we're live right now all right John we're doing a double live stream right now on YouTube I'll say it so people joined yeah what's up Jacob what's up Jacob all right for some people come on all right so we got people coming on 23 seconds yeah what's up everyone crypto Patrick here Shawn low guys we're gonna teach you guys today how to mind Bitcoin and make a lot of money and this is Shawn Shawn I'll tell you about what's been going down with him all right so I'm logging into some of my my mining accounts right now but I'm gonna talk about you know how to start making significant amounts of money building cryptocurrency mining programs and utilizing their affiliates while their affiliate systems so Shawn's made a quarter million dollars this year he got into Bitcoin a year ago from one from one program um the amount of Bitcoin they paid me as of today is worth around a quarter million so that's cool that I made that but what's more cool is if we can help other people get similar results so that's what we're coming on here and Julie's talking about XRP will talk about XRP to XRP is actually I think it's up right now so definitely buy on the dips you know I balding about 50 X I bought into x RP when it was less than a penny I sold some of it made a shitload of profit and then I sold a bunch more of it and made even more profit so yeah I mean x RP I did some great trades on it and made some great profits with it I'm buying mine on a bit tricks right now you know I think I bought at least like 150 but I'm holding 50 right now I'm doing giveaways with XRP and litecoin on my channel right now but and um your thing is like if you want to start buying x RP if you want to start buying all these other coins Bitcoin is like the entry coin that you have to get a hold of in order to get into most these other coins in Bitcoin Kastner alright and the number one reason that people don't make a lot of money is they don't invest enough so first how can you make enough Bitcoin so that you can invest enough to actually make a significant amount of money and the way that I've that I was taught to do that from my mentors was to build multiple streams of residual income that pay me in Bitcoin because when you start trading and you start investing in all these other coins it's risky you know if you buy the coin at the wrong time and then the value plummets you're gonna lose money so there is a learning curve that you will go through when you start investing in trading and you may lose money while going through that curve however if first you build a residual stream of Bitcoin then even if you make a few bad trades here and there the residual Bitcoin will replenish your accounts and you won't be at a loss it'll just keep you know keep paying you out residually passively and uh I'm a you know I just got into Bitcoin mining through bit Club which Sean does and he I see him making so much money on we're gonna show you his payouts right now and said any predictions about ripple this month yeah I think ripples gonna go up guys there's a lot of partnerships happening I've done a lot of videos on that showing like the three major financial institutions it's huge in South Korea what's up what's up Matt what's up X liar what's up you Youssef what's up hey you don't need to put your put your ripple address in the comments later I'll give away some ripple later all right guys any predictions about ripple the end of this month ripple is definitely gonna hit $5 with new partnerships coming out you can't you can't say definitely because ya know the future we're not fortune tellers all we can do is speculate the past a lot of people will try to hike might try to hype you up on some investment program saying oh it's gonna hit this and that no one can tell you the future all we can do is speculate and share opinions right speculate from the past trends alright so we'll tell you more about ripple but we're gonna show you guys right now how to make money 20 he's made teammates 20 grand a month doing this and Shawn you didn't even start that long ago huh like how much how much investment did you do into Bitcoin mining to start um my initial investment into Bitcoin mining I joined to Bitcoin mining programs at the same time one of them was big Club Network which was a six hundred other investment and the other one was Genesis mining which was a ninety one dollar investments since then my business has just been profiting and that's the only Bitcoin I really had to pull out of my own pocket just to create the momentum that turned into a six-figure income so what we're going to talk about again is like what were the steps what are the methods what are the strategies that we've been doing to get these kind of results so that other people can duplicate and hopefully get similar it results if not better results and get paid on autopilot guys you guys want to get paid Bitcoin and different coins daily so you can reinvest and start trading ripple start doing like coin you know they're also you can mine like coin now on Genesis mining which me and Sean are both doing and yeah my hash powers going up a lot just from doing affiliate programs but I'm getting paid like coin that's all the the giveaways that we're doing right now all that I'm giving to you guys is from mining mining has helped me invest into a lot of other coins and so let's show Sean we're gonna show you guys what Sean's been doing let me flip the camera here one of my positions right now in bit Club but you can see this is one of my accounts right here this is one of my this is my top position I can show you how much how much you made throughout the past year so we're gonna go in here I can show you right here these are you know these are just autopilot payouts that I get all throughout the day 1:13 yesterday just like $400 is he wakes from the 13th he wakes up and he has thousands and thousands of dollars this is enough to pay whatever you want $2 to 5709 1750 1:07 61 1:12 you know this is what we're teaching is how to build a stream of income that's going to pay you like this passively so I can show you my old time withdrawal on here alright how many bitcoins you do you can see my all-time summary right there I was 17 bits over 17 bitcoins from this one position that's just one program I've been building multiple programs I've been building multiple positions I've got multiple investments going on but you know I'm showing these results because I want to show people that it is possible to hit these kind of numbers if you follow the the trainings that my mentors taught me so we're gonna talk about and I watch I watch him do this guy's you have to mine on a laptop or I can you give me a link the links in the description guys it's called big club Network this is one of the best ones to start mining show them the mining pool and how much it cost and what goes on alright so they do like to begin mining so this guy said I want to bite dodge claim I have mining on my laptop thank you all what a pretty okay so basically is it too late explain to him what's going on and how right now what we're what is happening right now is we are experiencing an evolution of the entire global monetary system where everyone is losing faith in fiat money they're losing faith in banks that are losing faith in the status quo they're losing faith in the government they're losing faith in the Federal Reserve and now for the first time in history because of this technology people have a choice people have a choice between which money they want to use so that's why we see all these crypto currencies taking off is because people are sick and tired of small of these third-party institutions these entities that are controlling the money supply and financially enslaving people so now we have a choice and now people can leak their they can extract their money from the fiat money system get it into cryptocurrency which is in my opinion it's almost like a commodity because this is like an asset that has potential to appreciate as opposed to holding money in the bank where it's just slowly inflating oh you know all throughout the year so what do you what would you say to everyone on my channel right now that wants to invest in ripple and litecoin all these coins but they're using their own money how could how could joining a program tell me how why bit clubs a legit program and why you've made so much and how this one could help their lives doing it does mine use a lot of power you're gonna you don't mind you guys are joining a mining pool we're gonna explain to you right now what's going on with let's go a bit Club okay so first off you gonna you gonna know how to identify what is a real Bitcoin mining company and what is a scam so one one place you can go is you can go to the blockchain you know blockchain info be Bitcoin blockchain website it's on the it's on the link in the description guys so go to block you look up go on Google and you type in blockchain hash rate distribution okay this is the blockchain dot info this is the hash rate for all the Bitcoin that's but right now this this chart right here this is these are the biggest mining pools in the world and we have bit Club Network right here Bay Club network is always on the blockchain hash rate distribution as one of the largest