How To Fund Your BlockChain Wallet Using Circle Or Any Other Bitcoin Wallet

hey everyone Leo here today's tutorial is on how to fund your blockchain wallet so this is a very popular wallet in a lot of ways one of the more secure wallets and if you don't know what it's a wallet force or a Bitcoin so if I assume you probably already know that but some of you might have a difficult time funding it so you've got obviously create the account which I've already done here and you log in once you get in you'll end up seeing a screen similar to this now this is a brand new account I wanted to make sure that you saw exactly how to do it now the first thing you probably want to do when you stop your wallet is you got to make sure you go to the Security Center there are some steps there you probably want to make sure you set up very basic I don't think I needed tutorial for that but for for you to be able to receive funds you want to make sure you know how to do that so obviously you can see there's a receipt button here start with your bitcoins they're just pretty much pretty self-explanatory when you do that you're going to see that there's a code here okay that the address is the one that's used for you receiving funds if you're doing it with a phone you'll see that there is a QR code here and that QR code is where you can actually send funds to and it'll get here now you'll notice that if you do it again the the code might change that's totally fine as part of their security to make sure that you don't have the exact same code all the time so all you got to do is copy that code and when you're done that's it so you copy that code now you've got to figure out where you're going to fund it from if you have another wallet you can go to that wallet just send it to that particular address if you're within the US and you're wanting to take dollars and put them into actual Bitcoin there's a internet bank that's called circle you can set up an account pretty self-explanatory and then from there once you log in you can actually connect a debit card or credit card or a bank account and be able to fund it you can either fund it straight into your circle account or you can actually have the withdrawals happen directly right from your bank so in this particular case I'm going to go ahead and do that I'm going to click there I'm going to put the address here and then I'm going to make sure that I click Bitcoin in this particular case I'm going to send point zero five Bitcoin as you can tell I don't have anything in my circle account so it'll gray that out but I'm going to go straight from one of my banks that's it then I go ahead and submit it let me do that you will be given information here to verify how much you're going to be putting in and then from there you can actually you will receive on your phone a verification code so let me put that in and submit as you can see it says that I've set a certain amount to that specific address and we're good to go so in just a matter of time that amount is going to be received here which as you can see right away it's already there so it is good to go so it happened in real time there it is it's set there's nothing else that needs to be done you just sometimes it might the verifications might take a little bit longer then it did on this video so be patient and they should show up so I hope this video was useful to you I hope that it makes it easy for you to find your account and if you are using some other wallet it's the same process you just going to send it to that specific address and then decide how much you're going to put it thank you for watching and if you want any more tutorials like this feel free to connect with me and I'll put some of the links below so you can go ahead and do that take

18 thoughts on “How To Fund Your BlockChain Wallet Using Circle Or Any Other Bitcoin Wallet”

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  2. I found another wallet provider (Mycelium).. Blockchain is a joke!! blockchain is a bad wallet provider!! mycelium is one of the best!!

  3. im trying to send my bitcoins to blockchain from coinbase. but I keep getting this message..You don’t have enough funds in this account for this transaction. Please try again with a smaller amount…


  5. Any suggestions on what to use now that Circle is no longer? Hopefully it will be as simple as Circle was..thanks

  6. you should take this video down please it just messed me up as I went through the hassle of verification photos and such. they do not trade BTC any more. circle stepped away from bitcoin

  7. Hello, Do you go through the verification process at circle.? Because I am stuck at verification for almost a week now. Thanks in advance

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