HOW TO EARN PASSIVE INCOME ? (Ways To Make $1,000 Or More Each Month!)

– This right here is the reason why most people
never make passive income in their entire lives. It’s because it starts off
very very slow at first. So I decided to start
making passive income by creating a YouTube channel
back in October of 2016, and this right here is
exactly how much money I made in the first three months of
building this YouTube channel. Now, I was spending anywhere
from three to five hours a day and I dedicated my entire
weekends to building this channel, so I was putting a lot
of effort into this, and this is how much money
I was making in return. So the first month, I
made $2.57 for my efforts. The second month, I made $7.16. In the third month, I made $59.99. Now, most people would
look at something like this and say that it will never work, that’s a stupid idea
to be putting in dozens of hours every single week to be making $7 in a month or even $60 in a month,
it’s just not worth it. I saw 178% increase from
month one to month two, and a 737% increase from
month two to month three. And that right there is what told me that it was possible
to earn passive income. Now, yesterday I did a
video talking about how I quit my $70,000 a year job in order to follow a different business model that allowed me to earn passive income, and that video is absolutely blowing up, so thank you guys so
much for watching that and sharing that video as well. It looks like we’re gonna
do about 15,000 views in the first 24 hours, and that’s actually a
first for this channel. That’s the most views I’ve ever gotten in that short of a period of time, and I had a lot of
questions from you guys. One of them was how do
you make passive income? That’s gonna be this video today. And the other one was, how
do I make passive income? So what I’m gonna do for you
guys is if this video gets 1000 likes in the first 24 hours, I’ll do a video tomorrow on
how I earned passive income, exactly what I’m doing to
make the money I am making, and what my different revenue streams are. So if you guys want to see that video, make sure you hit that like button. If we do 1000 likes in 24 hours, I will post that video tomorrow. But the first thing I want to do is just briefly
talk about the difference between passive income and active income, for those of you that are not familiar. I refer to passive
income as patient income or you’re being paid for your past effort. And what that means is you
put in a lot of work today but you’re gonna make money
potentially for the rest of your life as a result. But you have to be patient when it comes to earning passive income, because you’re not going
to see those results today. Look at me for example. I made $2 in my first month of doing something every single day, putting videos out there, replying to comments, building a following online, and some people are gonna do this and make absolutely zero dollars because they won’t have
the ability to run ads or do anything like that. So you really have to make sure that when you’re deciding
to make passive income, it has to start with another
PA, and that is your passion. You have to be passionate
about what it is you’re doing, otherwise you are not gonna be able to do it long enough in order to make any real money with it. Sure, there’s always the opportunity to grab the low hanging fruit, maybe it was cryptocurrencies, maybe a couple months ago
it was fidget spinners, or whatever the big hot trend is, but if you’re not passionate
about these things, you’re not gonna wanna do it for very long and that’s gonna be a
very short-lived trend as far as the interest
surrounding things like that. If it’s gonna be hot for
a short period of time, maybe you want to jump
in and make fast money, but I’m always leaning
more towards a more patient and slower business model that’s going to be viable for
a much longer amount of time. Now, I refer to active income as impatient income or now income. I want my money right now. And if you want that, it’s very easy. You could probably leave your house and go down the street and find any store or find a McDonald’s or a fast food place, go in there, and you could be earning active
income by next week. But the problem with active income is that you only make
money when you’re working, and you have to be
working for somebody else, and you have to be active in
order to earn that income. And so maybe you work eight hours a day, and you make money for those eight hours, but the other 16 hours a day, you’re making absolutely zero dollars, and you don’t make any money
on your weekends and days off, because you only make money when you are actively working for that money. So the people that are truly
successful when it comes to making passive income are those that can be patient enough
to ride out the early months or maybe even the early year when you’re not making much money at all, because you see the big picture. And what I wanna do right now is show you guys the big picture and what a little bit of passive income can really