mining pools in the world and these other ones are just like um like random peoples that are all together like doing so when you join so basically joining bit Club you're a part of a network where they actually have facilities in Iceland yeah so we thing to is when you're joining a mining company is first off if they don't show pictures and videos of the mining farm if they don't give you the physical location of the mining farm if there's no photos or videos of the members going and videotaping and vlogging at the mining farm it probably doesn't exist you're probably joining a Ponzi scheme where they're just taking a bunch of investors money using one person's investment money to pay out the other person and that will eventually collapse we know that's not sustainable or they're just going to collect investment money and then scam everyone so the first thing you always want to figure out when you're investing into a mining pool is one does the mining farm even exist so we know that bit Club really mines Bitcoin it's been around since we got some same thing with Genesis mining we know that they really mind Bitcoin because they have a physical mining farm that thousands and thousands of people go and visit and they're showing up on the blockchain hash rate distribution so alright guys and we're gonna show you right now oh here's I can show you just even without doing any selling or recruiting how much we use for money well the mining pool I mean it cost me 600 bucks to get in this program but you can see my mining Rebecca Lloyd had to turn on one norc's one point four three zero six Bitcoin okay that's like almost twenty thousand dollars with a Bitcoin off of a one-time six hundred dollar investment and that's with no selling no recruiting yeah without doing any measurement on it so some of the daily payouts again for people that just came on we're gonna show you guys you click on it one more time yeah we're drawers that says I want to invest right now with five hundred dollars but I believe the payouts start after 30 days yeah it would take about 30 days because remember this is a real mining company so when you invest here they're actually taking your investment money buying the mining hardware and then they have to take the mining hardware and set it up in their facility so there's a process that goes along with doing now that's why it's not an immediate payout because they really actually invest in in hardware the mining harder doesn't just magically appear as soon as you someone I'm gonna have to go buy it so when I mine asked his Genesis is Genesis out of mining contracts right now I'm last time I checked yes Genesis was out of contracts but bit Club has contracts for Bitcoin mining aetherium mining aetherium classic mo narrow and Z cash question for you guys is there a 2 2 3 3 X and coins if you go for the higher level above 500 500k he's talking about per bit club like pool – okay well so you have these different pools that you can get into here okay the more shares you have the more payouts you get that's how this company works when you become a few come in as a founding member you're going to earn more money then as coming in here this will also open up more earning potential within their binary tree affiliate program now you don't have to come in out of $3500 to become a founding member what you could do and this is what I did because remember I started here with the $500 pool and what it is I put it on 100 percent compound and shown that when I do that and when you put it on 100 percent compound you it will the compounding will qualify you for this pool and eventually qualify you for that pool and then you will become a founding member and get all the benefits of being a founding member even if you just start here as long as you're compounding you have to be compounding okay and that means you'll be might you can potentially mine for life off your original investment explain to them how that one investment when now else you're not gonna be paying for pools every thousand days like you're gonna be as partial shares are gonna add up so you're that one that one investment he's been mining for the whole time you'll be mining indefinitely basically exactly so if you see here what I'm showing you on the computer screen right now these are the shares that I own in the company okay I have this many shares in in full one right here I have this many this is how much shares I haven't pool to and this is how much shares I haven't pool three so if you have one of each pool you are a founding member and you open up more earning potential in the binary tree affiliate program it's your money change the Commission's they can do it for like a thousand days okay these aren't commissions these are repurchases right here what does that mean for someone that you let's say you bought into any of these pools or all three of these pools if you wanted to withdraw 100% of the profits you would flip everything to 0% okay change so right now this is going to withdraw 100% of the profits into my Bitcoin wallet where I can spend it anywhere he wants now if I wanted to compound and build more shares in the company which would then which enabled me to get even paid get even more money being paid out to me daily I could come in here and I could put it on 50% compound or 100% compound on all these these shares and what that will do is it will renew more 1000 day mining contracts so all those renewing that means you're giving mine more but you're still taking commissions out too yeah so so how do you do that how do you the mining earnings don't run out after a thousand days as long as you compound at some point it will keep renewing more contracts and it will just pay you out indefinitely and it will build bigger and bigger it will build in perpetuity are you guys running bit Club if yes I'll get in yes we are we definitely are running bit Club right here here's bit Club show how much you made for the new people that came on all right for all you new people that are just watching this right now is it good to start with a hundred percent and move up to the next level yes if you come in if you coming up to five hundred dollar pool you're definitely gonna want to put it on one hundred percent compound and become a founding member as soon as possible because I will open you up for the highest earning potential and what member are you right now I have two founding member positions in the company okay and like let's let's see you're mining up profits so that's more time right there is my all-time withdrawal from this one position 1717 bitcoins from this one position mining so you can do the math on that did research with 500 dollars you can get 1,000 days if you use two dollars every day you invest you make a lot of money exactly so much show me money Noreen's – these are my mining earnings up here this is this was from a one-time 500 dollar investment one point four three one six for Bitcoin and that's worth like you know just imagine you guys can see how much he's made just from doing this oh yeah another thing to bit Club because the mining fees on Bitcoin are high they're actually eliminating withdrawal fees and mining fees and they're gonna be paying people out in Bitcoin cash and you know and the bitpay debit card bitpay debit cards coming out so you guys can use Bitcoin cash with you can instantly exchange into your value with Bitcoin cash right now on a VIP a debit card and coinbase is actually I think coming out with in bitpay debit card I think they're using Bitcoin cast too soon they just start like trying it out so there's a lot going on with Bitcoin cash guys we don't know we don't know light the Lightning Network is coming out for Bitcoin it has it came out yet but um to get away from all these fees basically a bit Club is gonna pay people with Bitcoin cash and make it you can flip from your mining Bitcoin still and they're doing repurchasing on etherium and the whole GPU is on the GPU blockchain – you guys have any questions for any people trying to mine or anything right now like so much more things I know there's a lot of people on my youtube right now that we want to help you guys make money and this is probably the most legit one a lot of people like promote fake programs so showing showing you something where you can actually make money and potentially mine for life is a really big benefit because you guys can start investing and all these other alt coins you know I did a video showing tell matter they're all coins you've done with dragon like how much you made this week from like different ones that you've invested in from bit Club it's all started from Vic yeah basically what I did is like okay first we create the residuals the residual income listen to this is in the form of Bitcoin we do that through companies like Big Love Network we do that through companies like Genesis mining we do that through cryptocurrency mining companies because these are passive income programs where you can invest and get paid out passively plus build or build networks do referral marketing and get paid out even more passively so once you have the passive income rolling in you start taking those profits and we start diversifying our investment portfolio into other coins which you can