How to Fund your Account with a Bank Transfer

hey guys crypto dad here again and today I'm going to show you how to fund your crypto comm account with a bank transfer so that you can purchase cryptocurrency with little or no fees so let's get started okay so I'm sharing my phone with you and I'm gonna head over to crypto comm now crypto comm is an iOS based crypto currency trading platform and I asked them about this and they said that one of their key decisions to do this model was security so they don't use web servers so you can only access crypto comm through their app there is no crypto comm website so but it's a real easy way to purchase buy and sell transfer deposit crypto currencies and the easiest way to fund the account is through your bank account you can also use a debit card but you do get charged a small merchant fee when you do that which is sort of beyond their control so I'm going to show you how to do the bank deposit so we'll just head over there to the right side near the top and tap deposit alright and then we're going to use the US dollar and then you'll notice their sub a confirmational their bank account so basically what you need to do is push your money into their bank account and so they've given you the information that you need in order to do a money transfer so I'm just gonna copy the routing number into my clipboard I'm gonna switch over to my Chase Bank you may have a different thing alright so in my interface I can go over to settings on the hamburger menu to account transfer and then it says manage external accounts so I'm just going to go ahead and set up this account as one of my listed accounts so that it'll be much easier to transfer money to them I'm gonna hit add external account and here's where i'm gonna paste in that routing number right that's the routing number that i copied from the crypto comm all right and then i need the account number so i'm gonna flip back over and i'm going to copy the account and then switch back over to my banking app and then I'll paste in the account number for the equipped Obamacare all right and then I'll paste it in again to confirm it doesn't appear to be letting me to do that okay so it doesn't want me to paste it in there so I guess I'm going to have to manually put that in I can handle it actually I could just show it right just show it so I can see it makes life easier okay six-two I think I got it all right so now the account numbers match I'm gonna go next it shows that it's the correct bank that we saw on the crypto comm website will it next all right and I'll just call this one crypto comm from my own mnemonic and I guess you could either put personal or business here it's entirely up to you I'm just gonna put personal because it's just me buying crypto for myself I'll hit next okay so they're gonna send to trial deposits to that Bank within the next two to three business days to confirm so I'm gonna hit next all right and then I'm gonna have to accept the terms and conditions on my end they're gonna send two deposits less than 50 cents to that bank account and they'll take that chain charge change back when they're done verifying the account all they confirm on that all right it's fairly straightforward this happens on quite a few verifications and then I'll hit done and there we go I'm done so I've managed to add one but it's pending verification all right so I received an email today alerting me that my transfer my test transfer into my crypto comm account was successful all right so they alerted me that my bank transfer had been received all right so it looks like I have to here I had one for 12 cents and one for 15 cents all right so now that I've received those two tests transfers I'm going to confirm them with my banking act so I'm gonna swing back over into my chase app and I'm gonna go check the status of that transfer okay so I'm gonna go to my hamburger menu I'm gonna go over here to account transfer manage external accounts right so I'm going to hit manage external accounts and there we've got the crypto comm where it says pending verification so I'm gonna tap that and I'm going to hit verify account right so I'll do that by putting in these two account transfers so hopefully that's right if it's wrong then I'll just reverse them and then I'm gonna hit verify and boom the account was verified all right so now that I verified the account is connected I can go ahead and hit scheduled the transfer and I know that I'm not just dumping this into the nether because my crypto calm account has already shown me that those transfers arrived so I know that the connection is good between the two accounts and I'll go ahead and schedule a transfer now in this case all righty I'll transfer from checking to crypto dot-com and I'm not gonna make it a repeat transfer but I'm just gonna go ahead and transfer 100 dollars and let's see I can tap Memo down here I guess okay and I'll just put initial funding all right now the test transaction took a couple of days it was over the weekend so it might even be quicker you know I'm starting now on a Monday so hopefully the funds will appear in my crypto comm account quicker well we'll see what happens right so I'm gonna transfer 100 from my checking into my crypto comm account starting today and then I'm gonna hit transfer and it wants me to confirm that I want to transfer this money I'll say yes and then I've got a confirmation that I transferred $100 all right and at this point I'm done with my app all right and so a couple of days later I received an alert from my crypto comm app that my transfer had been received and also an email confirmation that that the money had come into my account so once you get your crypto comm account set up on your banking app it's quite simple to just send some money over and it only takes a couple of days to show up in your crypto comm account so pretty simple once you get it all set up so let's check out the crypto comm app and see how we can buy some crypto and look at the kind of fees we get charged from what I understand I don't believe they charge you anything they want you to use their platform so if you just use your bank transfer you get very low fees let's check it out and see what we got well I head over to the crypto calm at all right there and on the home screen you can see there the fiat wallet has $100 in it and check it out I'm gonna tap it there alright and so it says that I have 100 u.s. dollars deposited in the account that's available for me to spend and as you can see there I had sent some the other last week as well alright so let's buy some Bitcoin and see what happens right and you can see up there at the top that I have all of the controls for to buy sell pay and send and deposit so there's a lot of features in this app and it's very secure so in today's case I'm going to hit the bye up there in the top left corner right and I'm gonna choose Bitcoin I'll tap the Bitcoin there alright so before I do that I'm just gonna check the calculated there market value of Bitcoin at this moment and compare it to something else just to see so they've got it at ten sixty ninety nine that's the current value of Bitcoin so let me head over to I'm gonna get this out of the way let's go over to market Capcom it says 1030 982 so there's a slight difference it and it says the 24-hour changes to 90 so and crypto comm says the latest value is 24 is 281 so a slight discrepancy in the market value but not a very large amount at all there's always going to be some discrepancy I've had some people tell me that they feel like the cash app always has a higher market value of Bitcoin so why don't we check cash apps value of Bitcoin at the moment and see and compare so I'll go over to Bitcoin I'll hit bye I'll put in 100 and I'll tap the Buy button alright and cash app is telling me that the current value of Bitcoin is ten thousand one hundred and fifty eight dollars and ninety seven cents so that may just be a fluctuation to all of these apps have their own algorithm for determining the market value of Bitcoin but from what I can see at this point the cash app is calculating a higher value for the market price of Bitcoin so crypto comms doing a pretty good job so let's get back over to crypto comm so we're gonna hit by and it's use Bitcoin all right I'm gonna choose fiat wallet over there at the top alright and then I'm gonna I'm gonna tap the amout there and so then the keypad shows up and then I've also got that max 100 down at the bottom alright so let's go ahead and tap buy Bitcoin and it wants me to confirm that and it uses my face ID and there we go alright and so I've made my purchase and I get an email alert from that and then I can just tap anywhere to continue and there we are so now I've increased my bitcoin holdings on crypto comm using a bank transfer with what appeared to me to be no fees whatsoever so this looks like to me the best way also their market value of Bitcoin was in line with all of the other major price exchanges that I checked so a pretty good convenient cheap way to buy Bitcoin so if you have any questions about what I did please throw them up in the comments and I'll do my best to get them answered don't forget I have a live stream every Friday night 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time please join me for the live Q&A in LA throw out any questions that you may have and I'll do my best to get them answered on the fly hope to see you there if you like this video give me a thumbs up if you'd like to subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it when you subscribe there's a little belt that you can click that will allow you to be alerted whenever I post new content once again thanks for joining me and hope to see you again soon

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