How to Download Bitcoins for Free

Hello, guys. I’m Lusin, and in this video you will learn how to download bitcoins for free. Step 1 to downloading bitcoins for free is to open up your web browser. The website we want to go to is… Where else would we download bitcoins? Step 2: Select the amount of bitcoins you want I’m gonna choose the one with the most bitcoins, which is the 3 bitcoin option. All we have to do is click “Download Now”. Step 3: wait until the download is finished to receive your bitcoins – your FREE bitcoins, that is! Please be patient for the download. It took me around 10 minutes to complete. …wait for all of those profitable bitcoins. … When the download is finally done, you will receive a message saying “Download Complete”. And that is all you need to do to download bitcoins for free. Click the Like Button and subscribe to Lusin for more legit tech tutorials like this one, and please share this video to HELP other people download bitcoins at no cost. I’ll see you guys next time, bye bye.

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