find a lot of other coins on coin market Capcom tell me what claims you made a lot in this week like what you've done this week like um some of your big investments we're gonna get worried you know if you come to coin market cap you can see here Bitcoin has the largest market cap right now but once you have a flow of Bitcoin you can come into all the exchanges and exchange it for etherium for ripple for Bitcoin cash for Cardno for litecoin for all these other coins which most of which are offering newer a better technology than Bitcoin okay a lot of these other coins like a theory amount for smart contracts faster transaction times more scalable customizable tokens litecoin is faster sometimes more scalable all of these coins on here do different things and have different technology and different different just say but not so you know imagine if you were like getting getting involved in investing in like like Apple or Microsoft or credit card merchant services back in like the 70s in the 80s you know that's what's happening right now with cryptocurrency is is we're experiencing an evolution of the monetary system and the people that pay attention and catch on are gonna make a lot of money so we're trying to teach as many people as you can to pay attention to this and how they can start acquiring these these digital tokens or these digital currencies or digital assets or whatever you want to call them because we literally see people 10 Xing the money 20 Xing their money even 100 Xing their money within time periods of as little as like a few months to a year we got a question okay so you guys say six hundred dollars for one point for Bitcoin how much time um that's about a little over a year a little over a year yeah but that's like one point for a Bitcoin so I mean that's pretty good you guys I mean you can think it's your in other positions tell me how you have multiple positions to and you can do more when you have founders yeah you can build multiple positions in this company but all right so um show me your wallet and what you've done this week with your Bitcoin mining earnings like what you've what you've invested in how much that we show that already you know like what other coins like all coins I I own like like probably like 20 or 30 different all coins I can't even there's too many of them for me to list off what about this week like the ten grand one you made this week oh yeah I mean I did a couple swing trades this week within the past week or so I can show you from your profits from Bitcoin mining so basically you know I'll show you like an example of some profits and how to swing trade to make even more profits but there was a coin called verge right here you can see Burj Queen and I took some of my profits from bit Club you can see right now it's ready for 15 cents but I bought a bunch of this stuff down here when it was 3 cents a coin it pumped all the way up to actually 20 cents at its peak and I sold it at 20 cents and and I made like an extra 10 grand in just like one click of a button you know so it was like a I probably put like I think like maybe 1,300 to 1,500 invested in The Verge coin at 3 cents it pumped to 20 cents I sold and I just you know made thousands and thousands of dollars profit in one click of the button so once you have a residual stream of income that's paying you thousands and thousands of dollars in Bitcoin you can start diversifying and flipping these coins on the exchanges you can start trading the markets for profit you can start investing and holding for the long term it opens up a whole all these new areas of earning potential once you start acquiring significant amounts of Bitcoin this guy says where you located I'm 73 years old I need some help I'm looking in Las Vegas yeah we're in Las Vegas um you guys can hit me up on my Facebook all my videos have a link to my facebook in um we also have a link to a bit Club Network it's in this one right here but getting started with this guy's will really help you have a five-figure pot portfolio already have a mid 5 figure portfolio already that's good yeah nice stuff man so we'll show you some more – let's jump somewhere about bit Club real quick with the GPU mining oh remember I was saying you can mine other coins and bit Club so we hope they have Bitcoin mining contracts but you can also mine these other coins that have these GPU pools that you can come into for a thousand bucks or 5000 bucks and you can mine etherium etherium classic z cash and Manero now Z the reason these coins are significant is because the etherium offers smart contract technology so you can program the money and you can build customizable tokens on their blockchain my name still advisable I'm more of a stacker than traders mining still advisable advisable he wants to know if she should he's more of a stacker like he stacks coins oh yeah this is probably way better than I do both I do everything I don't I don't put all my eggs in one basket mine I fly flip coins on the exchanges I trade I buy and hold I build affiliate programs I do everything so you want to even if you're a stacker I'd advise you definitely want to get paid in profits because then you can get way more for your money you don't want to be using all your work money and you're saved up money this is a way that you invest you take your profits and then you reinvest you know when you go to coin market cap and you look at all these different coins that are coming out you know I mean I invested in a I've been doing a lot of ripple and like coin stuff at all my profits have everything that I bought has come from bit Club Network so far and I just started the mining and it's actually paying me pretty good you could also do referrals you know – but it's like one of the best programs they actually have a huge facility in Iceland we know they're legit people go visit them all the time you get hooked up with your own machine tell how you get your own machine shot and you get to come back or you can like go check it out if you want yeah so you can go and visit the mining farm and like take pictures there they invite all the members to go and take pictures there so have your own real you have your own rig yeah okay bit Club is different than Genesis it's different than hash Flair because bit Club is a company where you own the mining hardware that you invest in okay with a cloud mining company like hash Flair or Genesis what you're doing is you're buying hash power and as we know as the mine difficulty increases over time the hash power that you bought will no longer be sufficient enough to pay you out the amount of money it was paying you out when you first joined so what you can do is you can utilize their affiliate programs to bump up your hash power or if you join a company like bit Club it's actually kind of the opposite because when you join bit Club you compound for a while and then you get paid out more and more and more and more as as the thing grows and it builds in perpetuity as opposed to a cloud mining company where they sell you diminishing hash power so you're basically buying a thousand you bought a thousand days originally you compound you get way more of a thousand days and you're taking out Commission's and you're just building days exactly you're building days and you have more rigs in your name so if you if you build these things the way that we teach what you won't have to do is you won't have to go and work a job and then take your paycheck from the job and then put it in your bank and convert that into cryptocurrency you won't be I have to worry about any of that you'll just be getting paid in Bitcoin residually and you can immediately just go and take the Bitcoin and build your investment portfolio and everything is funded with profits from programs that have already been built and are continuously paying us so that's what I teach on my youtube channel that's what I mean I've been teaching it for like two years now and if you follow the trainings if you follow what my mentors taught me to do anyone can get results like this you know and you don't you have to make it a quarter million dollars you know most people an extra thousand or two thousand bucks a month would dramatically help them out and that is not very difficult to do with building cryptocurrency programs because cryptocurrency is extremely trendy right now okay Bitcoin itself is like a buzz word it's all over the news there's like millions and millions of people searching for it on YouTube right now and what we teach is how to into that traffic that already exists that's already on YouTube and how to convert the traffic into investment programs into affiliate programs to build your wealth and the mining the mining itself time how profitable just the mining is itself so I'm like we're gonna show you guys Genesis my name's from the payouts of Genesis and one of your wallets okay I'm going to show you Genesis mining right now because this one this is one that I started in 2016 Genesis is I'm on it – I've already you guys I'm I've made dis mining – I made about 150 bucks off a $30 investment now I've made from white coin on this one I think like $90 just on Genesis mining okay there's that big Club networks way better but like Genesis mining they pay me the big coin