do for you down the road. So this right here is what
gets me excited about the idea of earning passive income and what we are looking at
here is if you earn this amount from age 18 to age 65, so let’s say you are a young person and I’m assuming that most people watching this video are going to be either teenagers
or people in their early 20s. This is what passive income
could do for you for the rest of your life and we’re
gonna start out very small. We’re gonna start out with $.10 a day. So if you earn $.10 a day of passive income from age 18 to age 65, you would earn
$1715 over that span of time. Now, that’s not a lot of money, but it gets more exciting
as we increase the amount of passive income that
you’re earning each day. If you earn just $1 a
day of passive income, over the span of time, now
we’re talking about $17,150. $10 a day, now we’re
talking about $171,500, and if you get to the point where you’re making $100
a day of passive income, we’re talking about over $1.7 million over that span of time. I don’t know about you guys, but if I could put in a little bit of effort in my teens or in my 20s that would allow me to earn
$1.7 million for the rest of my life, I would certainly
be a little bit more patient and I would definitely
be excited about that. And the thing that people don’t realize is that this is not unrealistic to think about making $100
a day of passive income. It took me about six months to build up a passive income
stream that paid me $100 a day, but I worked every single day for three to four hours in order to do that. So it required a lot of
upfront investment of my time but of course now it is well worth it because I’m now making in
some cases almost $1000 a day, depending on what I’m making
from each of my income streams. So it’s well worth it to invest your time into making passive income, and I’m hoping that now
that you see numbers like $1.7 million, you’re
a little bit more excited and hopefully a little more
patient about the amount of time it’s going to take to get there. So let’s use an example here. Let’s say it took you six months to build a passive income stream that earns you $10 a day. Is that worth $171,500 to you? Six months of your time, is
that worth over $170,000? Or let’s take it a step further. Let’s say it took you two years to build a passive income
stream that pays you $100 a day. Is that two years of effort
worth over $1.7 million? I’ll tell you what guys, I don’t care what I have to do for two years as long as it is not something against
what I believe in, I’ll do pretty much anything to earn $1.7 million in two years. That is life-changing income right there. So when you start thinking
about passive income in terms of what this could do for you over your entire life, you’ll start to have a
different perspective and maybe you’re gonna
be a little bit more open to putting in that work initially. But now that you understand
the true potential that passive income has, I wanna go through a
couple of different models that will allow you to
earn passive income. So the first way you
can earn passive income and personally my favorite way to do it is through investments, and there is all kinds of different things you
can invest in out there. You can invest in the stock market, which is what I do, you
can invest in stocks that pay you dividends, you can invest in real estate, you can invest in peer-to-peer lending, or maybe you want to
be a little more risky and invest in something new like cryptocurrencies or you like the idea of holding onto
precious metals and gold, or maybe you just want to go out there and buy antiques or classic video games, because you believe they’re
going to go up in value. The idea behind this is that you’re going to be
investing in something that is going to appreciate
in value over time or you’re going to be buying something that’s going to pay you
whether it be in dividends or rent checks, and I’m talking
about a piece of real estate or investing in a dividend stock. So if you buy a piece of real estate, if you buy multifamily real estate and you rent it out to people, you can collect those rent checks, generate the positive cash flow, build free equity in that
house while collecting money in your pocket every single month. Now, I will say this. It’s going to be a lot harder to get into real estate than it is to get into the stock market. It’s a lot easier to open
up a brokerage account and buy a few shares of Procter
& Gamble or AT&T than it is to go out there and buy a piece of multifamily real estate, and the one downside to investing is that it takes money to make money. So I see investing as actually
something you should do once you’re earning passive income. So once you figure out how
to earn passive income, that is when you take that passive income, put it into another passive income model and then your passive income
is earning you passive income. It’s really an unbelievable system here, but that’s exactly what I do. I earn passive income
from my YouTube channel, and I funnel as much of that money as possible
