23 thoughts on “How to Find the Top of the Crypto Market”

  1. We start looking at charts here: https://youtu.be/EpQWdx7rfRU?t=1327
    Check out CryptoHamster here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSFevtRWxs9FjthIDegTg5g

  2. This is the best strategy I’ve seen so far. Everything you say is so powerful. You are a wise man. Thank you for sharing everything you know with us. I’ve been to a few payd seminars in Las Vegas regarding how to find the top. But everything you say is on another level and for free. Thank you!

  3. Profits are transferred from the impatient to the patient. It was refreshing to hear for the first time and individual pointing out the bollinger bands as they plummet southward indicating a top in the mkt. When you combine this indicator with the RSI, Stoch RSI and the MFI (moneyflowindex) you get a peak in each of these on the weekly time frame and from there you can cut down to the daily time frame to time your exit when we have that hockey stick formation in the price action. Your rebuy will occur when the 200 Week MA is hit. Don't make it complicated, it is not rocket science, but you HAVE TO BE PATIENT folks. Emotion is a killer, control your emotion and step back and look at the big picture if you want to make big money. Great channel, been watching for over a year now I believe. Great guest, he should be a repeat for sure. Good TA for the uninformed, keep teaching the community, great to have guests on like this.

  4. Would be nice with some more short term pull back expectations. Thanks for a great video – big fan of CryptoHamster

  5. Great video! Maybe he was a bit too bullish with the 200k target in my opinion but overall really good advices for people coming in. Too bad that most will probably not see this video untill they are FOMOing in nearing the top

  6. Excellent! Please do more of this videos. I love Kirill Hamster!!! His explanations are simply awesome!

  7. Top is very near maybe a final rush on alt about 25-30% from these levels. ..and that's all. An terrifying ARMAGEDON is coming –next couple of years –to 3 digit number btc. ..and of course no new all time high as u said. …

  8. Really awesome guy you invited.
    Was a pleasure to hear his thoughts, calm clear and interesting.
    Thank you

  9. I drew some lines while listening to you guys…
    from absolute bottom to top of the breakout from the weekly 50MA and you will have the trajectory point to the top at 574K on Feb 21 2022 which is the point of intersection between the 2014 bottom or to be more conservative at 420K on Dec 2021… lol

  10. Is there a bot that can sell for me at volume percentage change so I can catch every top? lol think about it…u buy once and then you set to sell …repeat! 😀

  11. Thanks for the new perspective on finding the ‘top’ instead of ‘where is the bottom’. Pretty sure I will use this conceptual in the near future.

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