that they paid me as of today is worth thirty seven thousand two hundred and seventy one year that was from a one-time ninety one dollar investment that I did in 2016 $37,000 guys how much of that $91 $91 now the reason I get results like that because I utilize their affiliate programs and that's what I teach is how to use the affiliate programs that are attached to these companies so here's my aetherium payouts you can see the amount of aetherium they paid me see how much that is that's fort like that's fourteen thousand six hundred dollars worth of aetherium I invested $150 into any theory a mining contract and then utilize the affiliate for it well Genesis doesn't take me members right now but it will but which ones which ones higher pain bit club or Genesis a bit Club is by far the highest paying program I've found ever there's one that you're going to build and put your energy into you definitely bit Club they pay way more money than mine all these other ones and mining a well yeah I mean yeah if you if you build it the way I did was like where you compound and you build up your shares then yeah you will get paid massive amounts of money yeah because the hash power that Genesis and hash flare cells you will diminish over time unless you do a shitload of referrals alright sure alright so much let's show the mining uh like your report then the daily what they can get paid alright guys so here's some transactions just go through a few days we're gonna show you go through some different days for all the new people that are on here okay these are all from I mean this is from the 13th these are from the 11th you can see all these payouts we're getting there's no well there's $9 $1 65 as well sometimes it's like 400,000 yeah it's always different always getting different ones in here there's $10 $10 time you guys set this up for you you can settle up right now from your computer in like five minutes dude you don't you don't need to come to Vegas there's another one $20 $10 $10 $40 go to the next page here but if you hit us up on Facebook we can definitely I can definitely a good payout right there for $400 okay $410 $10 $10 two hundred dollars $20 250 $10 these are just coming in all throughout the day on all these five dollars 60 dollars to 5709 1750 1:07 61 cents one dollar twelve cents 78 cents these are uh these are generational bonuses that I get right here and mining everything so there's multiple ways that we're getting paid out in these programs keep going down cause back says where can I start first what you gonna do is you need a clinic remember there's no description of this video that not make $10,000 a month mining Bitcoin and then you need to get upgraded for 99 bucks that's a lifetime membership and then you need to get reclining pools it's on my link in the need remember I put you through more trainings to teach you how to get these results alright so but alright so basically you guys invest your money start getting daily profits with Bitcoin mining there's a link in the description that's how you're going to invest in a lot of these ripples like coins we all know like coins coming out with a debit card soon there's a lot of really good things that are coming out in cryptocurrency right now yeah ripples gone down the hole markets going back up it's been like a notion of a green right now I just did an altcoin video it's kind of boring I was kind of sick last night but if you look at it there's a lot of good coins to invest in but if you want it if you want to get your own money and not spend your own and hard-earned money that you saved up working or whatever the best thing to do is to get paid daily profits bit Club network is the most legit it's been around the longest there's 300,000 people we know that they have the biggest mining facility of mining pool in the world for Bitcoin they're doing aetherium this is the way you guys will get paid daily and then take your money and reinvest it that's how you make a quarter-million dollars I hang out with this guy every day he has no more finance report you can do whatever you want yeah whatever you want this online business that's paying you an autopilot you can go anywhere in the world and do whatever you want and that's that's that's the freedom that we're trying to teach people how to get but by building cryptocurrency programs and just getting involved in cryptocurrency in general we're about to experience one of the biggest transfers of wealth that the world has ever seen because like I said before we're the whole monetary system is going through an evolution right now slow down a little bit more let's look at some more of the earnings show people coming on here thanks for the bit Club all invest on Friday next week all right guys yeah definitely all my videos have a link to bit Club in the description keep going down there just so I'm like lets us show them like the potential this is all from the 12th look at $400 on the 12th he had $400 yesterday okay how is mining etherium on bit Club it's just like mining Bitcoin you can set the repurchase rule you can compound your shares you can you know you can you can build a network and make even more money remember it takes 30 days equipment yeah I'm taking about 30 days from give them up to 30 days to set up the equipment and then start receiving the the daily payouts and then once you start receiving them then you can start setting your compounding or you know 100 percent compound or 50 percent compound or whatever you want to do let's look at more keeps going down so these are all these Infinity bonuses that I get entirely down the network because I've ranked up higher in the company and the mornings aren't here yeah so these are all infinity bonuses right here see this is part of their their ranking system and when you hit higher ranks you start getting these infinity bonuses and you get it from mining doing that compounding you guys look at 20 20 so here's 200 this is from the 1213 we're going back a little farther here 10 bucks 10 bucks 20 bucks 10 bucks 10 bucks keep going 40 40 bucks 50 bucks 50 bucks this is real money guys that you can spend put it right on your big Club debit card 5 reinvest into other coins this is how you do it so the thing you know people that promote fake programs they don't get anywhere this is how you this is this is actually like you're looking at one of the this guy literally makes a living doing this right now you know I do this too and what we get these kind of results is because we we build networks green light says bit-bit Club can't do us a what you gonna do is you need to download anonymous it's an IP switcher change your IP address – outside the USA and then you can get in yeah if you guys are as you guys are watching this right now and you want to get into bit Club next I use Google Chrome and then you have an IP switcher called anonymous super easy to do it's super easy super easy to do but yeah you guys should all do this because if you're gonna be invested in all these different coins you want to be getting paid daily profits of Bitcoin because almost every exchange is using Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash to buy different coins when I get a bid tracts or by Nance a lot of people can't even sign up for those right now cuz they're getting so many people on there look at this guy Oh 949 he's in California I like it cool well you guys give me a call after the show he needs help yeah I mean let me tell screenshot it I'll give a goal hey we're from are you from Orange County 949 yeah that's worth from we live in at Las Vegas right now but I grew up in Orange County but ya guys living um it's paying for my lifestyle I go hiking every day EDM shows he's in Costa Mesa yeah I used to live there yeah yeah we both are from that area so I know that real world Clifford he used to live like right off mom like yeah I'm right by triangle square yeah right by the triangle I'm from Mission Viejo but we live in Vegas we travel around a lot he's like I'll come to Vegas yeah get yourself in bit Club man hit me up on my Facebook all my videos have my link to Facebook and bit Club network you guys so I mean it's really easy to find if you look at any of my videos so after you guys become active you know in a program like this the key to building the network is there's two social media platforms that I'm going to teach you how to use which are completely free everyone has access to them it's Facebook and it's YouTube now the reason we use Facebook and YouTube is because they are well Facebook is the largest social network in the world right now YouTube is the largest video hosting platform and the most popular place for people to search business opportunities so YouTube is U is utilized as a traffic source it is your free traffic source Facebook is utilized as your conversion tool because Facebook allows you to do calls with people you can video call people you can private chat people you can send links in the private chat you can attach files in the private chat Facebook will allow you to post out of sup dates and interact with your members so we have a free traffic source and we have a free conversion tool that could right there and those are really that's all you need you know if you have a computer