into my investing accounts. That way I can earn interest and I can earn dividends and
get a return on my investment. So if you invest in the stock market, historically speaking, you’ll get about an eight to
10% return on your investment. If you buy into dividend stocks, those are gonna usually be around a three to 5% dividend yield. Real estate does have
typically a higher return, somewhere around 15 to 20%
if you’re buying real estate and you’re renting it out, and maybe you’re interested
in doing something like peer-to-peer lending, and that can be anywhere from a 6% to 25% return depending
on the risk of the loan, and the creditworthiness of that borrower. But no matter what, here the idea behind this is very simple. You’re going to put your
money to work for you, and you’re going to allow
your money to earn interest or earn you dividends or allow
you to collect rent checks by having you own a piece of real estate and providing housing to people out there. So how much money could you expect to earn by passively investing and earning a return on your money? Well, if you invested just $1000 and earned an 8% return from age 18 to 65, and I know a lot of people are gonna say, who has $1000 at 18 years old? But I know for sure that
I got a graduation gift from my family and the combined
amount was about $1000. So maybe I decided that I wanted to put that money into an
investment account instead of spending it on something else. So it is possible to have
$1000 at 18 years old, and if you did that, that $1000 investment would turn into $37,000. Now, what gets even more exciting is looking at numbers like this. If you invested just
$10 every single month, we’re talking about the
price of typically a lunch. When you go out to lunch,
it’s gonna be 10 bucks. If you invested $10 a month
over that span of time, we’re talking about $54,000. But now let’s say you’re looking
to put away $100 a month, so let’s say you learned
how to make $100 a day in passive income doing something else, and you put just one day’s worth of income into your investment
account every single month. Well, from 18 to 65, you would have $540,000 by the time you
go to take that money out. Now, a lot of people are
going to argue with me here and say what about investment
related taxes and inflation? And if you want to calculate
these numbers yourself, then take about 2% out for inflation, and figure you’re gonna have
long-term capital gains, but there are investment
accounts out there like a Roth IRA where you can invest and not have to worry about the tax implications or the
long-term capital gains, because it is a retirement account. So there are ways around the taxes. And then finally, let’s say you were going to invest $500 every
single month from age 18 to age 65 earning an 8% return, well, you would have
$2.7 million by the time you are 65 years old. That is what passive income
through investing can do. The second way to earn passive income is to build a following
or build an audience. Now, how can you do this? There are so many different
ways you could do this. You could start a podcast. You could start a forum. You could start a Facebook group. You could start a YouTube channel. You could start an
Instagram motivation page. You could start a Facebook
page for Facebook videos. There are so many different
ways you can build an audience online or better yet, maybe you are doing a
little bit of everything and you have a presence on
multiple different platforms. So many people get caught
up with this idea here of what they want to do as
far as building an audience online, and the best piece of advice I can give
you is start with what you are passionate about, because if it’s not something you are really interested
in on a natural level, you’re not gonna wanna do
it for a very long time, so figure out what you are
truly passionate about, and figure out how to help
other people who are looking to learn about that, or learn about how to become the way that you are. I think the best thing for people to get involved with right now, especially young people, is something involved with the Internet and building a following and
being an influencer online. And maybe you don’t want to
be in front of the camera, well, maybe you’re gonna
do a podcast instead. Or maybe you don’t want to be involved in it at all
with your voice or your face, and so you write a blog instead. There are so many different
things you can do out there in order to build a following online. Maybe you’re going to do
motivational pictures on Instagram. Or maybe you’re going to
be a curator of content and you’re gonna find content that other people have made that you’re going to
share with your audience. That’s not really the point of this. What I want to talk about is how you actually make passive income once you’ve built an audience online. There are just so many
different ways you can do it. You could build an email list. I could go on and on about
this as far as building that audience, but once
you’ve built that audience, how do you actually make money with it? That is the question I’m gonna answer now. So the idea behind this here
