4 thoughts on “How to find the Best Altcoins to Trade”

  1. Man I swear the information you guys give out is really valuable, I learn something new every time I watch you guys. I highly appreciate the effort that you guys put in to make these videos, I'm looking forward to making a few good trades and buying your "Trading Course" with the profit. Keep the series coming!

  2. tremendous value, the combo of 24 volume + twitter ticker was very eye opening for me. I'm eyeing Zcash at the moment, at all time lows, and thanks to you I searched on twitter and I see they have something called sapling coming out in 2 weeks (still don't know what it is, just watched this), plus the potential for a coinbase listing, I'm feeling pretty tempted. Have you guys pondered about Z cash lately? seems like a very solid project, no?
    Thanks for the video, really helpful!

  3. The most perspective ICO this year is cryptovilla.info/telegramblockchain the GRAM Token can cost 100-200 dollars. Taking into consideration the fact that now it is sold at 1.3 dollars)

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