and a smartphone YouTube and Facebook there's no reason why you can't start getting results like this because that's all I had when I started so the key here is to my circular finding the key here is first you need to become active in a program like this so that you can so that when you start generating traffic you have an active referral link that you can set send to these people and then you're going to need to offer value in some way shape or form the key to building networks is to offer value offer value offer value and then ask for the business do not do not do not go spamming your referral link telling everyone oh join this you're gonna make all this money that is not the way to do it I guarantee you you will get very minimal results if you go and spam your for a link and tell everyone to join your your business what the key is you have to use attraction marketing you have to become the attractor factor you need to figure out how to get people coming to you every single day asking how they can get involved in your business and we teach how to do that through social media marketing methods through YouTube marketing methods through vlogging through Instagram through Twitter through all that stuff through our game of attraction let's do Clifford said good job yeah you know what's up Clifford um hey someone wanted to see the etherium let me go to the etherion pull real quick and explain it we're gonna show you guys the etherium pool on bit Club real quick thoughts on snow boat well I'll do a video on that later guys on snow boat I'm just ready to talk about mining and how you guys can make money now just because a lot of people don't have money a lot of people my comments and all these people I talked to you are like how do I have money to invest in all these different coins well we're showing you what to do right now with them one of the most legit programs in existence for mining a lot of people don't have 2500 to like put one mining rig in their house you know then it breaks so you can join these programs it's wake up do not do paid advertising unless you've already figured out how to convert free traffic remember YouTube is your free traffic source Facebook is your conversion tool and I'll tell you something if you can't figure out how to convert free traffic you're not going to figure out how to convert paid traffic so you need to start start with the basics alright we're gonna show the jeep your polarity rain pull and you go over it real quick okay this these are the GPU pools so I'm just like the Bitcoin mining pools you can set your retail today so these are 2000 day mining contracts so you can set your you're compounding I will make one hour nibble you can set your compound to renew more contract so it will pay you out indefinitely you can come in as in this thousand dollar pool or you can come in as a five thousand dollar founding tool which this will give this will open up more earning potential in the binary tree and you can mining theory of Miriam classic Z cash and Manero now the reason Z cashing Manero our significant is because they offer more privacy than Bitcoin they're more anonymous and so going back to the first pool real quick Sean when you show people when you first get in guys you have to pay $100 membership for life explain what the membership is there is a one-time $99 a lifetime membership but it's paid with Bitcoin or Bitcoin cap you can only pay you can only pay right now with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash waiting to you right now only with Bitcoin okay and but I'm gonna wait for it so further notice they may change something but right now but then how do you get into this first this first poll will set you guys up for all the other pools which will help you mind for life yeah basically after you become upgraded you know you click you click which pool you're gonna buy and then it's gonna send you right here where it says pay with Bitcoin and that's the address that you would send the the amount to and they'll tell you the amount that you send it to right there so you do that from your wallet you guys right there show me I'm a couple year out your says your wallets sister don't like how much you like you know different point in once you do that you are gonna show you'll be you'll be active in the company you'll have an active referral link getting paid out we're gonna show you guys some of the wallets right here uh every way we're gonna show you some of our balances that Sean's got from doing this right now some of the other coins were mining here hold on one second guys you guys are get to see something so Sean's been doing this for a while you guys I've been doing Genesis for a while I just got into bit Club but I've already gotten paid you know I'm on my I'm going on eight hundred dollars right now just on cycles my mining rig is getting hooked up right now so I'm pretty excited on it I've been watching Sean and a few other people do it and it pays amazing compared to everything else that's why I'm doing this video for you guys you look like here's one of Sean's wallets okay so these are got 34 litecoin these are light this is like coin mining that you're seeing right there this is from Genesis litecoin mining I'll put a link in there to they will have no new contracts for their obviously bit clips a little better but you see we're mining light coin right here we're getting these litecoin payouts look I just got another one right there you see that yeah that one that one just came in I just got to point or point to four plus that's like that's like a half a light coin that just came in right there in this video you know these are auto autopilot payouts that we're getting here with with cryptocurrency mining how can you do it can you show your payments on Bitcoin like we're used to in one of your wallets where they're coming in where you're putting on me from a big big Club network what do you mean like where it's like you know where like when you cash out like where's your where you're like putting your Bitcoin balances I have a whole bunch I have like I have like over 10 years oh well it's usually like over 10 different wallets this is one of them but you know right there 3.5 this is from and this is one of these gums comes from a bit Club right yeah I guess I've got some payouts coming into this one from bit Club I know I've got I've got sometimes multiple programs going into one wall sometimes I'll have one wallet for one program like I own a shitload of different wallets with a whole bunch of different streams constantly coming in and building more and more and more as I go I'm just constantly expanding the investment portfolio like sure I'm going to do a giveaway I do giveaways all the time I do them on Facebook like I do them like almost every week there's no I do giveaways on my youtube channel all the time I'm gonna do a real I do triple ones cuz I bought a lot of ripple and like coin Shaun doesn't all the time he makes people guess their girls ages instead of putting that in the comments guys put it on the comment we're gonna do I'm gonna do one later because we're it's like Shaun's a special guest to tell you guys how to make money right now but there's gonna be a lot more giveaways in my channel I'm gonna do them all the time for pretty much every video so um yeah basically there's like one of the balances he's got I mean like think about it guys so before we were all this coin all this money that's come from different wallets and that sean has there's one for 16000 there's – it's all come from net from profits from bit Club Network pretty much you know it started starts with building that one stream of income that's paying out and bit in the mining is daily profits between that and then you can start mining multiple coins you can start investing in coins you can start trading but you know that that's what it well so we're showing you how to do on my youtube channel on Colin's YouTube on Colin's YouTube channel on our Facebook pages you know we do Facebook lives all that stuff so yeah you guys I don't all you guys out there get yourselves in this get signed up for a bit club it's a hundred dollar membership five hundred for that more that first mining pool but to join any business you have to invest you know you never know what you're gonna make doing all these little coins you might as well get be getting paid for the rest your life and in crypto and then you can invest all the time they won't say it but hit the like button if you're watching this at yeah hit the like button hit the post notifications you know degree and I hope you guys like my videos sometimes I try to put a little song on it some people kind of talk and they're like oh like you put a song in your videos like I'm gonna unsubscribe here I'm like weeds I like it's like for two seconds like who cares but um yeah I want you guys all to make money I mean we're we're trying to we have bitpay debit cards there's a litecoin debit card coming out we're trying to make it so we don't have to use banks we can just basically just do exchanges into USD you know a lot of these coins now are coming out with debit cards we've seen ripple get used at a Walmart with a central card I mean that's just amazing I know then I'm in and out a computer