is finding 1000 loyal fans, and once you have 1000 loyal fans, you are set as far as passive income goes, because you can make a lot of money by just having 1000 loyal fans and being able to help these
people in a massive way. So first of all, let’s say you have a $5 Patreon site. People are contributing $5
a month to you because they like what you’re doing, they like what you’re putting
out there in the world. Well, now all the sudden, your 1000 loyal fans are
paying you $5000 per month. Then let’s say you also
have a shirt that you make and you make $15 on that shirt. You sell it for 20, and
it cost you $5 to make it. Well, now you’ve made $15,000
off your 1000 loyal fans. But you also have a book that
you wrote and it’s a $20 book. And those 1000 people
have bought that book, well, now you’ve made
$20,000 off that book, but then you decide that you want to make a video
course for these people and put together a
phenomenal course about what you’re teaching them. Well, now that $97 course
has made you $97,000. But let’s say for example now that your loyal fans
did all of these things. They bought your book, they’re backing you on Patreon, they bought your course, well now you’ve made $132
off those people plus $5 a month on Patreon. So now we’re talking about
$132,000 plus $5000 a month. That’s enough for most people
to have a good living there. That’s a $60,000 a year
job for most people. But you’re making it in a passive way. Now, yes you are still going to have to be doing what you enjoy here and posting your content on
whatever platform you are doing, but if it’s something you enjoy, is it really work at the end of the day? I mean, people might argue that my YouTube channel
is not passive income, because if I stopped putting
out videos like this, I’m gonna stop getting people who are supporting me
through my other avenues, but I love what I do here and I would never want to stop this. So it’s really an argument there of is something you’re
passionate about truly work at the end of the day? So the third way I have
for earning passive income is to get involved with vending, whether it’s vending of beverages, foods, or possibly candy or gumballs. But get involved in the vending business. Now, yes, this is a business that does require upfront capital, and yes, this is a somewhat passive, somewhat active business, because of the fact that you’re
going to have to go around, collect money from the machines
and restock those machines, but eventually, you could get to the point where you have a large
enough vending business that you can pay people to
maintain the machines for you, and at that point, you have
a totally passive business. So we’re gonna go ahead and go over an example of
a vending machine business and we’re gonna use the numbers here as far as a soda vending
machine costing $3000. Now, typically speaking, a soda machine is about
$3000, a snack machine is about 3600, and maybe you can find a gumball machine for $500. But the one thing I will say
about the gumball machines is that this really doesn’t work anymore. I remember a couple of years ago, I looked into this myself, and the reason why is because most people don’t
carry any cash anymore, and so the gumball machines and the snack machines really worked well when people had pocket change, but because most people, especially young people
are only using their cards, you can’t exactly swipe your
card to buy a $.25 gumball, or a handful of peanuts. So the advantage of the snack machines, and the drink machines is that most of the new ones today have the ability to
pay with a credit card, and so you’re able to get
people who will buy these because they can use their credit cards. If it was a cash only machine, I would be very hesitant
to get involved with that, because of the fact that most people simply do not carry around cash anymore. But I’m gonna go ahead here and go over an example of
a vending machine business. Let’s say you bought a
soda machine for $3000, and you are making a profit
of $50 per month from that machine, and you were reinvesting all of your profits back into
more vending machines. So at first, you’ve spent $3000 and you’re earning $50 a
month of mostly passive, somewhat active income. So if you were looking to save up to buy your
second vending machine, it’s gonna take you 60 months
or five years to do so. But here’s where it gets exciting. Once you have two vending machines, you are now making $100 a month, not just $50 a month, and you’ll be able to buy that third machine in half
the time or just 30 months. And once you have those three machines, you’re now making $150 a month and you’ll be able to
buy the fourth machine in half the time again. Or just 15 months. And once you have four machines, you’re making $200 a month, and you’ll be able to buy that fifth machine in half the
time, or just 7 1/2 months. So now you start to see the power of this model here of reinvesting your earnings back into the business and having multiple
vending machines all of which are paying you
