How To Fund Your Blockchain Wallet With Bitcoin

hey guys it's Kurt – yen in this video I'm going to show you how to fund your blockchain wallet now there are many different Bitcoin wallets to choose from and the thing is a lot of people prefer to use blockchain however blockchain is I give you an easy way to directly fund your wallet so I'm going to show you what the way I do it works best for me you may find other methods out there that other people use this works best for me and I think it's going to work pretty good for you too so first of all since you're watching this video you'll obviously already have a watt I'm watching that employ if you don't have one just going to blanching that info and get set up they'll take you literally five minutes to get your account in you're all set up next you're going to need to get an account at coinbase okay and what we're going to do is we're going to do travel work round we're going to buy Bitcoin at coin base and then we're going to send that Bitcoin to our blockchain one okay so once you get your coin biz account set up you want to log any good on the settings once you're in settings you will go to payment methods okay pin at payment methods click on add payment method and then you can see three different selections your PayPal bank account or credit debit card PayPal is for selling Bitcoin so you can sell Bitcoin on coinbase and get that cash sent to your PayPal account your bank account which is available in the US only allows higher limits so you can buy higher amounts of Bitcoin however it takes four to five days to clear so you want to buy Bitcoin instantly you want to add a credit debit card it's lower limits which even you can instantly buy the Bitcoin you know the way around four to five days so click on a credit data card and then add in your and your information your name credit card number expiration date CDC number and your billing address click Next and then you'll have to go through a verification process and once it's verified completely and it's added to your account you can then use that card to buy Bitcoin so when you're ready to buy I'm going to click on buy sell make sure you get the by tab is selected and then scroll down and just enter the amount you want to buy now with debit credit card when I got in here is a hundred dollar limit okay per week which is fine you know until you start getting to where you're buying a lot of Bitcoin and you know it's been each time one hundred dollars a week in Bitcoin worth Bitcoin line is is perfectly fine so entering the amount you want to buy either in u.s. dollars Berkeley or BTC so let's say I want to buy a $10 in Bitcoin I was typing $10 USD and then and they do add an additional fee and is click that and you instantly buy it if however say for example I know the amount of Bitcoin I wanted to buy let's say I want to buy point zero one Bitcoin okay that's 956 and US dollars and it's going to cost me 994 to purchase it once I do that I collect that instantly buy it it's instantly in my coin based wallet okay next I need to send that Bitcoin to my blockchain Mart so when I go is to send request and then make sure you get the send tab selected and then we need to get the wallet address of the wall we're going to send to so go back to our Bitcoin account go to settings go to addresses then we're going to go over it says receive click on receive we're going to copy this wallet address and then go back to home base I'm going to paste it in and then we want to make sure when I double check make sure we got the entire thing copied in so let's go back and verify real quick okay and then the amount we're going to send either in BTC or USD so let me use a BTC amount so I'm going to send go back and double check the amount that I have in here okay so I have point zero one five BTC right now so I'm going to send point zero zero three BTC so the right to coinbase I'm going to type in zero point zero zero three BTC and it's going to come out of my bt out of my Bitcoin wallet and then here I'm going to just type a note now me personally every time I send a transaction I always put a note so I remember what it's for so I'm going to put in blockchain test okay once we're all set click on send funds you're about two sentences Iran to set zero point zero zero three zero BTC where's 286 two this water dress okay boom boom boom and then confirm okay sending is complete now we're going to go to gold over to our blockchain want and go to transactions and it's going to take a few minutes to go through so I'm going to pause the video and then we'll come back when the transaction is completed okay now I just received a a text alert that says I just received zero point zero zero three BTC to my account so let's go ahead and refresh the page you're going to continue to log in log back in okay and as you see now this received a 0.003 BDC to my Bitcoin wallet and that is it that is how you send that's a DES how you fund your blood see well it's very simple very easy again it's a bit of a workaround however what's great about it is you can you don't have to go through a training a training system where you have to where you send money into an interest to buy Bitcoin and then you have been holdin escrow until the the seller sends your Bitcoin it's all very simple and instant quick yes there is a small fee online however to me it's worth it to add a few cents on to it onto a purchase to get the Bitcoin instantly so I have it and then I can stick again take that from coin base and set it to my blog tomorrow so guys again that's how you do it that's how I do it so go ahead and first one number one make sure you have a blockchain account you most likely haven't already if you're watching this video and then make sure you click the link down below and get set up with coinbase and then you'll be able to easily find your blockchain law so guys Ganz's cretaceous thanks for watching and i'll catch you in the next video so toxin

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