illiterate mostly call me please I'll come to Vegas with funds he just needs help yeah if you come out here I'm gonna help you how we could help you set it up at Starbucks but like it's not even a big problem but he wants to get he wants to set up oh I think if you're gonna set up for a one big one and you're doing that to set up for like one of the mining pools either eutherian or or you can have multiple explained the multiple accounts with big Club if you were to have like aetherium on one okay because it's it builds out as a network you do have the option to build multiple positions so you can create multiple streams of income within your network if you want to it's it's a binary tree compensation plan if you don't know what that is don't worry um you'll learn about that as you go without that explain how good the mining this I saw my results right yeah that's my mining earnings up there you can come out here man I'll help you out it's not a problem hey cliff do you have clip you have a arm you have a face book right did you hit me up on my facebook remote connection I'd say he says I am computer literate they won't say it but he'll hey yeah you guys so basically try to get your guys try to get yourselves in this I mean this is just from right now look at there's mining of 1.4 bitcoins show them that some some cycles that you have to pay out show them the binary John how many people already hit the like button hey well I'm glad you guys are watching this at the Saturday morning so people aren't at work so it's a it's an easy way so you can you know we're just trying to give you guys we're trying to help you guys out to learn cuz a lot of people won't tell you this advice don't be like dis invest all your money and you might you might make some it that goes up you know obviously all the coins are going up but not all of them not all of them but um this is a way that you don't have to risk as much come on but like if you invest this this one-time investment has like page you offer I remember when Sean isn't big club isn't when Sean first started this guys I remember when he first got into the pool right he came down he saw me in Vegas he came down here and went to have fun because we go hiking and go to shows all the time and Sean just got into this I watched it go from the $500 pool all the way to like 40 grand to a hundred grand and then he's like 250 grand I've seen it happen just from the pool that's what that's what the craziest part is 6 p.m. here yeah I hope you guys I have 3.45 Bitcoin now yeah you have enough basically you should he wants to get into the mining – okay what you need to do is you need to click the link in the description of this video upgrade for 99 bucks it's a lifetime membership and then get into any of the mining pools whichever one you want you know whichever one is in your budget and then we're gonna teach you how to build networks and and build something that's gonna pay you out passively Clifford wants to get the daily profits of like my need like money their needs okay well you got it you got to get a mining pool yeah you got it you got to get in the mining pool cliff right and if you have that just use your wallet address hit the link in the description right now join up it's super easy and just like your and then just join one of the mining pools like one or two and get yourself start compounding I can send you a video on it on Facebook on what to do it's pretty easy here's this is how to change the IP address I'm gonna show you right now we're gonna show you guys how to change your IP address for the u.s. download anonymous alright watch as you switch right there Google Chrome extension and you can change your IP as needed you loot you'll utilize that for all kinds of different stuff so show me how it's spelled real quick on a good on Google so you guys need this raise if you're in the u.s. you need to download the Google Chrome extension in autumn ox or just it takes about two minutes it's like a minute now do you have any war stories for you guys bro I have war stories for you guys hey my grandpa was in World War two that's a lotta mocks that's what you want to download as a Google Chrome extension you can all kinds of stuff like even if you're watching like a YouTube video and it says oh this video is blocked in your country change your IP address and then you can watch the video so you'll use that you'll use anonymous for all kinds of stuff not just for joining companies like pic club and the reason that a lot of cryptocurrency companies block you united states IP addresses is because the government in this country is very corrupt and they don't want to deal with the United States government yeah they just do that to cover their ass alright we had a few more people join can you just show your earnings real quick one more time on bit Club okay guys for all you new people that just joined right now um we can just show you right here here's some of the earnings we're just gonna show you basically just how it works getting paid it's our Bitcoin on Bitcoin wallet transactions I'm getting daily on autopilot $10 $10 $10 is all the same day guys 113 go to the next page 200 look at the two hundred four hundred four hundred dollars okay yesterday four hundred dollars just happens $10 $10 two hundred you guys want to know how to make a quarter million and do it off Bitcoin mining you start getting paid autopilot right now then you start investing your your profits you take it out and start using it on all these coins that you see on coinbase as you gotta click Patricia it was a month mining Bitcoin thank you for watching for t-shirts but also my mom's name – great name but yeah that's what you want to do guys thank you for your good information with a Bitcoin and then I have invested in like going pool and then $99 with a big win for the lifetime membership have invested in litecoin where do you guys suggest I start mining thank you guys for the good information this is all new geek to me but I have invested in litecoin where do you suggest I start mining I suggest you start mining with a real company like Genesis or bit Club or something where you know that they mined Bitcoin Genesis doesn't have contracts available right now so big Clubman has them so so the link in the description guys and if you go to any of my videos I have like three or four videos in the last ten days showing bit Club Network and yeah just sign up for that one because that's where that's what's gonna it's the most legit company you can even see you can go visit the facility even and it they'll even send you your rig if you were to like not like big club anymore they would say you're mining right yeah they have a refund policy we're like let's say you join and you don't like it you want to get out of the company they will actually refund you by sending you the mining hardware in the mail that they purchased with your investment money yeah so it's basically 600 bucks it's a hundred bucks for a membership guys you're in for life and then um who's that DT good karma guys thanks yeah you're welcome we want you guys to make money this is why I did the channel it's not for here to me and make a bunch of money it's literally to help out the world the more people in crypto the more it helps out everyone you don't you know I don't have a laptop for my when I do giveaway videos you guys can give away from ripple and stuff I just want more people to get involved into crypto so does Sean that's what we're here for that's why we do this we're not doing this to like better ourselves you know Sean's already made it enough to do it of the whatever he wants you know I'm having fun I I make iphone apps on the side you know I don't need the money to do this I'm hoping the way I just think it's fun I think it's fun you know everyone that does this can get around banks we can start making money you know I'm starting to get into litecoin mining here you can put down hold on like I did where I started with 600 or you can come in as a founding member for 3500 now if you're serious about it and you're gonna be you know following the Train I teach you should probably just come in as a founding member so you automatically open up high a the highest earning potential but you know you can come in with 600 you can come in with 3,500 you can come in with 10,000 really what it what it comes down to is are you the kind of person that's dedicated that's actually going to follow instructions and put in the amount of work and effort that it would take to make a hundred thousand dollars so if if you are whether or not you start at the $500 the 3500 or the $10,000 it doesn't matter cuz you'll make that either way if you do or if you're down to do the Hustle Greenlight's is how do you earn well okay it starts by investing into a company of your coin and then I mean the way it is I invested into cryptocurrency mining and then I compounded my profits I built a network and now I get paid residually Lewis Greek Greenline hawai there's a link pages 40 pages the payout link and then follow the instructions to become an upgraded member and invest into the mining pool and then we're gonna teach you how to start building your network we'll teach you guys how to do this just get yourselves get yourselves