loan
directly with the upcoming NEXO Credit Card. Now the great news is that
when you take a crypto loan, not only you maintain ownership
of your crypto assets and all the potential upside
coming with that, but you also avoid paying
any Crypto capital gains taxes, which you otherwise have to pay in many
countries when selling your crypto assets. So, to recap: 1. Create an account and go through
our effortless KYC. 2. Deposit your crypto assets and,
3. Withdraw a loan. Then you can review your account balance
from the platform dashboard or from our upcoming NEXO mobile app. You will only pay interest on the amount
you withdrew or spent with your card. You can repay your loan at any time: tomorrow, in five months, or in a year. There are no minimum loan repayments, no hidden fees, no credit checks,
no capital gains taxes. And remember, if you use NEXO tokens
as a collateral for your loan or if you repay your loan with NEXO tokens, you get a 50% discount
on the interest rate. So, if you’re like me, and you think that the value of crypto
will consistently grow up, don’t sell your crypto assets! Hold them and get instant
access to cash with NEXO.

46 thoughts on “How to Get an Instant Crypto Loan from Nexo”

  1. Omg these dont no sense at all wjy deposit to get a loan and especially if it's lower than the depo, i dont get the point amd the whole point of a loan is to borrow money u dont have

  2. must one have tokens on his/her wallet prior the loan..or there has to be a collateral to be able to get loan? do you take htl token

  3. Cайт глючить , при обміні з BTC на NEXO можете втратити свої кошти . Будьте обережні з NEXO.

  4. Can someone help get my deposit back. Also after I paid all the loans and withdraw the rest. They want me to confirm it from my email but no link can be found to confirm it.

  5. So if I deposit my bitcoin from coinbase, and I get a loan on that amount. The loan of 50% of that amount is mine to do what ever with and the amount I deposited can not be touched until the loan is paid and the exact amount of bitcoin will be mine free to withdraw out after loan is paid. Am I understanding this correctly?

  6. Why am I supposed to collateral money to borrow money? And pay interest? BTW what is the per annum? Couldn't find it on the website during one minute and not going to spend more.

  7. So I deposit money, get the 50% of my own money, then I pay you interest? why? the excuse is that the currency will increase its value so I'll recover the interest… yeah but you still will make money at my expense, for what? for nothing….

  8. this doesnt make sense, so you get a loan based on how much you deposit. so basically you loan from yourself and then pay a fee to you guys to loan from myself? that a shitty system

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