income every single month. And maybe you want to get to
the point where you have 100 or 200 vending machines all over, and you’re paying somebody
to maintain it for you, well, at that point in time, you’re earning purely passive income off your vending machine business that you started with
just one vending machine, and his right here is very possible. You just have to be patient with it, and be able to see the long-term outlook of what you’re building today. Now, the fourth way that
you can earn passive income is something that is relatively new, and that is mining for cryptocurrency. Now, before you do this, you’re gonna wanna make sure that you truly believe that these cryptocurrencies are going to have long-term value, and if the value were to go down, you are still able to turn a profit, but this is actually
something my brother does. He does cryptocurrency
mining for Litecoin, and it’s kind of a joint
venture where I gave him a loan, and he’s paying me
interest back on that loan, and as a result, he was able to buy his cryptocurrency miner, and he’s making money every
single month from his miner. And I’m gonna go ahead and share the numbers with you guys now on this very small passive
income business that he has. So my brother has a cryptocurrency miner that’s mining Litecoin,
it’s called a KNC Titan. It’s a four-cube unit and the total investment here was $3000. So I gave my brother a loan
of $3000 towards his machine, and he’s agreed to pay me back
the $3000 loan plus a small amount of interest on that,
so I’ve given out a loan. I’m making passive
income on my loan to him, and he’s bought a machine, a Litecoin miner that’s going to allow him to earn
passive income as well. So first of all, the power cost associated with this KNC Titan, that’s
name of this machine, is about $60 per month, but depending on the Litecoin prices he’s able to earn about a $100 to $200 a month at the
current Litecoin prices. $100 is the low-end, and
$200 is the most he has made, and he’s been mining
Litecoin for all of 2018. So it’s actually a newer business, but it’s something he can be doing for many years going forward. So after you subtract the
power consumption cost, he’s making about $40 to $140 a month off of this Litecoin miner that he has, and if you guys wanted to, you could follow the same
exact model we did in that vending machine business, where you are reinvesting your profit or your earnings back
into more Litecoin miners or cryptocurrency miners that are going to allow
you to earn more money, and then it’s gonna have that same effect where
you’re able to buy more and more of these and start to make a good amount of money here. But again, keep in mind you do have to have long-term faith
in these cryptocurrencies and believe that they’re
going to have long-term value and not just be a short-term asset that people are interested in today, but down the road will
have little to no value. But if you do believe in cryptocurrencies, and you have some money and you’re interested in
cryptocurrency mining, that might be an interesting way for you to earn passive income. Now, as I’m sure you guys can imagine, there are countless ways out there to be earning passive income. All of them tie in with this idea of being patient in earning
income over a long period of time, but I’m gonna share with you a couple more ideas as far as earning passive income. First of all, if you know a
lot about app development, you could create an app that you’re selling on the App Store, on Android or on the iPhones, and maybe you’re making
a couple bucks every time someone buys your app or $.99. Well, those $.99 purchases are going to add up to a lot
over a long span of time. Maybe you are somebody
who is into making music and you want to make audio tracks that you’re going to sell to people, or you’re gonna sell the
rights to use that audio and at that point you
are getting a loyalty and loyalty income is going
to be passive income as well. Or maybe you’re a photographer and you’re gonna do the same thing but instead, you’re gonna
be taking stock photos, so you go out and you
take beautiful photos, and then you’re gonna put those photos up on a stock photo website, and then every time somebody
looks to use that photo, they can buy the rights from you, and you’re gonna make a loyalty on that, again, earning passive income. Another idea to earn passive income is to buy website domains. If you have an idea of
what website domains might be popular down the
road and you buy them today, well, possibly down the road, you might be able to sell those at a higher price if
there is a willing buyer. Another possibility
would be if you have land and you live by a busy road, consider putting up a billboard
if you’re allowed to do that and rent out a billboard. There’s a lot of people that live near me that have
billboards on their land and they’re getting
paid every single month, and another thing you could
do is if you have farmland, maybe you’re gonna rent that
space out for a cell tower, and you’re gonna make money