in the network get yourselves mining get yourselves mining with that first pool we'll start teaching you what to do you have to click the link get yourself in there join its cost you only pay in Bitcoin you can't use your credit card to get on here you have to have some beer I think buy some bitcoins you're gonna start this Robert asks how long does it take to make the six hundred dollars back Robert the amount of time that it takes you to make any amount of money over a certain amount of time depends on how much effort you put into building your business and no one can tell you the answer to that if you say on average I'll tell you right now then average people do not make money in this world about how much people are all broke it's only the people that put in an above average effort that makes significant amounts of money or get significant results in anything and everything in life but mining explain doing the mining profits I can show you my mining profits I can show you my past results but I'm not a fortune tellers I'm not a psychic and I cannot tell you how long it will take you to make certain amounts of money so you can see my results I started with a one-time six hundred dollar investment the mining earnings alone one point four three one four six or six four big forty grand dude that's you know how much is a Bitcoin worth right now around fourteen thousand so you know that's about twenty thousand dollars with a Bitcoin and it's something I continuously get paid out and it's not stopping that's off getting paid out that wasn't that's been like nine months since he joined guys almost a year over a year I joined over here and over here though so now and these please mining earnings are gonna happen for a lot like indefinitely they're not going away this is just a start is it just a start Sean right how much my name is this you're gonna be my I have all these I have a shitload of thousand day contracts that keep getting renewed and anytime I want like I can come to yours I can just go and compound this stuff and get my girl in the company go to the shares real quick again where it shows your shares we're gonna show you guys the shares right here looking light says this program is going to scare away my friends and family okay well here's the thing greenlight Hawaii is one thing that I teach is you do not tell your friends and family anything that you do okay and the reason is because most people in this world most people's friends and family are programmed and conditioned to be an obedient worker slave at a nine-to-five job and they think everything is a scam so what I what I teach is to keep your business if you want to be an entrepreneur if you want to you know build wealth you need to keep it a secret from your friends and family because they are the most likely people to give you negative energy they're the most likely people to discourage you they're the most likely people to put you down and I'll tell you right now those kind of people are typically the people that drive a car on the low end of the totem pole they have to live with roommates they have to work eight hours a day all the time those are not the kind of people that you want to be taking advice from you only want to be taking advice from people that have financial freedom and people that have financial freedom will tell you that building networks investor is the way to go yeah make sure you invest professor and I know Clifford you want you to Matt's in Pat give away some people I've seen more than ten billions of people are giveaways all the time that are trying to make money there's billions of people on the internet right now trying to make money you do not need to tell you bug your friends you do not need to bug your family you do not need to pitch people yeah that's one thing you don't cure it no I don't it's not a secret I say I way to say is you don't don't tell your friends and family because they're probably gonna give you a bunch of negative energy about it what you want to do is you want to tap into the traffic that already exists you want to tap into the people that are already looking for this kind of business and if you utilize the marketing methods that I teach through social media you will have thousands of people hitting you up asking how to get involved in your business and then once you start pulling like ten thousand dollars a month or twenty thousand dollars a month your friends and family are gonna notice something different about you and then they will come and start asking you what you're doing and how they can get involved all right some of the shares real quick on how you have multiple shares and how that how you've done there are residuals so remember I started out with one share this is it you know this share is worth 1.7 I compounded and it qualified me for the next pool this pool grew into 1.6 and how many days how many like that was a thousand days each one of these of each one of these is a thousand a contract so how many days do you have a mining right now you can see down here each one of these see all these this is another thousand a contract in another and another and another and another mining at all no all every single one of these right here every single one this is an every single one of these is another a 1000 a contract that's constantly getting renewed and building in perpetuity on every single one of these mining pools that I'm in no the other one look at that one so you can see that this was the first one I do never stopped being mining this is the first one I joined oh that's why I have so many thousand date contracts because it's had more time to renew them this was the second compounding guys work you go to the all my thousand day contracts and this was the third one my founding member pool but it's up at opera books I can zoom in on it so total share is 1.36 paid repurchasing and trouble how you the repurchasing roll 0% so I can set my repurchase rule here on any of these shares so if you do it what's a hundred percent mean if you do a hundred fifty percent that means it's going to compound 100 percent of your earnings to build you bigger shares in the company to build you bigger shares in the company that that's how he has all those days so so what's a good way that you can take Commission's out from your earning and get more shares at the same time if someone were to sign up for a 5se say Shawn someone signed up for a 500-dollar pool you guys signed up for a 500-dollar pool for a thousand days of mining how would you take some Commission's out to reinvest and to in order to get Commission's you have to sell uncommon compound not commissions I mean compound into shares okay if you if you want to build bigger bigger shares in the company to eventually get paid out more money in the future just compound that's it and if you want to take some out you can take some out too yeah you could you could compound half your profits and withdraw the other half and spend it on whatever five hundred a so you say if you did 500 days of each well you can do whatever you want it's your business but I mean just explain to someone giving an example if they did five days five hundred days compound you'd probably earn or you'd probably be we qualify for all three pools and become a founding member and open up more earning potential in the binary tree off the original investment yeah all right and then uh didn't take me 500 days to become a founder your your Bitcoin wallet alright guys so just for all you new people watching right now this is how you make money and you're gonna reinvest into other pools Shawn's made a quarter million dollars doing this from this program alone these two show from one day just his profits if you keep looking just keep clicking around look at two hundred dollars ten dollars that's just all off the fifteen or thirteen and look at he's got three hundred and forty pages of these profits there might it shows his mining earnings this is all from bit Club Network this is like really one of the best programs you guys can get it in you know this is why we're telling you guys so you can do it too anything else we should tell them strong before they get in how like how they should join one more time okay you need ninety nine dollars for the lifetime membership in Bitcoin oh they only accept Bitcoin they don't deal in fiat money you can all do they only use Bitcoin so when I got in I 99 bucks to get the lifetime membership and then I invested five hundred dollars into a mining pool and now you have the option to come in as a founding member if you want you can come in at any of these you can come in you know with 3,500 and immediately become a founding member or you can come in at 500 and compound your way into the founding member the most important thing is that you become a founding member because this will open you up for so much more earning potential in the binary tree but you'll become a founding member as long as you do your repurchasing and then you can qualify for all these pools so they'll have a thousand days you could do you'll get up to 2,000 days 3,000 you'll potentially mine for life guys with this program you can mine for life off your original investment and show them how much you pulled out so far again for all the new people we're gonna show you guys just how much John's pulled out so far in this program so look right here I explained it say it over time so you see my all-time withdrawal from this one position right here all the time summary that's seven eight nine eight five Bitcoin 17.8 95 Bitcoin guys that's how much I think how much is that worth you do a little thing as of today this is just off one program he has multiple positions so he's made on he has other positions on big Club where he's made more guys but we can just show you right now so as of today seventeen point eight nine eight five bitcoin is worth two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars your D or the here it is there it is guys that's how much that's how much he's made just from bit Club Network this remaining starting mining and doing this so everyone has the potential to do it too we want you guys to make money out there no one wants to be no one wants to be stuck in a job all day everyone wants to invest and make a lot of money in cryptocurrency the way to started out is obviously get into mining start getting paid in this so you're reinvesting profits that you make you're not just investing your own money that you saved up alright so what would you say Shawn what would we say to end it off for people here watching wait till I get them in get them hyped up okay the most important thing is that you take action the only people that ever get results are the people that take action okay and you're going to need to you're gonna need to become an expert at this stuff so it starts with number one taking action typically means investing into a company and getting an active referral link and then your we're gonna put you through some training videos that are gonna teach you how to do attraction marketing we're gonna put you through some training videos that will teach you step-by-step how to get the kind of results that we've been able to get building these kind of programs and if you just want to mine it too you're gonna get the results to like you said I mean I can show you my past results I'm just might tell me mining if they want to just do mining themselves if you wanna yeah the thing about building a network company like this is this is a lot different than your traditional multi-level marketing company it's completely different than your traditional network marketing company where you're selling like health and wellness products or skin lotions or something like that you see with a company like this with a company like bit Club or a company that mines cryptocurrency someone who who joins the company can't potentially start earning profits without selling or recruiting as opposed to let's say you joined like Xango or you join Amway or you joins one of those other network marketing companies where you're selling products you are guaranteed to make zero profits unless you sell an recruit so for someone who can join a company not do a single sale but still have results to show still start showing that hey look I'm getting paid it just makes it way easier to actually do this kind of business and build a network it makes it way easier for someone who's new to network marketing and new to selling and recruiting to actually learn how to do it alright guys any questions for anyone watching out there who here is trying to get into mining next I can't receive any of your balls we don't give away for with Melinda Clifford call me yeah we'll give you a call a little bit Clifford that's right to keep it just better to keep it away from my family invest in yourself like a cruise liner all right so that's I think that's a good that's pretty good yeah we've been out this live stream but there's my five minutes a day already a member from your last video good job in the description cruise liner I think I have you on Facebook club there's a link in this video if you want to learn how to invest in and slip icos there's a link in this in the description if you want to buy bitcoin so let me know if you have any questions connect on Facebook and I will see you guys later I appreciate ya i'll definitely i'm gonna put a link to for you guys eventually to help show you how to flip i SEOs first things first though make sure you're mining Bitcoin you're getting paid in this that's like number one number one thing you got to do I will when I save some money ya do it to everyone even our friends that are doing this in Orange County and here in Vegas are doing the same thing too we're teaching everyone how to do this it's not just you guys on YouTube we want everyone to be doing this together I'm signing up right now cream Kashan alright yeah what's up cream we got cream on here yo what's up cream umm that's one of our friends too yeah I see your number clipper I'll give you a call and then hit me up on Facebook to you guys the links under the description and that's it any last things to say use the link cream join the network well alright cool any is there any last questions out there you guys want to ask for anyone uh anything else we didn't go over I think that's about it what do you think Sean you know say later see you guys yeah let us know if you have any questions as soon as you become active in this company and you you're invested you have an active referral link I will send you step-by-step training videos that I took together there was much every single marketing method every single Facebook method YouTube method we have video editing software we'll send you so you can start doing presentations and YouTube videos like we do everything is set up all you got to do is plug in and follow the instructions yeah and I joined the first mining pools you guys want to get in BF become a member 100 bucks and then the first mining pool is 500 but definitely get yourself in at least the mining pool one because that's how you're gonna start I'm getting active as we speak thanks awesome all right man good job yeah good job we'll definitely talk to you make sure you hit me up on Facebook guys send me a message on my Patrick MacLeod my uh my real name is Colin MacLeod but Facebook wouldn't let me make it because I had to try to make two accounts so I just used my middle name Patrick that's another thing you're gonna do too is you're going to create a brand new Facebook completely separate from your friends and family it's one of the things they teach and you're going to build a brand new Facebook page and the friends list is gonna be all like-minded people it's gonna be all entrepreneurs it's gonna be all investors it's gonna be all people that I'm gonna teach you how to find those people that you can build relationships with and connect with and support each other you're not gonna have to deal with a bunch of negative energy from from a bunch of broke employees that you may have known from high school or other people that are on your facebook that are gonna try to discourage you or say a bunch of stupid stuff when you try to start your own business do they guarantee you if you're new if you've never started your own business you are going to get negative energy from people people are going to discourage you and the reason that people do that is typically because they are unhappy with themselves and they have to bring people down to their level so they feel better he said he said the clan MacLeod yeah I know the Highlander he cuts off people's heads and gets their power but yeah guys dude stay positive thank you guys for being alive thank you for watching definitely there's gonna be more videos coming out but the number one before you start investing all these coins get yourself paid daily paid daily is the best we're looking out for you guys out there Sean they also thank you and thanks for looking thank you guys I appreciate you all it's really great chatting with you yeah we appreciate all of you guys we're glad that you're here and we're definitely gonna help you out you know even if some days my video hopefully my videos are entertaining not all of them I try to put out as like best information I can I do a lot of research before and I'm gonna be doing giveaway I'm gonna do a giveaway video where I just do want on all my videos like for like probably Ripple because I have a lot of ripple right now but um yeah guys thank you very much get yourself signed up hit us up on facebook drop me a link on any of the or drop me a comment on here I'll hit you back but mainly try to message me on Facebook if you can because that's way easier to talk to people and then now this is Sean Logan you're gonna see a lot more of his videos too he's gonna be on the he's gonna be on the livestream war I'm gonna everything that he does with I cos I'm gonna start putting what coins he's investing into you because he's making like 10 grand every week doing the I'm driving leave a link and the and when I get home okay yeah I'll leave a link for you guys the member there's a link on all my videos if you're watching this right now click on any of my videos and you'll see a link for this and my facebook like anyone any many of my videos on Facebook you just gotta like click on my profile install telegram Pat yeah I will Cheers alright you guys cheers alright thanks guys I'm gonna end it peace


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