off that every single month. Now, I know that most people
probably do not have land for a billboard or a cell tower, but again, these are very good passive income
options if you do have that. Another way to earn passive income, it does require a lot of upfront capital, but you might want to open
up a laundromat in your area if you have a lot of
people that are renting, and you could put together a laundromat and also incorporate your
vending machine business and have both of those going, and then a final option
for earning passive income is to rent things out. Maybe you’re going to be
doing bouncy house rentals, or you’re going to be renting out tables and chairs for events, or maybe you’re renting out
power tools, things like that. If you start out a rental business, all you’re paying for is the
upfront cost of those items, as well as any kind of maintenance, and the rest of that is
mostly passive income, because all you have to do is
probably drop those things off and pick ’em up later. But if you wanted to, you could definitely scale that business to the point
where it was completely passive. So I want to wrap this video
up with one final thought here for you guys and that is the fact that the average millionaire has seven different streams of income. So when you are thinking
about earning passive income, your goal should not be to have one method of earning income. Your goal should be to have at least seven
different streams of income. Seven different things that are paying you
money every single month and the reason why you are doing this is because you want to be diversified across many different income streams. I like to think of this as an oil well where you’re drilling for oil, and rather than having one oil drill, you’re gonna have seven of them. So would I rather have one oil drill that’s getting me $10,000 a month? Or seven different wells that
are getting me $1000 a month? I would always rather have
seven different streams of income, even though
it’s a lesser amount, I understand the importance of being diversified across multiple different income streams, because if one of your oil wells
or income streams goes dry, you want to have other
ones to offset that. So you always want to make sure you are diversified
with your income streams because there’s always the possibility that one of your streams
of income could go dry. So this right here is what
passive income should look like at the end of the day. You have multiple different
income streams paying you money every single month and those add up to a large amount. I would say it’s best to do this and diversify yourself across
multiple income streams, rather than putting all of
your eggs in one basket, but to summarize here, passive
income is patient income. You have to be very patient. In my opinion, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing, otherwise you’re not gonna
wanna do it for very long, and it’s going to take a lot of time because you’re being paid for
your past effort or the effort you’re putting in today. Anyways guys, thank you so
much for watching this video. I hope you got a lot out of it. If you guys have any other ideas about earning passive income, or if you have any stories to share about different things you’ve tried, if they’ve failed, please drop me a comment down below, and I’ll do my best to read and respond to every comment out there. And then do keep in mind guys, if I get 1000 likes on this
video in the next 24 hours, I will upload a video tomorrow talking about my
passive income business and my different income streams. But I hope you guys have
a great rest of your day. If you’re new to my channel, please consider subscribing to be notified of any future uploads, and I
will see you in the next video. If you are interested in learning more about
investing in the stock market, I’ve created a free course just for you. The link is in the description below. Here are a few other videos
you might enjoy as well. (trendy music)

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  23. Can you offer some insight as to how this interferes with full time students or full time workers? What should I do? Do we just need to suck it up and find the energy and time to develop these passive incomes?

    I’ve tried looking into investments and stocks and it’s like learning another language. Also many of these passive income mediums are not easily accessible to teenagers/young adults. Online platform podcasts or YouTube for example requires microphones, cameras, video editing programs, and knowing how to use all of these things. I’m just playing devils advocate and looking for the best route because everything sounds great in theory but I’ve tried and looked into nearly all of these and only hit dead ends. Am I being too impatient or narcissistic? Let me know (anyone), thanks

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    When I was 18, $1K wasn't anything crazy. And I'm middle class, live with a single parent, and worked at a movie theater.
    Proper saving is key.

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